15 Benefits of Using Google Bard

Google Bard is an excellent choice if you want to be more productive, creative, educated, accurate, comprehensive, personalized, dependable, and inexpensive. Bard’s numerous advantages can help you save time, better your work, and have more fun.

Google Bard is a huge language model that has been trained to be informative and thorough. It is also known as a conversational AI or chatbot. It has been taught using a large quantity of text data and can communicate and generate human-like prose in response to a variety of prompts and questions.

In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of Google Bard AI.

What is Google Bard AI?

Google Bard AI is a huge language model chatbot created by Google AI and trained on a massive text and code dataset. It can generate text, translate languages, create other types of creative content, and provide helpful answers to your questions. Bard has learned to do a variety of tasks, including:

Following your instructions and thoughtfully completing your requirements. Using its knowledge to provide complete and insightful answers to your inquiries, even whether they are open-ended, difficult, or unusual.

Creating many creative text formats of text material, such as poems, code, screenplays, musical pieces, email, letters, and so on. It will do its utmost to meet all of your requests.

How to Use Google Bard?

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Step 1: Visit bard.google.com for Google Bard’s official website on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

Step 2: Enter your prompt into the search box, and then hit enter.

Step 3: Allow the AI to respond. You can then choose to continue the chat or use the traditional search engine, Google It.

To learn more about Google bard read How to Effectively Use Google BARD: A Beginner’s Guide.

Benefits of using Google Bard

Below given the 10 benefits of using Google Bard:

Integration with Gmail

Google just announced the integration of Bard, its massive language model, with Gmail. This integration will allow users to easily write emails for different occasions directly in the Gmail app. Bard may be used to create email templates, provide pertinent material, and even proofread emails before they are sent. This integration is a significant step forward for Bard because it will make it easier for users to take benefit of the software’s numerous capabilities.

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In addition to the impending Gmail integration, Bard allows you to export created content to Gmail and Google Docs, easing your workflow. In contrast, using ChatGPT, you can just copy the material and there is no direct export functionality.

View Additional Drafts

The View Other Drafts feature is another great design innovation by Bard. For each prompt, Bard creates at least three responses and displays the best one. However, you can immediately view the other drafts and read them thoroughly to determine which response is superior.

Depending on the complexity of the prompt, the other versions may be vastly different. If you’re seeking for certain material or a particular writing style, you might want to look through the other drafts. You can even combine many drafts to get the response you’re searching for. This is faster than recreating the prompt with more detailed instructions.

Audio Input

While there are numerous workarounds for using your voice to operate ChatGPT, Bard includes a native voice control functionality. This makes interacting with Bard easier, especially on mobile devices.

Simply click the microphone button in the text area to utilize voice control with Bard. This will activate the microphone, allowing you to dictate your prompt. After that, Bard will transcribe your prompt and generate a response.

This capability is similar to Android phones’ dictation feature and Google Search’s Search by Voice feature. The voice control option in Bard is convenient, although it is likely to be more helpful on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop PCs.

Access to the internet

Google’s free Bard is always linked to the internet, letting it to retrieve pertinent information as needed. ChatGPT, on the other hand, requires a $20/month subscription with GPT-4 to access the internet.

Unlike ChatGPT, there are no limits to the number of prompts you can provide in Bard. You can use Bard’s internet browsing feature for as long as you need to. In contrast to ChatGPT, which can only answer based on data available until September 2021, Bard does not have an information cut-off date.

Enjoy the freedom of connectivity, endless prompts, and up-to-date information for all of your needs with Bard.

Google Search Results

Google Bard is a new AI chatbot that generates responses from Google Search results. This gives Bard greater credibility than other chatbots, which often rely on their own internal knowledge sources.

Google Search is the most popular search engine in the world, and its results are of great quality. This means that when Bard relies on Google Search results, it is getting information from the most trustworthy sources accessible.

Furthermore, Google Search ranks websites based on a number of variables, including the quality of their content, the amount of backlinks they have, and the user experience they provide. This indicates that websites that rank high in Google Search are more likely to be trustworthy and useful.

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Generate Code

Both Google Bard and ChatGPT are large language models (LLMs) that can code. Google Bard supports around 20 programming languages, but ChatGPT only supports a few. As a result, Google Bard may be used to code in a wider range of languages.

