8 Amazing AI 3D Model Generators You Need to Try

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we create and visualize 3D objects. AI-powered 3D object generators are making the process’ accuracy, accessibility and efficiency. These tools can help you bring your ideas to life in three dimensions, regardless of your skill level or experience.

In this article, we’ll look at eight of the greatest AI 3D object generators, which have innovative features and user-friendly interfaces.

Best 8 AI 3D Model Generators

Here are 8 of the top AI 3D model creators that are setting the standard for the sector with their innovative features and user-friendly interfaces:


Spline is a free 3D design software that runs in the browser and enables users create interactive web experiences. It is a powerful tool for collaboration, 3D modelling, and animation.

Spline offers a wide range of features for 3D modelling and animation. Using a range of tools, including as 3D vector editing, camera controls, and web browser events, users may construct intricate 3D models. Additionally, Spline enables drag-and-drop, which makes it simple to add assets to scenes.

Feature of Spline:

  • Collaboration in real time
  • animation and 3D modelling
  • interactive activities
  • Material layers
  • 3D sculpting

Luma AI

Luma AI creates life like 3D models from textual input. Regardless of whether you have any experience with 3D modelling or graphics programming, Luma AI can generate a 3D model of any concept you can think of with only a few words.

Luma AI is also capable of rendering live video streams into photorealistic 3D environments. This indicates that you can utilize Luma AI to develop 3D representations of actual items or settings.

Feature of Luma AI:

  • No previous experience required: To use Luma AI, you don’t have to be a 3D artist. Just verbally explain your vision, and Luma AI will take care of the rest.
  • Photorealistic 3D models: Luma AI has the ability to produce photorealistic 3D models that are identical from real-world objects.
  • Live video rendering: Luma AI can produce photorealistic 3D environments from live video streams.
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Masterpiece Studio

A text-to-3D generator powered by AI called Masterpiece Studio is revolutionizing how we create 3D models. Masterpiece Studio can create 3D models and animations that are fully functioning using just a few lines of descriptive text. This game-changing program is the most user-friendly 3D production software currently available, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Masterpiece Studio’s user-friendly interface, text-to-3D generation driven by AI, and NLP technologies make it simple to create beautiful 3D models without any prior knowledge.

Feature of Masterpiece Studio:

  • AI-powered text-to-3D generation: Masterpiece Studio converts a user’s descriptive phrase into a 3D model using powerful Natural phrase Processing (NLP) technology.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology: Masterpiece Studio uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand the meaning of your words.
  • Generates fully functional 3D models and animations: Masterpiece Studio has the ability to create fully functional 3D models and animations.


NeROIC is an AI-powered tool that can turn images into 3D models. It can take a picture that the user approves and transform it into a 3D representation of the message the user is trying to convey. Like its image-to-3D capacity, NeROIC’s ability to convert video into a 3D environment is amazing.

NeROIC can create a completely interactive 3D environment from a single movie.

Feature of NeROIC:

  • 3D creation with AI-powered images
  • can transform video into a 3D environment
  • creating completely interactive 3D environment
  • Time and effort saving


Ponzu, an AI-powered texture generator, has completely changed how 3D objects are made. Ponzu makes it quick and simple to create excellent, photorealistic textures that give your 3D models life.

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Modern AI algorithms enable Ponzu to quickly and precisely produce textures for any idea. Additionally, you can alter the painting style of your textures to better reflect your unique vision.

Additionally, Ponzu’s independent specular and diffuse lighting adjustments let you design the ideal setting for your textures.

Feature of Ponzu:

  • AI-powered texture creation
  • Fast and simple creation of excellent, photorealistic textures
  • Fully adaptability of painting styles


The way video game design is done is changing thanks to Mochi, an AI-powered text-to-3D generator. With Mochi, you only need a few natural language commands to swiftly and easily produce complex 3D models.

This means you can spend less time creating assets and more time focusing on the creative aspects of game development.

The text-to-image mapping feature in Mochi is incredibly strong. Even the most complex instructions may be understood by it, and it is capable of creating magnificent 3D objects.

Feature of Mochi:

  • Save time and effort: Save time and effort by automating the creation of assets using Mochi so that you can concentrate on the creative aspects of game development.
  • Improved quality: Mochi’s AI algorithms can generate high-quality 3D models that are more realistic and visually appealing than traditional methods.
  • Greater adaptability: With Mochi’s natural-language commands, you can freely produce 3D models that correspond to your unique vision.


A high-quality 3D avatar may be easily made with Meshcapade, an AI-powered text-to-3D generator. With Meshcapade, you can just describe your avatar in text, and the Meshcapade will generate a 3D model that corresponds to your description.

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You can use your avatar in any project because Meshcapade is compatible with all gaming engines and graphics applications. You can begin right away because Meshcapade is made for the quick production of 3D avatars.

Feature of Meshcapade:

  • Save time and effort: Save time and effort by automating the avatar building process using Meshcapade so that you can concentrate on other parts of your project.
  • Improved quality: Meshcapade’s AI algorithms can generate high-quality 3D avatars that are more realistic and visually appealing than traditional methods.

DPT Depth

DPT Depth is a AI-powered image-to-3D generator that can precisely and accurately generate 3D point clouds from a single image. In order to produce a point cloud representation of the 3D object, DPT Depth first extracts the depth information from an image, and then uses this information to create a point cloud representation of the 3D object.

Compared to other traditional methods like stereo-matching and photometric stereo, DPT Depth’s accuracy is significantly better.

Feature of DPT Depth:

  • Accurate and precise 3D point clouds: Accurate and exact 3D point clouds can be produced using DPT Depth in comparison to more traditional methods.
  • Excellent inference time: DPT Depth can produce 3D point clouds in real time, which makes it perfect for applications like augmented reality and virtual reality.

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There are currently a lot of potent tools that can help you build spectacular 3D models in a matter of minutes thanks to the quickly developing field of AI-powered 3D model generators. In this article, we looked at eight of the most incredible AI 3D model generators available.

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