How to Make an AI Cover Song with Singify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Singify is a fun and easy way to create amazing AI covers with your favorite voices. You can experiment with different models, songs and settings and discover new possibilities for music creation. Whether you want to make a cover of a popular song, a remix of a classic song, or a parody of a funny song, Singify can help you do it.

In this article, we will show you how to make an AI cover song with Singify in simple steps. You will learn how to choose an AI voice model from Singify’s library, how to add an audio file or record your voice for the AI cover, and how to generate your AI cover and download or edit it.

What is Singify?

Signify, the web application, is developed by FineShare, a company that specializes in AI voice cloning technology. Signify allows you to create AI song covers with your favorite vocals in just one click. You can choose from a vast library of 100+ AI voice models, ranging from singers, rappers, characters and celebrities.

Signify employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to transform your selected songs into the voices of your desired singers, presenting you with the most flawless musical fantasies and infusing life into your music dream. Signify is easy to use and works on mainstream browsers across different platforms.

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Why do you use it?

Signify, the web application, unlocks your creative potential and adds an element of fun to your musical journey. It empowers you to craft AI covers of beloved songs using various voices and blend songs and voices to craft your distinct mashups. Here are a few reasons why you might want to use Signify:

  • To make AI covers of your favorite songs using your favorite musicians’ voices.
  • To combine two or more songs to produce a new and unique mashup.
  • To Experiment with various vocal styles and effects.
  • To gain a better understanding of music production and sound engineering.

How to Generate Your AI Cover and Download or Edit It?

The first step to make an AI cover song with Singify is to choose an AI voice model from Singify’s library. An AI voice model is a digital representation of a human voice that can sing any song in any language. Singify has a vast library of over 100 AI voice models that can mimic the voices of famous singers from different genres and eras.

  • Go to the Singify website and click on the Create AI Covers Now button.
  • Select the voice model you want to use from the 100+ AI voice models library. You can filter by genre, gender, or favorites.
  • Add the song you want to cover by either uploading an audio file or pasting a YouTube link. You can also search for a song by title or artist name.
  • Click on the Generate AI Song Cover button and wait for a few minutes while Singify creates your AI cover.
  • Once your AI cover is ready, you can listen to it online, download it as an MP3 file, or edit it using the built-in editor. You can adjust the volume, pitch, speed, and effects of your AI cover.
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How to Add an Audio File or Record Your Voice for the AI Cover?

The second step to make an AI cover song with Singify is to add an audio file or record your voice for the AI cover. An audio file is the source of the song that you want to transform into an AI cover. You can use any song or audio file that you like, as long as it has vocals and lyrics.

  • Choose one of the four options to add an audio file: Search for Songs, Paste a YouTube Link, Upload Audio or Record Microphone.
  • If you choose Search for Songs, you can type the name of the song or artist that you want to use and select one of the results from YouTube.
  • If you choose Paste a YouTube Link, you can copy and paste the URL of any YouTube video that has vocals and lyrics and click on “Add”.
  • If you choose Upload Audio, you can browse your device and select any audio file that has vocals and lyrics and click on “Open”.
  • If you choose Record Microphone, you can use your device’s microphone to record your own voice and click on “Stop” when you are done.
  • After adding an audio file, you can adjust the volume, pitch and speed of the audio file by using the sliders below it. You can also trim the audio file by dragging the edges of the blue bar below it.

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Singify is an amazing app that lets you create AI cover songs in minutes. You can choose from a variety of genres, styles, and effects, and customize your cover song to suit your preferences. Singify is a fun and easy way to express your musical creativity and enjoy your favorite songs in a new way.