Top 10 AI Tools For Email Marketing To Boost Engagement and Conversion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology that is set to revolutionize various aspects of our lives.

Its integration has already made mundane tasks simpler and more efficient, becoming an integral part of our daily routine.

All industries including banking, healthcare and retail have adopted AI to enhance their marketing efforts.

Email marketing in particular has experienced a remarkable transformation through the influence of AI.

Regardless of industry, AI enables email marketers to gain deep insight into their audiences, enabling them to craft more targeted and engaging emails, resulting in higher open and click-through rates.

Here are some interesting email marketing statistics to consider:

  • About 35% of email marketers send 3 to 5 emails per week, some go even further.
  • An astonishing 79% of B2B email marketers believe that email is the most effective medium for sharing information.
  • The implementation of personalized promotional emails has resulted in higher open rates for 82% of email marketers.

Here we curated some awesome AI email marketing tools that boost your open rate and drive positive rate.

Top 10 AI Tools For Email Marketing


Unspam Email is a revolutionary service that optimizes email reach and impact by fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with deliverability testing.

This solution, which is intended for both individuals and organizations, transforms email campaigns by lowering spam and raising overall deliverability.’s AI eye-tracking prediction heatmap is one of its best features.

This cutting-edge solution employs sophisticated AI algorithms to anticipate clients’ focal areas when they read emails.

It creates a visually instructive heatmap, indicating the regions most likely to draw recipients’ attention, by examining the content, layout, and style.

Key Features of Unspam Email:

  •’s AI-Powered Deliverability ensures that emails reach their intended recipients and have the desired effect by combining AI technology with email deliverability testing.
  • By enhancing deliverability and lowering the risk of being flagged as spam, this service aids companies and individuals in developing more successful email campaigns.
  • To increase customer engagement and response rates, has developed a cutting-edge AI eye-tracking prediction tool.
  • Based on elements including content, layout, and design, the service creates a heatmap that graphically depicts the parts of an email that are most likely to draw attention.
  • Deliverability is increased as a result of, which makes sure that emails reach their intended recipients and have a big impact.

2. Seventh Sense

When used in conjunction with current email marketing platforms, Seventh Sense is a potent tool that increases email engagement.

It efficiently detects and eliminates spam triggers and fraudulent activity by utilizing machine learning algorithms, delivering the best email delivery possible.

Additionally, users of Marketo or HubSpot can seamlessly integrate into these platforms thanks to Seventh Sense’s seamless integration features, which are optimized for these platforms’ customers.

You can improve crucial elements of email campaigns, such as send time, frequency, and delivery time, with Seventh Sense’s AI-powered features. Utilizing user-specific information, such as user

You can anticipate a significant rise in email engagement and conversion rates as a result. Visit the pricing pages specifically for HubSpot and Marketo on the Seventh Sense website for further details on pricing.

Key Features of SevenSense:

  • To identify and get rid of spam and fraudulent activity triggers, Seventh Sense uses machine learning algorithms. This ensures that emails are sent correctly
  • Seventh Sense’s seamless integration capabilities, designed especially for HubSpot or Marketo, streamline the integration of products into these platforms.
  • Seventh Sense optimizes email sending timing, frequency, and delivery time using AI features to maximize engagement based on user-specific data.
  • Seventh Sense greatly raises email engagement and raises conversion rates by strategically planning and distributing emails.
  • Seventh Sense provides pricing information for Marketo and HubSpot on separate pricing pages that are specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs.
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3. SmartWriter.AI

Use Smartwriter AI, an intelligent application that automates the process, to strengthen your email outreach.

With the interest of your customers in mind, our AI-powered service creates personalized emails with catchy subject lines.

By providing capabilities like backlink generation, crafting appealing Shopify product titles and descriptions, and enabling customized cold email outreach, goes beyond email generation.

Your cold email outreach process is further improved by seamless interaction with third-party tools and platforms, which enables a streamlined and effective workflow.

Take use of Smartwriter AI’s strength and increase the effectiveness and personalisation of your email outreach.

