40 Best AI Marketing Tools in 2023 (Ranked by Categories)

AI is shaking up marketing in some serious ways. In fact, 28% of companies are now using it in their marketing stack. 

Best AI Marketing Tools
Best AI Marketing Tools

In this article, we’ve researched and compiled the best AI tools for digital marketing.

Whether you need to step up your marketing automation, SEO game, data analysis, email marketing, or social media strategy, there are AI marketing tools that can help. 

AI Marketing Automation Tools

1. HubSpot

hubspot marketing hub

HubSpot is well-known for their marketing, sales, and service software tools. One of their core products is Marketing Hub – a super advanced marketing automation platform.

Marketing Hub allows you to easily automate email campaigns, manage social media, and personalize marketing for each individual customer. The AI algorithms actually track interactions and adjust messaging automatically so you always send the right content at the right time.

Another great feature is the ability to segment your contacts into groups based on things like demographics, interests, behavior and target them accordingly. This allows super tailored outreach.

Marketing Hub also provides a centralized place to monitor your leads and measure performance across multiple platforms. So you get a clear picture of what strategies are working or not working. Detailed analytics show you exactly how prospects are engaging with your content across the website.

So as you can see, there should be no surprise why HubSpot came in as the top solution on our list. It’s a true pioneer in the AI business software space and uses this technology to enhance its other tools, including CRM, chatbots, and conversational intelligence, to grow your business.

On top of that, it’s completely free to get started.

2. GetResponse


GetResponse offers a robust AI marketing automation platform designed to centralize key tasks for businesses of all sizes. Its automation tool enables creating customized subscriber workflows using drag-and-drop conditional blocks.

You can trigger actions based on subscriber behaviors and deliver tailored content accordingly. Segment contacts, treat groups differently, and engage those needing nudges – it’s total adaptability.

GetResponse lets you leverage subscriber interests and purchases to target them with relevant offers. The scoring model identifies your VIP customers while surfacing declining engagement. This understanding drives more strategic communication.

Some seriously cool AI tools include the code-free website builder which creates unique sites through simple Q&A. For ecommerce clients, GetResponse provides AI-driven product recommendations to personalize shopping experiences.

And the AI email generator creates attention-grabbing email campaigns all on its own. The AI handles the tedious details so you can focus on strategy.

For businesses looking to centralize marketing automation, email, CRM, and optimize it all with artificial intelligence, GetResponse brings some powerful capabilities to the table. 

The platform helps understand audiences and deliver hyper-targeted, personalized communication that converts.

3. ClickFunnels 2.0


ClickFunnels has been a go-to platform for building sales funnels since its launch in 2014. But with the recent release of ClickFunnels 2.0, they have taken things to a whole new level.

The new version is much more flexible, lighter weight, and packed with features compared to the old ClickFunnels. It’s an all-in-one marketing automation platform equipped with tools like funnel hubs, blog builders, visual automation builders, team collaboration features, CRM funnels, real-time analytics, and more.

One of the most exciting new features is ClickFunnels AI sales funnel builder called Napoleon. It can actually suggest templates, headlines, images, copy, and other assets to help you create and optimize your funnels based on your niche and goals. Pretty cool!

The new funnel hub serves as a modern website and funnel HQ. And with the visual automation builder you can easily customize the flow and pages of your funnels.

You can also build customized CRM funnels to convert prospects into customers and provide effective follow-up, deal closing, and customer support.

ClickFunnels 2.0 enables users to build full e-commerce stores with shopping carts, member login capabilities, and individual product funnel pages to optimize the buying experience from start to finish.

It comes with its own also upgraded email marketing software, but you can still integrate with third-party providers like ActiveCampaign if preferred. (More about ActiveCampaign later)

If you’re interested in trying out this powerful sales funnel and marketing automation platform, check out the link below for a 30-day free trial of new ClickFunnels 2.0.

4. GoHighLevel


GoHighlevel is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies that uses artificial intelligence to completely change the game for sales and marketing. 

They offer a bunch of neat AI tools to help you step up your marketing game. We’re talking CRM, website and funnel builders, blog writing tools, social media planners, email marketing tools – all driven by AI technology.

The website and funnel builder lets marketers create pro-looking pages without needing to know any coding. It uses AI to generate eye-catching headlines, subtitles, body text, and calls-to-action to get more conversions.

Their AI blogging feature lets you put together high-quality blog posts in just minutes instead of hours of writing and researching. The AI can give you content ideas and suggest sources and links too. 

