Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know

Apple revealed a ton of new features and updates to its operating systems at the WWDC 2023 devcon. But Apple Vision Pro, the company’s first-ever mixed-reality headset, was the event’s expected but still mind-blowing highlight. Vision Pro looks genuinely wonderful with its incredibly powerful hardware and unbelievable immersive experience. But what precisely is it, and what benefits does it provide?

Discover the comprehensive guide to all you need to know about Apple Vision Pro here.

Apple Vision Pro Headset

Apple Vision Pro is the cutting-edge Mixed Reality Headset Blending Real and Virtual Worlds. Apple proudly touts the Vision Pro, which it promotes as a spatial computer and which offers unparalleled power and immersion, as the pinnacle of personal electronics.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 1

With a seamless fusion of the physical and virtual worlds, Apple Vision Pro redefines interaction. Apple’s Vision Pro delivers a transformational experience where users explore a three-dimensional space using the power of their hands, voice, and eyes, departing from conventional methods. This mixed reality headgear raises the bar for immersive interaction by utilizing cutting edge hardware, such as Apple Silicon.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro, a Groundbreaking Mixed Reality Experience Unlike Any Other. Apple has created a spatial computer that seamlessly blends a lifelike virtual environment without isolating users from the real world. Let’s explore this amazing masterpiece in greater detail.

Apple Vision Pro Price

With a wide range of features, Apple Vision Pro stands out as a stunning masterpiece of the era. It is hardly surprising given its incredible powers that this magnificent product charges a high price.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 2

Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch at a cost starting from $3,499.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

In the first quarter of 2024, the Apple Vision Pro will launch in the US, and later in the year, it will be available globally. The device will have demos and developer access offered by Apple in the meantime. The dual 4K screens, the powerful M2 chip, and the innovative 3D camera system will be used by exclusive visionOS games and apps that Apple will introduce.

Design of Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro exhibits an exquisite fusion of sophistication and elegance while embracing the iconic Apple Design Philosophy. This mixed reality headset was carefully made using a harmonious fusion of glass, steel, fabric, and premium materials. It emanates an amazing aesthetic appeal while guaranteeing unwavering quality and strength.

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Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 3

The front of the headset is made of a single piece of glass that has been extensively bonded, molded, and polished to create a lens. The cameras and sensors inside this glass component of the headset are what let it to see the surrounding real environment. It is cleverly constructed with an aluminum alloy frame that smoothly conforms to the user’s face to provide maximum comfort.

An easily accessible button is advantageously located at the top of this frame for the user’s convenience. In addition, a crown on the right side allows for fine control of the immersion level. The Vision Pro employs a modular architecture similar to other headsets, enabling users to get a customized and personalised fit that matches their unique tastes.

With the help of a click-like enclosure on the right side, the Vision Pro achieves a customized fit. For increased comfort, the alloy frame has air vents.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 4

A single piece of 3D knitted fabric was used to create the headband of the Vision Pro, which offers great comfort, breathability, and flexibility. When combined with its balanced design, this gives users a satisfying and delightful experience.

The battery pack, which smoothly connects to the headset, can be found in a slot at the bottom left of the Apple Vision Pro. A wire that securely clicks into place using visible light technology connects the battery pack to the headset, making for a reliable and convenient connection.

Key Features of Apple Vision Pro


The new Apple AR headset’s innovative “Eyesight” feature keeps users remarkably connected to the outside world. The display suddenly changes to a transparent state when someone approaches a Vision Pro user, allowing both people to see each other clearly. Additionally, the Eyesight feature improves communication and understanding by giving visual indications to others about what the user is currently focusing on.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 5

Immersive UI with Apple Apps

The Apple Vision Pro quickly departs from the standard, while starting out like any other MR headset. With the help of this amazing headset, users can enjoy a thrilling combination of their actual environment and a digital overlay.

