7 Best AI Market Research Tools in 2023

In recent years, the market research industry has begun to adopt AI-powered marketing tools to help gather and analyze data. 

AI market research tools offer a number of advantages over traditional methods, including the ability to process large amounts of data quickly, identify patterns and correlations, and make predictions about future trends.

Best AI Market Research Tools
Best AI Market Research Tools

We researched and compiled the best AI market research software that help businesses can make better decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and sales tactics.

1. SemRush Market Explorer


SEMrush is a powerful and versatile marketing intelligence system for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and competitor analysis.

SEMrush provides insights and ideas for improving your own online marketing efforts, as well as those of your competitors.

And more importantly for us today, SemRush also offers a tool solely dedicated to market research – SemRush Market Explorer.

Other than providing proper marketing analysis, insights, and metrics, Market Explorer grants comparative research that sheds some light on specific markets, niches, and demographics.

SemRush displays market data such as:

  • The level of competition within a market, which is based on the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
  • The percentage of a competitor’s traffic in the traffic volume for the market
  • Dynamics of the domain traffic against the market total traffic trends
  • The distribution of the market traffic by country and traffic changes compared with the previous month

And you can also compare the domain growth with the market across different acquisition channels that can help you highlight the distribution of marketing budgets and other resources of your competitors.

semrush market explorer

Semrush employs its own machine learning algorithms and trusted data providers to present the data in their databases.

With this AI market research tool, SemRush wants to make sure that any company is able to gain knowledge about their every interaction with the public. Popular brands like Amazon, Forbes, SAMSUNG, and Tesla have all used SemRush to cover their market research needs.

2. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is seriously changing the game when it comes to market research thanks to its use of artificial intelligence. This tool taps into the power of AI algorithms and machine learning to take survey creation and analysis to the next level.

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With SurveySparrow, you can easily build personalized, unbiased surveys that resonate with respondents. The AI automation increases response rates and gathers insights faster than old-school manual surveys. And we’re talking about deep insights here – SurveySparrow analyzes sentiments behind feedback to understand how customers truly feel.

The AI models can even predict future behaviors and trends based on historical data. This allows businesses to make proactive decisions to meet changing market needs. Plus, SurveySparrow integrates with tons of tools to automate workflows and reporting.

In short, SurveySparrow lets you dig deeper into the motivations and preferences shaping your customers’ choices. That means making strategic calls backed by data, instead of guesses.

3. CrawlQ

crawlq AI

CrawlQ is an audience insight tool powered by AI technology that builds a mock-up of your clients – employing highly intuitive algorithms and research tools that use the existing data of your company and produce a model of your target audience.

Providing a portal that is intuitive and easy to navigate, CrawlQ offers a navigation hub that is assisted by Athena, its AI algorithm.

In turn, this market research tool allows the inclusion of the social media platforms like Google, Reddit, and Quora in the search engine – as it serves the purpose to process and analyze countless URLs, posts, replies, commentaries blogs, and forums on the web.

crawlq market reserach

More than insights and reports, this market explorer tool allows the company to research the market from the point of view of the client – targeting the audience that will help to improve the strategies and facilitate the exponential growth of the business.

Like with many other machine learning software, the more you use Athena to navigate through markets, the more intelligent Athena becomes and the more helpful she is in the entire process. The Netherlands Education Group, eDifference, and Lean Case all use CrawlQ’s technologies to cover their needs for market research.

4. Momentive.ai


Momentive.ai is a technology that is developed to create a portal that serves the “experience management” purpose. To be constantly growing and constantly improving the product, the strategies and the way that the company is received is Momentive’s primary goal.

Their solutions seek to help companies improve their experiences with the people that make success possible: employees, customers, and the products by themselves. In addition to its experience management services, Momentive offers an AI-powered market research tool that helps the company understand its market.

