7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting

AI chatbots for chatting have grown in popularity in digital communication. They have altered the way we communicate and engage with one another. These virtual assistants converse with us using artificial intelligence. This article discusses the finest AI chatbots that are available for free. They allow you to have interactive dialogues that are customized just to you. These chatbots are extremely advanced and may improve your chats, assist with customer service, and make communications easier for both individuals and businesses.

AI Chatbots for Chatting

There are several freely available AI technologies that can serve as your conversational companion and do a variety of tasks. Let us have a look at this comprehensive selection.


Let’s start by acknowledging the amazing ChatGPT, which started this whole trend. ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that was developed by OpenAI. It was designed for people who want to reconnect with others. This chatbot is built on a big language model called GPT-4, which is really powerful and can handle lots of information.

ChatGPT is a fantastic AI that can hold intelligent conversations, produce sophisticated code and text, and perform a variety of jobs utilizing its data-driven abilities. ChatGPT’s free edition is a little smaller than the full version, but it’s still really good. ChatGPT is now available on platforms other than the web, including WhatsApp, Siri, and even the Apple Watch. It also has ChatGPT extensions, which make it much more helpful. When you use ChatGPT and experiment with different prompts, you can maximize the capabilities of this chatbot.

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Google Bard

Google is constantly working to be a leader in artificial intelligence technology. They recently enhanced Google Bard, their AI chatbot. It is based in Mountain View and has been enhanced with the current PaLM 2 model, making it faster and more capable. It has all of the fantastic features of its predecessor, the LaMDA LLM, so you can expect a powerful and comprehensive chatbot experience.

Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 1

Google’s Bard is a strong competitor to ChatGPT, offering similar, if not superior, capabilities. It’s a powerful chatbot that you may use for free. You can explore and see for yourself the outstanding features that distinguish Bard from Google.

Microsoft Bing AI

Despite the fact that Bard is new, Microsoft Bing AI is a strong competitor in the field of artificial intelligence. It makes use of the strong GPT-4 model and receives the benefits of Microsoft’s commitment in OpenAI. The upgraded Bing chatbot, like ChatGPT and other competitors, is a powerful contender with a wide variety of skills. It goes above and above to suit users’ changing needs. Bing AI demonstrates that it is a worthy rival in this industry with its remarkable features.

Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 2

This AI tool offers a wide range of tasks, including creative, general, and advanced jobs. The ability to make free images with the MS Bing AI Image Creator is an interesting function provided by MS Bing AI.

Quora Poe

The above-mentioned AI-powered talking tools are normally accessible via their respective websites. Quora Poe, on the other hand, has them all conveniently available in a single area if you choose. Poe, a platform developed by the renowned question-and-answer company, is specifically meant to bring together multiple chatbots. It uses AI to organize diverse chatbot features into a single uniform area.

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Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 3

Users can now access ChatGPT, Claude+, and even the most recent GPT-4 LLM thanks to Poe. While the free models are free, there is also the opportunity to pay a small fee for additional features. I recommend giving it a shot and investigating Poe’s offerings.


Replika existed before the introduction of chatbots such as the ones listed before. This AI bot is powered by GPT-3 LLM and focuses on friendship and developing relationships with people.

Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 4

Your interaction with the Replika bot will begin as acquaintances, but you will have the potential to create a deeper friendship over time. Users can even designate Replika as their significant other and communicate with the bot via video calls. Replika also keeps a notebook in which it records its emotions and thoughts. Feel free to test out the free version and see if it draws your interest.


It’s unusual to find free AI products that promote mental health and meaningful conversations. Pi, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule. Pi, billed as “your personal AI,” is a web-based AI chat service with a conversational style resembling that of a therapist.

Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 5

Inflection AI, the company behind Pi, has stated that the free AI tool is not capable of tasks like as coding or internet browsing. It does, however, excel at engaging in dialogues about your concerns and providing general solutions. It’s important to remember that, while AI can help, it can’t take the role of a skilled mental health professional.

Prompt Vine

When conversing with AI chatbots, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to provide clear and actionable prompts for the bots to reply effectively. While the best ChatGPT prompts can keep you entertained for hours, there may be times when additional prompts are required to enhance the conversation.

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Ai Chatbots For Chatting
7 Best Free AI Chatbots for Chatting 6

Prompt Vine is a dedicated AI website built specifically for this purpose. It functions as a virtual library, including a large collection of ChatGPT prompts. Furthermore, Prompt Vine is a community-driven platform that allows users to contribute to the many categories. If you find yourself running out of things to say to the bot, visit Prompt Vine for a new supply of conversation starters.

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In conclusion, these free AI chatbots provide exceptional chatting experiences with their engaging conversations and helpful assistance. Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.