10 Best AI Copywriting Tools That Will Boost Your Content Marketing

Writing great copy is one of the most important skills for any content marketer. Whether you need to craft catchy headlines, engaging blog posts, persuasive sales pages, or captivating social media captions, you need to know how to write in a way that attracts and converts your audience.

But writing great copy is not easy. It takes time, creativity, and skill to produce high-quality content That’s where AI copywriting tools come in handy. These are software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate copy that fits a particular format, style, and tone.

What are AI Copywriting Tools and Why are they Useful?

AI copywriting tools are software applications that use machine learning and natural language processing to generate copy that fits a particular format, style, and tone. Machine learning is how artificial intelligence algorithms ‘learn’ by processing massive amounts of data and finding patterns in that data.

How to Choose the Best AI Copywriting Tool for your Needs?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the best free AI copywriting tool for your needs. Different tools have different features, capabilities, and limitations that may suit some use cases better than others. Therefore, you need to consider several factors before deciding which tool to use, such as:

  • Content goals: Define content type, purpose, audience, and pain points.
  • Budget: Determine spending limits, subscription preference, trial, or guarantee.
  • Skill level: Assess AI tech comfort, interface preference, guidance needed.
  • Preferences: Prioritize desired features, content versatility, integration.

Best AI Copywriting Tools that will Boost your Content Marketing


Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that uses machine learning to generate various types of content, including blog headlines, emails, social media content, web copy, and more. Copy.ai is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 large language model (LLM) and is designed to help users with the free copywriting generator.

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  • Free: 2,000 words/month, all tools, no credit card.
  • Pro: $49/month or $35/month (annual), unlimited words, 5 seats, pre-built templates, API, languages.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, security features, dedicated support, unlimited everything.


Unbounce Smart Copy is a tool that helps you create effective and engaging copy for your marketing campaigns. It uses artificial intelligence to generate content that matches your brand voice, audience, and goals. You can use Unbounce Smart Copy to write copy for various purposes, such as landing pages, ads, emails, taglines, product descriptions.


  • Free Plan: Generate content for one project, get 40 credits monthly, use Chrome extension and desktop app for free.
  • Essential Plan: $9/mo (or $8/mo annually), 200 monthly credits, up to three projects, priority support.
  • Unlimited Plan: $49/mo (or $40/mo annually), unlimited credits/projects, upcoming Copy Insights feature.

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is an AI copywriting tool that helps you create engaging and high-quality content for various purposes. Whether you need to write blog articles, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, or website content, Hypotenuse AI can assist you with its powerful features.


  • Individual: $15/month or $149/year for creators, 25K words, 5 HypoDoc uploads, 250 images, templates, 25+ languages.
  • Teams: $59/month or $590/year for collaborative teams, 120K words, 30 HypoDoc uploads, unlimited images, plagiarism check.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for large organizations, includes Teams features, custom AI, API access, user roles, account manager.


Writesonic is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content for your website, marketing materials, social media posts, and more. It can generate high-quality copy in minutes, without the need for a human copywriter or a marketing team. Writesonic can write various types of content.


  • Free Trial: Get 10,000 words/month with full features, browser extensions, and WordPress export. Uses GPT-3.5.
  • Unlimited: Enjoy limitless words for $16/month, including brand voice and API access. Powered by GPT-3.5.
  • Business: For $12.67/month, access up to 30M words/month, GPT-4 & GPT-4 32K, priority features, and support.
  • Enterprise: Custom packages with advanced features, training, and dedicated support. Contact for a quote.
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Rytr is an AI copy generator tool that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost. You can use Rytr to write emails, blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. Rytr uses state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique, original, and engaging content for almost any vertical.


  • Free plan: Use Rytr for free, 10,000 characters/month, various features.
  • Saver plan: $9/month, 100,000 characters, priority support.
  • Unlimited plan: $29/month, unlimited content, team collaboration.
  • Lifetime deal on Appsumo: $39, 50,000 characters/month, extra $10 off for new accounts.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content for various purposes. Jasper AI can help you write blog posts, marketing copy, social media captions, product descriptions, and more. Jasper AI can also create stunning images based on your prompts using Jasper Art.


  • Creator: $39/month or $312/year, 1 seat, 50 assets, SEO mode, for individuals.
  • Teams: $99/month or $792/year, 3 seats, custom templates, for collaborative teams.
  • Business: Custom pricing, unlimited features, security, for businesses.
  • 7-day free trial available. Affordable content creation tool.


ContentBot is an AI-powered content creation platform that helps you generate high-quality and original content for your website, blog, social media, and marketing campaigns. ContentBot uses a natural language generation (NLG) technology called GPT-3, which is one of the most advanced AI models in the world.

Discover how undetectable AI can help you create engaging and original content for your website or blog. Learn the benefits, challenges, and best practices of using AI-powered tools to write like a pro. undetectable AI allows you to generate content that closely resembles human-written text.


  • Free Plan: 5,000 words per month, limited templates.
  • Starter Plan: $19/month, 50,000 words, unlimited seats, one automation flow.
  • Premium Plan: $59/month, 150,000 words, unlimited seats, three automation flows, SEO tools.
  • Premium+ Plan: $99/month, 400,000 words, unlimited seats, ten automation flows, SEO tools.
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Read these 10 AI Content Writing Tools. AI writing tool is a software application that generates text using artificial intelligence. AI writing tools may generate a wide range of material, such as blog posts, articles, social media postings, and even marketing copy. This can assist you in increasing your productivity and reaching a larger audience.


ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool that helps you create engaging and effective copy for your marketing campaigns. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality content for various purposes, such as blogs, ads, emails, landing pages, headlines, slogans, and more.


  • Starter Plan: $29.99/mo or $20.99/mo annually. Includes SalesAI, BlogAI, StoryAI, 75 runs/mo, longform frameworks, and more.
  • Professional Plan: $49.99/mo or $34.99/mo annually. Adds 200 runs/mo to the Starter Plan.
  • Unlimited Plan: $79.99/mo or $55.99/mo annually. Unlimited runs and 4 extra seats for teams.


Wordtune is an AI writing assistant that helps you write better content across various platforms and purposes. It uses advanced algorithms to understand the meaning and context of your sentences, and offers you different ways to rephrase, rewrite, or improve them.

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  • Free plan: 10 rewrites, 3 AI prompts, and 3 summaries daily, unlimited text corrections, $0/month.
  • Plus plan: 30 rewrites, 5 AI prompts, and 5 summaries daily, unlimited text recommendations, $9.99/month annually or $24.99/month monthly.
  • Unlimited plan: Unlimited rewrites, AI prompts, and summaries, unlimited text recommendations, premium support, $14.99/month annually or $29.99/month monthly.
  • Business plan: Custom pricing, includes SAML SSO, brand tone, security features, dedicated account manager, centralized billing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Content marketing is a powerful way to attract and retain your customers, but it can also be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why you need AI copywriting tools to help you create better content faster and easier. AI copywriting tools can generate engaging and effective content for various purposes.

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful information and insights on AI copywriting tools and how they can boost your content marketing. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. Thank you for reading.