The AI social media planner makes it easy to create social posts and full campaigns tailored to different platforms. You can whip up original, share-worthy content 10x faster and find great images and graphics too.

The AI email builder makes email marketing easier by letting you quickly create personalized, proofread emails and branded campaigns. It also uses AI to craft subject lines and previews that get higher open rates.

GoHighlevel is also building an AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) platform to simplify managing contacts and engaging leads across different communication channels. 

In SaaS Mode, GoHighlevel AI white label software allows agencies and marketing teams to add a margin to the wholesale cost of email, SMS, and Premium actions, and now even AI usage. This basically means that you can provide and sell cutting-edge AI-powered solutions to your clients.

5. Vendasta


Vendasta is a really innovative platform that offers multiple AI tools for marketing agencies that help accelerate growth. The built-in AI tools help save a ton of time and effort while accelerating growth.

There are so many ways Vendasta puts AI to work. It can generate more leads by creating custom snapshot reports and engagement emails. The AI also crafts sales talk tracks by analyzing prospects.

Another neat use is auto-replying to client reviews across 100+ sites like Google and Yelp. The AI customizes responses based on scores, sentiment, etc. to craft perfect replies.

For social media, the AI creates campaigns from a single prompt, generating unique text, images, calendars, and auto-posting too. This saves agencies hours of work.

Vendasta’s AI also swiftly builds accurate business profiles for listings/directories using the business name, location, and category. Users can easily adjust the tone to match brand personality.

It also creates personalized email campaigns in minutes, converts more customers with tailored messaging, and can even troubleshoot WordPress sites by diagnosing errors.

Other uses include generating PPC copy/keywords, multi-channel campaign management, call transcription and more. The possibilities are endless.

Vendasta’s CEO, BrendanKing, says they are fully embracing AI to reshape their roadmap and streamline content creation. By combining data and the latest language models, Vendasta plans to continue merging AI and human expertise for ultimate business success.

6. Revealbot


Revealbot is an ad optimization platform for Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google Ads. It tracks cost-per-action and calculates return on ad spend and other key numbers by integrating with Facebook Pixel. This allows Revealbot to optimize your ads based on the custom rules you set up.

With Revealbot, you can pause low-performing ads, rotate and split test different creatives, and adjust your budgets and bids as often as every 15 minutes.

It’ll also shoot you notifications through email or Slack when one of your rules is triggered or you hit a benchmark you set.

Revealbot’s bulk creation tool helps you launch and experiment with a ton of different ad variations at scale. The built-in automation highlights your top performing ads.

You can also get cross-platform performance reports delivered by email or Slack, pulling in stats from platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, and more so you have a unified view.

In simple terms, Revealbot uses real-time tracking and automation to optimize and scale your ad campaigns across social and search.

AI Content Creation Tools

7. Jasper.ai

jasper ai

Jasper has quickly become one of the most popular AI content creation tools out there, and for good reason. This tool can generate super human-like marketing copy for pretty much any need you have.

It has over 50 different templates to create things like blog posts, landing pages, social content, ads, emails – you name it. I’m talking copy that sounds like it was crafted by a top-notch human copywriter.

Jasper also lets you easily adjust the tone of the copy to your needs. Want something funny? Witty? Clever? No problem, Jasper can adapt the writing style with just a few clicks.

Plus, it’s trusted by over 50,000 content marketers at major companies like Google, IBM, Logitech, DigitalMarketer, and more. So you know Jasper has been battle tested when it comes to quality.

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8. AdCreative.ai


AdCreative is a new AI advertising tool that makes creating amazing, high-quality ads way easier. It recognizes your brand fonts, colors, and style to churn out a ton of on-brand ad variations for you to use. 

But it gets even cooler. AdCreative uses machine learning trained on millions of top-performing ads out there. So the ads it generates for you are proven to grab attention and convert. It’s like having a marketing team of top advertising minds at your fingertips.

You can use AdCreative to create tailored ads optimized for all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. And the more you use it, the more data it collects to keep refining its recommendations.

This makes it super simple to experiment with different ad strategies and scale your campaigns while saving a ton of time. No more messing around manually with designing and testing – just let AdCreative handle it with the power of AI.

The link below this video gives you an exclusive 25% off any AdCreative plan, plus $500 in free Google Ads credit which is amazing. If you want to step up your ad game and stand out from competitors, AdCreative is definitely worth exploring.

9. Pictory.ai

pictory ai

Pictory is the easiest AI video maker that allows you to quickly turn text into video in just minutes using advanced technology. 