Furthermore, Google Bard can explain programs by linking to them. This implies that if you give Google Bard a link to a program, it will be able to describe how it works. ChatGPT is incapable of doing so.

Google Bard is a more robust and versatile coding tool than ChatGPT. Google Bard is a better alternative if you need an LLM who can code in multiple languages and explain programs.

Location-Based Search

Google Search’s ability to give location-specific and contextually relevant results is a key component of its effectiveness. Searching for “hotels near me” in Amsterdam, for example, ensures you receive choices relevant to your current location, rather as suggestions for hotels in San Francisco.

Likewise, Bard exhibits a comparable skill. By enabling access to your location, Bard adjusts its replies to give content that is relevant to your search intent. This demonstrates Bard’s better grasp of contextual prompts (not in all instances), increasing its relevance and use.

Write Creative Content

You can use Google Bard to generate lists of words, phrases, and sentences relevant to your topic to help you brainstorm ideas for your writing. This might be a terrific approach to stimulate your creativity and generate new ideas.

Google Bard can generate text, such as poems, stories, and screenplays. This can be a terrific method to get started on a writing assignment or to flesh out an existing topic.

Google Bard can provide feedback on your work, including grammar, style, and clarity suggestions. This can be an excellent approach to improve and polish your writing.

Reset Chat Option

To restart the chat on Bard, click the “Reset Chat” button on the left side of the screen. This will end all previous discussions and start a new one. You can also reset the chat by closing the current tab and opening a new one.

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Summarizing Articles

Google Bard can provide concise and informative summaries of articles, research papers, essays, and other written materials. You may also choose whether you want Bard to deliver a full summary or a quick overview. This tool is also useful for summarizing stories, fiction, and writing.

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Simply submit the text to Bard and specify the required word count to summarize a piece of writing. Bard will then generate an accurate and brief summary.

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The summary feature in Bard is a useful tool for students, researchers, and anybody else who needs to instantly and simply understand the essential ideas of a written article.

Benefits of using New updated google bard

Google has recently rolled out a major update for its Google Bard software, which is a cutting-edge conversational AI tool that helps users generate creative content such as poems, stories, essays, and more. The update introduces several new features and improvements that make Google Bard more powerful, versatile, and accessible for users of different languages, preferences, and backgrounds. Here are some of the benefits of using these features:

Speech Capabilities

One of the new features of Google Bard is the ability to convert text to speech in over 40 languages, allowing users to listen to the responses generated by the AI and get inspired by the sound and rhythm of the words. Users can also customize the voice, pitch, and speed of the speech according to their preferences, making the experience more personal and engaging.

Export Python Code to Replit

Another new feature is the export capability of Bard, a chatbot that helps you learn and practice coding. Bard has expanded its export capabilities to include Replit, in addition to Google Colab. Replit is an online platform that allows you to write, run, and share code in various programming languages. This feature can streamline your programming workflow by seamlessly moving Bard interactions into Replit. It can also enable you to edit, debug, and test your code in a collaborative and interactive environment. Furthermore, it can help you share your code with others easily and get feedback or assistance.

Google Lens Integration

A new feature of Google Bard is the integration with Google Lens, a visual search tool that lets users search for information using their camera or photos. Users can simply point their camera at an object, text, or scene and get relevant suggestions from Google Bard based on the image. For example, users can scan a book cover and get a summary or a review from Google Bard, or scan a painting and get a poem or a story from Google Bard .

Pin Recent chats

Pinned and Recent Threads are features of Google Bard that help you organize your conversations with the chatbot. You can pin a thread to keep it at the top of your list, or view the most recent threads you have started or joined. You can also search for threads by keywords or topics.

Shareable Links

Google Bard has the ability to easily share their Google Bard sessions with others by generating a unique link that contains all the inputs and outputs of the conversation. Users can also edit or delete the link at any time. This feature makes it easier for users to collaborate, showcase, or get feedback on their creative work from other people.


Google Bard is continually updated with new features and capabilities, in addition to the benefits stated above. This means that the advantages of utilizing Google Bard will only grow and improve over time.

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