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Identifying the company’s needs, searching the industry for tailored results, placing issues on certain roles or purposes, and customizing the framework of the marketing process are all easy to do and possible thanks to Momentive’s highly intelligent AI – all while utilizing accurate methodologies that deliver actionable insights and advanced reports.

Products from Momentive, such as GetFeedback and SurveyMonkey as well as its brand and market analytics solutions, equip decision-makers at 345,000 companies throughout the globe to create memorable customer experiences.

Well-renowned brands such as IBM, The Hershey Company, Toyota, and LG all put their trust in Momentive and employ their market research tools and technologies.

5. Feedly

remesh AI

To simplify the concept of this market explorer, it’s fair to say that Feedly is an organized portal that compiles all newsletters, blogs, and social media sources in the same place – including Youtube Channels, Twitter feeds, newspaper articles, official journals, niche industry publications and many other mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

While using Feedly’s dashboard, the user in charge is able to rely on Leo, the Artificial Intelligence assistance that is built into the platform, to create a search topic and generate a wide-scope report that extracts the most relevant data out of all the previously mentioned sources.

Like good AI, the more Leo is used to search, the more it grows. Though it seems more complex than promised, Feedly’s premise is fairly simple: Using a 3 step process, you can search and track insights across all your social media platforms. Using Leo’s help to organize, process, and analyze.

By utilizing the data exposed after analyzing the insights, the company is able to perform actionable changes within its strategies – optimizing the marketing process and the customer experience.

6. Remesh.ai


The experience of using Remesh.ai should feel like the user is speaking to the entire world and receiving absolutely all the information that they need to further tailor their strategies and analysis.

In the field of market research, the technologies offered by Remeash.ai allow the user to narrow their search and specify the purpose of their actions depending on the target – be it the overall category of the industry, the company’s own employees, or even specific demographics with tailored characteristics.

Remesh.ai has an AI market research tool that extends from products to companies, to institutional establishments and even includes higher entities like localized citizens and their governments.

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Being one of the few tools that include civic analysis, Remesh.ai is not afraid of showing true data that is extracted from every and any group of people all over the world. Buyers, sellers, voters, employees… remesh.ai lets the data speak for itself.

Whether the search includes industries, markets or citizens, Remesh’s market research tool always provides feedback in real-time and allows the user to segment and analyze the data that it obtains from its search.

7. Semeon

7 Best AI Market Research Tools in 2023

Semeon believes that offering an artificial intelligence tool that automates research helps the preservation of healthy practices to cover the marketing needs of any and all companies. Their solutions extend to experience management including clients, customer services, and the experience of the product itself, and of course, they also offer an automated Market Research solution that is designed to expose weak points and prioritize timely action to boost engagement and increase sales.

Other than providing software to extract and analyze data, one of their top priorities is to provide automation software that reduces the need for human touch while generating the same result, if not better.

Semeon’s AI Intelligence is programmed to consider every detail and assist during the research process by utilizing technologies that will analyze the nuisance of context and situational occurrences to generate results that are optimized by human behavior and their organic inconsistencies.

This makes reporting and insights more accurate and less biased by small errors. Semeon wishes to utilize the data to become capable of facilitating the exploration of different segmentation and new markets while lowering the risk of failure and increasing the possibilities of success rate.

Companies like Ubisoft, The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, and The Bellwether Institute all employ Semeon.

AI Market Research Tools Final Words

The bottom line is that AI market research tools beat old-school methods hands down. Unlike tedious manual surveys and analysis, AI platforms help you gather and process data lightyears faster with way more insights.

These cutting-edge tools can rapidly identify hidden patterns and trends that would take humans forever to spot. That means making smart marketing calls backed by data, instead of guesses.

AI eliminates all the grunt work that makes market research painful. No more wasting weeks creating surveys and crunching numbers. AI handles the busywork so you can focus on the big picture strategy.

AI market research tools are essential for any brand that wants to stay ahead of the curve. There’s no reason to still be stuck in the past, manually fighting with data.

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