With this tool, you can also extract highlights from webinars, generate subtitles, and summarize long-form text into summary videos using free stock media assets.

Pictory has many unique tools to create videos like converting articles to videos, scripts to videos, visuals to videos, and editing videos by adding voiceover to text.

Unlike other video makers out there, Pictory makes the polishing process simple and easy. Just upload the text or URL from any article or blog post and let the AI work its magic. It transcribes the speech in your video then lets you select the text you want to keep or remove.

You can also automatically take out filler words and make your video production-ready in minutes by adding branded intros, outros, captions, and more.

Additionally, you can add visuals to your script by choosing from a library of over 8 million licensed stock images and clips from Shutterstock. Or have the AI pick the best visuals for you. You can always upload your own visuals too.

10. Repurpose 


Repurpose.io is a user-friendly AI content marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their reach without spending hours manually publishing videos everywhere.

The software allows you to easily repurpose videos from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, and DropBox. It transforms them into over 20 different content formats including horizontal, vertical, square, and audio versions. Then it automatically publishes them across all your preferred social platforms.

Repurpose has a clean, simple dashboard so you can set up automation with ease. You start by picking your content sources that you want to draw from. Then choose your destinations where you want that content repurposed and published.

11. DeepBrain 

Deepbrain AI

DeepBrain offers a powerful AI video generator through ultra-realistic human avatars – all powered by generative AI. Users can choose from over 100 customizable personas representing diverse ethnicities and professions.

What makes DeepBrain stand out is its ability to mimic human behavior in avatars. It analyzes voice, facial expressions, gestures and more to generate videos that feel astonishingly natural.

DeepBrain’s avatars display fluid speech patterns, lip syncing, and mannerisms that blur the line between AI and actual human presence. This level of realism sets a new standard for AI video.

Users can fine-tune avatar appearance, voice, and personality to suit their needs. DeepBrain also provides templates for training videos, explainers, social posts, and more. Support for all languages makes localizing content a breeze.

AI SEO Tools

12. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking came in as the best solution in our article on best AI SEO tools due to the robust set of tools for research, audits, tracking, content creation, and super affordable pricing compared to the big players in this space.

For keyword research, it offers rank tracking to monitor website positions across search engines and geographies. You can analyze the top 100 results for any term to benchmark competitors. The massive 4.2 billion keyword database helps uncover the best terms to target.

SE Ranking also enables deep competitive analysis – study rivals’ organic and paid strategies, traffic dynamics, SERP newcomers and more. Leverage PPC data to see what keywords competitors are bidding on and performing well for.

The backlink tools allow discovering, monitoring and managing backlinks while providing data like trust flow for each. This helps evaluate and strengthen link profiles.

An AI-powered content creation module streamlines ideation, writing and optimization. Brainstorm relevant topics and keywords to write about. Then leverage AI to generate complete SEO-optimized drafts in minutes.

SE Ranking combines robust SEO capabilities and AI content creation at a very affordable price point compared to premium tools. For end-to-end SEO and marketing needs, SE Ranking is an excellent choice with tremendous value.

13. RankIQ


RankIQ is a really cool AI SEO tool designed specifically for bloggers. It provides tons of guidance and insights so you can create perfectly optimized content easily.

It includes an AI writing assistant that tells you exactly what to include in posts and titles for max SEO value. So you can produce comprehensive, ranking-friendly content in half the time. Pretty neat.

What makes RankIQ really stand out is how its advanced algorithms suggest specific things to add so your content can actually compete for top Google rankings. No more guessing if your posts will rank – RankIQ maps it out.

It also analyzes competitors on page one of Google and shows all their SEO metrics – headings, word count, grades, top keywords, and more. This allows you to model what works and beat them.

RankIQ even optimizes old underperforming posts by showing how to overhaul them into ranking rockstars. Talk about helpful.

And it provides hand-picked low competition, high traffic keywords for every niche to build content around. No more digging for the right phrases to target.

For bloggers who want to level up their SEO game and create next-level content with ease, RankIQ is a must-have toolkit.

14. SemRush


SemRush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides valuable insights for SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more.

It uses a combination of machine learning algorithms, web crawlers, browser extensions, public data, and trusted partners to gather comprehensive information.

The SemRush web crawlers scan websites to collect important SEO data like keywords, backlinks, etc. The browser extensions gather real user browsing information. Public and partner data is also integrated.

This allows SemRush to provide in-depth analysis on things like keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and competitor monitoring. You get a detailed picture of the digital landscape.

