2 Ways to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a popular way to share your moments with your followers. They are ephemeral, interactive, and fun. But sometimes, one photo is not enough to capture the whole story. You might want to show different angles, perspectives, or details of your experience. That’s why Instagram allows you to add multiple photos to your story in various ways.

In this article, we will show you two easy methods to add multiple photos to instagram story. You can either use the built-in Layout feature or the Photo sticker to layer multiple photos on the same slide.

2 Ways to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Instagram is a popular platform to share photos and videos. Stories, which vanish in 24 hours, are a fun way to express yourself. But how do you share multiple photos in one story? We’ll show you two easy methods using Instagram’s built-in features.

Uploading Multiple Photos at Once

The simplest way to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story is to use the Select button to choose up to 10 photos and videos from your camera roll, which will be uploaded as 10 separate slides in your Story. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch Instagram and hit the “+” icon up top for Story mode.
  • Your enticing camera roll opens, but first, let’s get creative. A tap on the camera icon is all it takes.
  • On the left side, spot a lineup of icons. Go for the third one from the top – it’s a square with lines, your Layout buddy.
  • When you tap the Layout icon, you get a screen with four sections to fill.
    • Option 1: Take a new photo by tapping the white circle at the bottom center. The first photo goes to the top left corner. Take three more if needed. To change a photo, tap it and press delete.
    • Option 2: Choose photos from your camera roll by tapping the square icon at the bottom left. Pick a photo for the top left slot and keep going until all four are filled. To swap or remove a photo, tap it and press delete. Get creative!
  • Satisfied with your collage? Simply hit the checkmark to confirm. Now, you can jazz it up with stickers, text, or cool effects. Or, if you want a new layout, check out the step.
  • For a different layout, go back to Layout mode and tap the grid icon below it. Pick your preferred style from the menu and fill each part as before.
  • Once your design is perfect, tap the checkmark. Now, unleash your creativity with stickers, text, or effects. When ready, hit the arrow in the bottom right.
  • Select your audience and tap Share to unveil your masterpiece!
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Layering Method

Another way to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story is to use stickers to layer additional photos on top of a background photo. This way, you can create a collage effect or highlight certain details in your photos. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch Instagram and hit the “+” icon for a new Story.
  • To kick things off, enter create mode by tapping the camera icon.
  • Now, locate the sticker icon (the smiling face inside a square) at the top. Scroll till you spot the Camera Roll sticker: it’s a circle with your latest photo, adorned with a mountain and sun logo. (Picturing it? Keep going!)
  • Choose a photo and watch it seamlessly integrate into your story canvas. Drag, resize, or tilt it to perfection. When satisfied, hit the sticker icon again for the next photo. Repeat until your collage takes shape, all easily adjustable.
  • To switch up the backdrop, a simple tap on the top circle lets you explore various colors. Want text or more stickers? They’re right there at your fingertips!
  • Ready to unveil your masterpiece? A quick tap on the arrow icon reveals sharing options. Customize your audience, then simply tap “Share” to set your creation free!

Other Options to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Besides the two ways we have discussed, there are some other options for adding multiple photos to your Instagram Story, such as:

  • Using Layout: Instagram’s Layout feature lets you craft photo collages on one slide. Open Stories, swipe left, choose a layout, add photos, and customize with stickers, text, or effects!
  • Using third-party apps: Enhance your photos with apps like PicCollage, PhotoGrid, or Canva. Edit, save, and easily share them on your Instagram Story.
  • Using Reels: Elevate your Instagram game with Reels! Combine photos into dynamic videos with music, transitions, and effects. Swipe to Reels, pick photos, customize, and share to your Story or Feed.
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In conclusion, this article offers clear and user-friendly methods for adding multiple photos to an Instagram Story. Whether it’s uploading several photos at once or creating layered visuals with stickers, users have versatile options to make their stories more engaging.

Additionally, it highlights the use of Instagram’s Layout feature and third-party apps for creative collages. This comprehensive guide is an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their Instagram storytelling with multiple photos. I hope you understand how to add multiple photos to Instagram story. Thank you for reading, if you have any queries, ask in comment.