Best AI Job Search Websites You Need to Know (2023)

The best AI job search websites can assist you in finding your next dream AI job, network, and connect with quality companies and HR leaders. In this article, we break down the top AI job search websites you need to bookmark, study, and apply to land your dream AI job.

What are the best AI Job Search Sites in 2023?

1. OpenAI Careers

One of the most obvious yet less popular AI job search websites is OpenAI Careers. Thanks to the phenomenon of the world’s most popular conversational AI launched at the end of 2022, OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) has a careers section that can introduce you to the right AI jobs you’ve been looking for.

Because OpenAI is growing rapidly with some of the leading-edge technologies, you can find nearly a hundred (sometimes more) jobs available on their website.

It’s worth noting that OpenAI doesn’t just hire developers and scientists, their jobs are quite diverse ranging from finance to security to workplace.

In addition to roles and functions, OpenAI has multiple locations worldwide and is likely expanding to more. Current hiring locations include:

It’s definitely worth a shot if you see something interesting! The only potential downside is that I haven’t seen as many remote AI jobs available through OpenAI.

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2. Google Job Search for AI Jobs

Google Job Search is one of the most popular and powerful job search websites available on the internet today. To clarify, it’s not about finding a job at Google, rather it’s finding job listings available on Google and narrowing down on the ones that best suit your skills and interests.

To get that page, just search for any job on For example: ai jobs in the unites states for product managers

After that, you are going to see a Job listing at the top of the page. At the bottom of the job listing, you will click on “xx more jobs” which takes you to the Google Job Search landing page.

Voila! From here, you can further narrow down on title, location, date posted, requirements, type, company type, and even specific employer. You can also “save” the jobs you like, and create different “alerts” for the types of jobs you are looking for.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 at 2.23.11 PM | Feisworld

There’s a notable trick using Google Job Search I learned from a Career Coach named Carly Agar. She specializes in CSM (Customer Success Management). But this trick can apply to AI job searches as well. Check it out:

In short, you can use Query 1 + Query 2 to find specific jobs for AI. For example, if you are looking for AI Jobs for Product Managers in Healthcare, you can use this query inside Google Job Search:

“AI jobs for product managers” AND “healthcare”

This is one of many examples. Be sure to check it out which helps you further narrow down the many job search results!

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3. LinkedIn Job Search for AI Jobs

To no one’s surprise, LinkedIn is a popular destination for job search, including AI jobs. To get started, you can simply search for “ai jobs” in the search bar at the top, hit enter, and you will see a list of AI jobs available defaulted to your current location.

By default, you can navigate by:

  • Date posted
  • Experience level
  • Salary
  • Company
  • On-site/remote
  • Easy Apply – LinkedIn Easy Apply is a plugin that allows job seekers to easily send out applications without leaving LinkedIn.

Don’t forget there’s an “All Filters” section to the right of the search results.

These filters below further narrow down the exact AI jobs and requirements you are looking for. In a previous post, we talked about some of the most common AI functions and roles. Here on LinkedIn, they have included about a dozen job functions popular to AI job seekers. However, you can add additional job functions to the filter as well.

Another intriguing filter is benefits, where you can specify things like medical insurance, vision insurance, etc.

Popular LinkedIn jobs may have over 500 active applicants but with the filter “Under 10 applicants”, you can zoom in on jobs less competitive than the others.

4. Indeed Job Search for AI Jobs

I didn’t immediately think of Indeed when it comes to AI jobs, but over time their AI job search started to grow on me.

First of all, as soon as I searched for “artificial intelligence”, I can see a list of jobs including the ones with no experience, as well as trainers. These likely less technical roles compared to data scientists are quite helpful.

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In addition, you can see jobs listed at the top with labels such as “Urgently hiring”. This means you have a better chance of landing a first interview to assess your skills quickly, rather than waiting to be contacted weeks or months down the road.

If there’s anything to “complain” about Indeed AI job search is that not every job title includes the keyword “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence”. This was a bit confusing to me at first. However, after looking through the job descriptions, it’s clear that skills related to AI are required or at least preferred.

5. AI Job Matching Tools

In addition to AI job search websites, I thought I should also include platforms like Talentprise and—if you’re looking for a remote position.

Then there is Pyjama Jobs which interestingly enough, lets AI match you with jobs that fit you.

Conclusion: How to land your dream AI job

So is it possible to land your dream AI job in 2023, or 2024? The short answer is yes!

But you do have to put in the work and start preparing yourself for it sooner than later. While the AI job market is still relatively new and perhaps a bit confusing and inconsistent when it comes to job requirements, descriptions, titles, and functions, it’s better to be in early than late. Imagine a year from now, you could be an AI career guru and help out your friends and colleagues.

Please let me know in the comments below about what you have learned about the AI job market. What do you find interesting, or perhaps surprising?

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