Key Features of Smartwriter AI:

  • Email outreach that is automatically generated by Smartwriter AI sends out personalized emails.
  • Use attention-grabbing subject lines to draw in clients.
  • Create backlinks to enhance your website’s search engine optimization.
  • Write enticing product titles and descriptions.
  • Integration of external tools Integrate with other platforms seamlessly to improve your cold email outreach procedure.


Introducing, a powerful AI-driven cold email marketing platform that enables you to send cold emails quickly and effectively.

As your next emailing program, distinguishes out because of its extensive array of cutting-edge capabilities.

It can handle all of your email marketing requirements, from automation to AI optimization, warmup features, and analytical campaign and deliverability stats.’s AI-powered cold email campaign management improves email deliverability and response rates, ensuring that the appropriate people receive your communications.

Key Features

  • uses AI to let you send cold emails that are both quick and extremely successful.
  • delivers a full range of advanced tools for effective email marketing, including automation, AI optimization, warmup functionality, and in-depth campaign insights.
  • uses AI-powered cold email campaign management to improve email deliverability and response rates, ensuring that messages are delivered to the correct audience.
  • Automating sending sequences with advanced AI features, increases open and response rates for improved campaign performance.
  • offers detailed information about the effectiveness and impact of your email campaigns, including send, open, and response rates.

5. Postcards

The team’s decision to incorporate an AI-powered assistant inside the program makes learning much easier and requires less work from email marketers.

Give Assistant the information about the newsletter you need for your campaign, and it will quickly create an HTML email template from its large and continually updated collection.

The outcome will be a contemporary newsletter that is totally responsive and has been tailored to match the unique requirements and preferences of your business, requiring just minor revisions.

The efficiency of workflow has significantly increased as a result of the inclusion of AI assistants in postcards.

By utilizing Builderall’s capability, Assistant can quickly carry out email campaigns, allowing businesses to test out ideas without wasting critical time. What’s more, users don’t require any specialized technical

Key Features of Postcards:

  • Use Postcard’s AI helper to quickly create personalized HTML email templates.
  • Enjoy completely responsive, contemporary newsletters that automatically adjust to fit a variety of screens and devices.
  • Postcard’s user-friendly builder boosts productivity and saves time, enabling users to carry out email campaigns more quickly.
  • Try out various tactics without having to worry about having to use difficult technical or design abilities.
  • Utilize an ever-evolving arsenal of design options and features to keep your newsletters entertaining and updated with regular upgrades.
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6. Convertkit

A cutting-edge email marketing tool with AI that was created just for creators is called ConvertKit. With easily adjustable templates that retain brand coherence, its intelligent email designer streamlines the editing process.

ConvertKit’s remarkable delivery rate of over 98%, attained by utilizing clever algorithms, ensures that your emails get past spam filters and into the correct inbox.

The platform’s AI capabilities go beyond email design to automatically create landing pages and forms, increase email lists, and distribute incentives.

ConvertKit groups clients using tags and segments with the power of AI, enabling personalized content promotion based on personal preferences.

The software also provides editable email templates that make branding easier and keep a consistent look. Set a default instead of delaying when inspiration hits.

Key Features of ConvertKit:

  • By offering editable templates for consistent branding, ConvertKit’s AI-powered email designer makes the editing process simpler.
  • Excellent deliverability ConvertKit guarantees that your emails get past spam filters and into the intended inbox with a deliverability rate of over 98%.
  • With ConvertKit’s AI-powered landing page and form building features, you can expand your email list and automate the delivery of incentives.
  • Utilize ConvertKit’s AI capabilities to tag and segment customers to provide personalized content.
  • ConvertKit’s customisable email templates can help you streamline your branding process and maintain a unified appearance and feel.

7. EmailOctopus

By importing current contacts and using forms that you can customize for your website, you can easily increase your customer base.

Additionally, create visually beautiful landing pages to draw in even more clients.

Take full creative control by importing HTML templates, or start with professionally prepared templates and easily customize them using the user-friendly email editor.

With ConvertKit’s automated welcome series, you can effortlessly save time and engage new clients when their interest is at its highest.

As soon as a subscriber chooses to join your list, create email sequences that will capture their attention.

Create drip campaigns to inform potential customers about your goods or services while nurturing them through clever emails that encourage activities that are important to your company.