SemRush also includes an SEO writing assistant that generates recommendations based on top ranking competitors. This helps you optimize on-page content for better rankings.

In addition to powerful SEO tools, SemRush supports PPC, reputation management, market research, social media marketing, and more.

It really provides an all-in-one solution for digital marketing. By combining machine learning with diverse data sources, SemRush delivers the valuable insights needed to improve strategy across channels. The platform is designed to help businesses maximize their online visibility and success.

15. WriterZen


WriterZen is a content research and SEO optimization tool that helps writers to find the best sources of information, and to optimize their content for search engines.

It offers a variety of features that can help writers to research their topic thoroughly, and to identify any potential SEO problems with their content. 

The WriterZen Topic Discover feature provides detailed insights into the audience’s interests and desires, helping you generate unique content ideas. 

The WriterZen Keyword Explorer identifies lucrative long-tail keywords by utilizing powerful filters and metrics that will help you can identify keywords that are not commonly found in Google search results but are still valuable and profitable to your business.

Finally, WriterZen offers an AI writer powered by GPT-3 technology to write analyze your content providing you with ideas for improving your writing style, as well as insights into what content will be most successful in reaching your target audience.

16. SurferSEO

surfer seo

SurferSEO is an SEO tool that leverages natural language processing to help optimize website content for better search rankings. It analyzes your pages and identifies common on-page errors that may be hurting visibility.

The tool provides specific guidelines for improving pages based on top performers. This includes recommendations on word count, image use, paragraph structure, keyword density and more. Following these data-backed suggestions can help pages rank higher.

SurferSEO also includes a helpful content planner that generates dozens of relevant topics and keywords tailored to your site. This makes finding the right subject matter and focus keywords to drive rankings much easier.

For any website owner looking to enhance their SEO efforts, SurferSEO delivers the insights needed to create engaging, optimized content. By addressing the specific on-page factors that impact rankings, it helps improve website visibility and traffic. The AI-powered recommendations set pages up for search success.

17. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is an AI content planning tool that analyzes your entire website and then gives you personalized insights so you can plan your content better.

MarketMuse leverages proprietary algorithms and an extensive knowledge base to provide smart recommendations on topics, titles, and keywords trending in your niche. This enables staying on top of what’s working currently across the web.

A standout feature is MarketMuse’s ability to generate AI-written “First Drafts” tailored to your business goals. These drafts are created completely autonomously by an algorithm fed vast amounts of data over time.

The more data the underlying AI accumulates, the more refined it becomes at producing custom first drafts requiring no human input. This provides a huge head start on creating optimized content.

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Whether you need ideas for new content or want to improve existing assets, MarketMuse provides the data-driven insights to keep your content strategy ahead of the curve. Its AI guidance helps attract potential customers searching for related solutions.

For businesses seeking an intelligent content assistant, MarketMuse optimizes ideation and creation through the power of artificial intelligence. 

18. Scalenut best ai marketing tools 18

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform designed for modern businesses.

It allows you to easily manage all aspects of SEO including keyword research, writing, optimization, and one-click publishing.

First, unlock the secrets to an effective content strategy using Scalenut’s keyword planner to access valuable keyword clusters and performance metrics.

After that you can conduct topic research on your main keywords, gain insights from top ranking blogs, perform social listening, build credibility with citations, and more.

Next, write accurate, valuable SEO blog content then optimize it using Scalenut’s AI content optimizer.

The SEO score gives you data-driven insights on how to boost your chances of ranking.

With over 40 AI copywriting templates, Scalenut also lets you craft compelling product descriptions, engaging emails, creative Instagram captions, and more.

19. Postaga


Postaga is a marketing AI tool designed to automate and streamline link building outreach. It leverages natural language processing and machine learning to help brands connect with high-quality websites and build links.

The software prospecting for new backlink opportunities, creates personalized outreach emails, schedules follow-ups, and tracks progress. This makes executing effective link building campaigns much easier.

Postaga analyzes webpages to identify potential link prospects. It then helps set up tailored outreach sequences including skyscraper, guest posting, and more.

It also works for influencer marketing. Postage helps you find the perfect influencers for your brand based on relevance, audience size, recent activity, and engagement with their followers.

For any business looking to grow domain authority, expand email lists, and generate leads, Postaga provides key automation to simplify outreach while securing high-value backlinks. Its AI capabilities eliminate the grunt work of link prospecting and campaign management.