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Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 6

Apple has adopted a lifelike-centric approach to its UI design, effortlessly blending it into actual situations in contrast to conventional headsets. The 3D layering effect on the user interface elements is amazing, giving the pieces depth and thickness for a truly immersive and realistic experience.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 7

The Apple Vision Pro gives users the ability to launch many programs at once, each taking up a specific space and adjusting to the environment, similarly to the Meta Quest Pro. With the help of this amazing feature, the Vision Pro has a large canvas on which multiple programs can cohabit while being able to change their size and placement as necessary. The Vision Pro provides a fluid and intuitive experience that makes it simple to manage and enjoy a wide variety of applications, whether for work or play.

Environments Eliminate Distractions

Although the Apple Vision Pro’s primary function is as an MR headset, it also offers a unique feature called “Environments.” Users can be rapidly mixed away from the visual distractions of the real world by entering one of these intriguing and dynamic settings. Users can concentrate on what really important when they just twist the crown, causing the augmented reality elements to effortlessly fade away, showing only the content that was originally presented.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 8

With the Vision Pro, you can scale up apps, movies, and TV shows to any size you like for a screen experience that extends up to 100 feet. 100 Apple Arcade games add to the entertainment options offered by the Vision Pro, while Apple’s Immersive Video provides high-resolution, 180-degree recordings with spatial audio.

The brand-new visionOS app store offers consumers access to a wide range of thrilling activities. Apple says that this vast store will include hundreds of well-known iPad and iPhone apps that work well with the headset’s technology and enhance the possibilities for users to explore.

Hardware Specs of Apple Vision Pro


We learned more about the capabilities of the displays used in the Vision Pro, despite the fact that Apple withheld specific technical details. According to the business, the Apple Vision Pro uses micro-OLED technology, which can support an amazing 23 million pixels over two panels. These displays offer wide color gamut and strong dynamic range despite being small, around the size of a postage stamp. Apple claims that this setup provides a visual experience for each eye that is superior to a 4K TV display.

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Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 9

The Vision Pro features customized catadioptric lenses, as shown in the reveal, to offer excellent sharpness and clarity. A superb visual experience is provided by this cutting-edge lens technology when paired with micro-OLED screens. Apple Silicon, which we shall examine shortly, is what drives all of these functionalities. By collaborating with ZEISS Optical Inserts, Apple has also addressed the demands of customers who wear glasses by providing accessibility and improved clarity for those who use them.


One could expect that Apple would include a number of speakers in the Vision Pro to produce an equally immersive audio experience. Surprisingly, the headset only uses two amplified speakers, one in each audio pod next to the ears, to accomplish this. Despite having a supposedly small number of drivers, the Vision Pro manages to produce a rich and immersive audio experience because to its innovative design.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 10

These drivers produce a unique spatial audio experience by combining with the user’s head geometry. Although the Vision Pro doesn’t offer true surround sound, it skillfully simulates a three-dimensional audio experience. In order to ensure a consistent and engaging audio experience that is agreeable to the ear, Apple also uses “Audio Ray Tracing” technology, which intelligently detects and analyzes the user’s surroundings.


Significant processing capacity is necessary to match the complex Apple Vision Pro’s demanding computational demands, especially when flawless performance is required. Apple, on the other hand, has methodically overcome this difficulty and transformed the MR game. The M2 Chip, famous for its remarkable capabilities, and the cutting-edge R1 chip, created expressly to improve the MR experience, together form the heart of the Vision Pro. This cutting-edge combination guarantees top performance and raises the standards in the industry.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Everything You Have To Know 11

The M2 chip manages the cooling system effectively while handling computing activities to keep the Apple Vision Pro cool and comfortable while in use. The specialist R1 chip, meanwhile, is made just for processing sensor data. This unique chip manages the input from the 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones in the headset. The R1 processor uses its outstanding capabilities to provide a very low latency of just 12 ms, allowing for continuous streaming of new images to the display. This speed, according to Apple, is eight times faster than the blink of an eye.

A powerful external battery powers the Apple Vision Pro, providing up to two hours of use on a single charge. The headset may run continuously all day long if it is linked to a power source.