Therefore, feel free to create your emails, establish your sequence, and unwind because automation

Key Features of EmailOctopus:

  • EmailOctopus offers a user-friendly platform for efficient email marketing campaigns. This results in more straightforward email marketing.
  • Take advantage of price options that are reasonable and suitable for companies of all sizes.
  • For improved productivity and efficiency, integrate EmailOctopus with well-known third-party products and services.
  • Save time and boost engagement by automating various components of your email campaigns.
  • With comprehensive analytics and reporting options, gain insightful knowledge regarding the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

8. Unlayer

Your copywriters can rely on Unlayer’s AI-powered Smart Headings function if they’re having trouble coming up with ideas or want advice on email subject lines.

This cutting-edge tool makes it easier to design captivating email headers that captivate users.

With the help of the Smart Headings tool, your copywriters can easily come up with catchy subject lines by just entering a keyword and receiving a thorough list of recommendations that are pertinent.

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We are all aware of how crucial the call-to-action (CTA) is in emails. According to research, a single CTA button can boost click rates by a whopping 371%.

Unlayer has developed a Smart Button feature driven by AI to make it easier to create clickable CTAs. Users get access to a curated list of possibilities by including a pertinent term, which

Key Features of Unlayer:

  • Create eye-catching email headers with the help of Unlayer’s AI-powered Smart Headings feature.
  • Enter pertinent keywords to get a list of suggested subject lines and titles that are related.
  • Improved call-to-action buttons are made possible by Unlayer’s AI-powered Smart Buttons feature, which makes appealing, clickable buttons.
  • Unlayer’s user-friendly interface and straightforward features make it simple to change email content.
  • Smooth workflow integration and higher productivity are made possible by Unlayer’s seamless interaction with a number of platforms.

9. Zeta Email

Zeta Email is a cutting-edge marketing technology solution that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to learn about the identity, intent, and context of customers.

This makes it possible to create customized omnichannel emails that greatly boost engagement and email marketing performance.

Zeta also keeps track of user behavior across a variety of touchpoints, including past email interactions, website activity, and use of email apps.

Utilizing this crucial data, advanced algorithms produce customized email content that improves customer interactions and raises engagement levels overall.

Additionally, Zeta Email’s user-friendly AI-powered tools make it easier to add many content blocks to email designs.

Additionally, Zeta Email gives you the ability to do A/B tests on various subject lines so you can decide which strategy will engage your audience the best.

Key Features of Zeta Email:

  • With the use of next-generation artificial intelligence, Zeta Email can identify customers and determine their intent and context for customized omnichannel communications.
  • Zeta Email’s algorithms produce customized email content based on analysis of consumer behavior to improve customer relations.
  • Zeta Email’s user-friendly AI tools make it simple to add various content blocks to email designs.
  • To find the best strategy, conduct efficient A/B testing on several subject lines.
  • Zeta Email’s AI-powered features increase engagement levels and the effectiveness of email marketing.

10. Optimove

Discover the power of Optimove, a cutting-edge customer data platform whose AI-based capabilities are revolutionizing marketing.

Optimove offers a consolidated picture of all information in a single dashboard by smoothly combining data from several platforms.

With the help of this complete platform, firms can easily analyze, communicate, and plan their marketing campaigns.

Businesses can acquire useful insights from analyzed consumer data with the aid of Optibot, Optimove’s AI technology.

Optibot finds recommendations that can be put into practise, such ending campaigns based on losses, and it detects clients who might be receiving too many contacts from the business.

Utilize Optimove’s capabilities and its AI-powered solutions to improve marketing performance and enable data-driven decision making.

Key Features of Optimove:

  • Optimove is a customer data platform.
  • Leveraging AI Capabilities for Improved Marketing Strategies is known as AI-Based Marketing.
  • A consolidated view of data from numerous platforms is provided by a unified dashboard.
  • Produce actionable insights from customer data that has been analyzed.
  • AI tool Optibot assesses consumer communication risk and suggests campaign improvements.


In conclusion, utilizing AI tools for email marketing can drive engagement and conversions, enhancing overall business success.

These top 10 tools offer features like predictive analytics, personalized content, and automation, optimizing campaigns and improving customer experiences.

Embrace AI’s potential for email marketing success.