AI Email Marketing Tools

20. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is one of the best AI email marketing automation tools designed to streamline and optimize your efforts. It brings all the key features together under one dashboard for serious convenience.

You can create customized workflows to automate tasks like sending emails, building landing pages, managing leads with the built-in CRM, and more. Automation is a total game changer.

For email marketing campaigns, ActiveCampaign packs some amazing AI-powered features. We’re talking smart follow-ups, ready-made templates, one-click segmentation – everything you need to reach customers.

You can set up automated campaigns triggered by sales activity, customer feedback, or any metric you want. Plus, seamless integrations capture data from everywhere to inform your strategy.

Pricing starts at just $9/month which makes sophisticated marketing automation super accessible.

If you want to save hours of manual work while taking your marketing to the next level, ActiveCampaign should definitely be on your radar.

21. TinyEinstein


TinyEinstein is an AI-powered marketing manager built to help Shopify store owners grow their businesses faster. It replaces email service providers and marketing managers, saving merchants major money.

This tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate key marketing tasks like sending weekly newsletters, recovering abandoned carts, welcoming new subscribers, and thanking new customers.

It also provides real-time reporting on campaigns and revenue, pop-up forms, and GPT-4 powered email campaigns and automations.

In simple terms, TinyEinstein leverages AI to handle busy work, so Shopify merchants can focus on other important areas of their business. The automated, personalized campaigns create a better experience for customers while enabling stores to scale efficiently.

22. Stripo


Stripo is an AI-powered email design software that makes creating professional, responsive emails easy – no HTML skills needed.

At its core is a drag-and-drop editor that lets you build email designs just by dragging and dropping elements wherever you want.

Stripo’s responsive templates ensure your emails look great on any device – computer, tablet or mobile. So your messages are optimized for any screen size.

There is also a collection of pre-made email templates you can customize to suit your needs – great starting points if you’re not sure how to design an email from scratch.

For team collaboration, Stripo allows multiple people to work on email designs together, like a shared online document.

It also integrates with common email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Sendinblue. A handy automatic replacement feature pushes any design edits to your existing workflows.

Stripo can even optimize subject lines and generate text using AI powered by ChatGPT 4. More AI templates are in development too.

23. InboxPro


InboxPro offers a bunch of handy tools to make using Gmail a lot smoother. One of my favorites is their AI assistant that helps write emails. Just tell it the key points, tone, and keywords – and boom, it spits out a draft. Super helpful when you’ve got writer’s block.

They’ve also got templates to save your common emails so you don’t have to rewrite them every time. Nice time-saver.

The tracking features are really useful too. I can see who’s opening my emails and clicking links. It even reminds me when someone revisits an older message. Helps me follow up at just the right time.

If an important email doesn’t get a reply, InboxPro will send automated follow-ups to keep things moving. No more deals slipping through the cracks.

Scheduling meetings is a cinch with their calendar integration. I just send prospects a booking link and they can pick a time themselves. Smoothes out the back and forth.

And don’t get me started on their analytics. Charts, graphs, reports – you name it. I can really optimize my approach based on data instead of guesswork.

AI Sales Tools

24. Reply.io


Reply.io is your go-to AI sales software that makes lead generation easier. It combines four key features – discover, engage, execute, and improve – to simplify your sales process.

The tool allows you to find potential customers on LinkedIn and other integrated data sources. It can then verify their emails to boost performance and avoid getting flagged as spam.

Reply’s AI Email Assistant creates unique templates that look human-written and are optimized for conversions. The AI also provides suggestions for messaging and content to maximize your email campaigns.

If email isn’t your thing, no worries. Reply has multiple channels like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, and more through its Multichannel Sequences feature.

You can also use Reply’s appointment booking and calendar to schedule meetings with prospects.

Plus, track your team’s activities and success with robust reporting, integrations, and detailed analytics dashboards.

25. LeadFuze


LeadFuze is an advanced AI lead generation software designed to simplify marketing operations and outbound outreach.

With access to over 500 million people and 10 million companies globally, LeadFuze aggregates, matches, and verifies lead data in real time. This enables targeting leads by industry, finding job candidates, or building custom ad audiences.

There are two main approaches to finding leads. Account-based search lets you target individuals at specific companies by name or domain. Market-based search allows identifying your total addressable market using company and contact filters.

LeadFuze’s proprietary AI assistant Fuzebot automates list building by de-duping, verifying, and filtering for criteria matches. This saves huge time versus manual workflows.

Fuzebot also triggers automated outreach campaigns by integrating with CRMs, ATS platforms, email tools and more.

In summary, LeadFuze simplifies lead generation and outreach through robust global data access and AI automation. Marketers can focus on strategy while Fuzebot handles the heavy lifting.

26. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo is a software and data company that provides data for companies and business individuals.

The platform offers various different products but for sales automation purposes, the main products are SalesOS and Chorus.

ZoomInfo SalesOS offers B2b businesses access to a huge database of high-quality, up-to-date information on companies and decision-makers with detailed company profiles, contact information, and even their buying behaviors.

ZoomInfo Chorus, on the other hand, is a marketing intelligence tool that leverages AI to uncover customer insights that give businesses a competitive edge.

Chorus analyzes customer conversations and interactions to identify key issues and opportunities. It tracks how often certain features are mentioned and their impact on deals. This offers valuable intel for product, marketing, and sales.

Chorus also enables speaking your customer’s language by surfacing language patterns to weave into campaigns. This demonstrates understanding of customer challenges to build trust and credibility.

27. Bant.io 


Bant.io is an AI-powered all-in-one lead generation and acquisition platform. It aims to simplify customer outreach through data-driven experimentation and insights.

Bant.io makes it easy to identify and add new potential customers to your pipeline. But where it really shines is leveraging massive amounts of data to reveal trends and optimization opportunities.

The ever-evolving algorithm actively analyzes over 12,000+ active campaigns on the platform. This enables it to surface patterns faster than any human.

Combining NLP and industry expertise, Bant.io provides meaningful perspectives on how target audiences perceive different words, phrases, and topics. These insights inform messaging and content creation.

The platform also includes email tracking, lead scoring, and integration with popular sales tools for comprehensive workflow management.

Another neat element is the AI email templates. These analyze past messages and provide data-backed recommendations to improve subject lines, content, and messaging for higher response rates.

AI Social Media Marketing Tools

28. Ocoya


Ocoya is an AI social media tool that brings together content creation, scheduling, and analytics tools under one roof.

It supports scheduling posts across major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

To simplify content creation, Ocoya offers over 10,000 professional templates, graphics and music tailored to any niche. This makes visually appealing social posts easy to produce without constantly reinventing the wheel.

Ocoya also includes handy features like a trending hashtag analyzer to optimize engagement. And the built-in AI copywriting assistant Travis AI generates marketing copy from ads to emails in seconds.

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Once your content is created, you can directly publish to connected social accounts right from Ocoya for a streamlined workflow.

For social media marketers looking to manage multi-channel content and strategy through robust analytics and automation, Ocoya brings everything together in one intuitive platform. The AI-powered creation and optimization tools provide serious convenience.

29. Brand24


Brand24 is a trusted social media monitoring tool used by thousands of businesses to identify and analyze online conversations. Its AI technology empowers users with insights to better understand their brand’s presence.

It enables staying on top of what’s being said about your company across the web – customer feedback, reviews, discussions and more. This allows quickly responding to questions or negative comments before they spread.

Brand24 monitors all major social platforms, blogs, forums, news sites and more to provide a comprehensive view of brand perception and reputation.

Users can also keep tabs on competitors by tracking their customer feedback, product launches, and any relevant category or industry conversations. This strategic competitive analysis helps inform your own strategy.

30. Predis


Predis is an AI-powered social media creation platform designed to simplify and enhance content generation.

It only requires a basic one-line business overview from the user. Predis then instantly suggests social media post ideas including custom captions, hashtags, and creatives tailored to your brand style and audience.

The AI also taps into the user’s previous social content, comments, and interactions to inform data-backed recommendations instead of guesses. This ensures the suggested posts resonate with what has performed well before.

Predis optimizes each post for maximum reach and engagement based on real data. This gives a higher likelihood of connecting with more people.

It also analyzes competitor content to provide insights into what works well in your industry. This allows learning from their wins and mistakes to improve your own strategy.

AI Market Research Tools

31. SemRush Market Explorer

SemRush Market Explorer

The SEMrush Market Explorer is an AI market research tool that enables in-depth analysis of competitive landscapes and audience trends. It provides a comprehensive overview of any industry or niche for strategic insights.

By inputting a domain, users can instantly map out the entire market landscape. Market Explorer reveals leading players in the space and provides data on online market shares, growth rates, seasonal trends, and more.

With a single domain, you can get an immediate competition analysis. Market Explorer highlights direct/indirect competitors, referral traffic sources, search, social and more – the full picture.

The Growth Quadrant feature is ideal for market assessment. It detects leaders, established brands, rising stars and niche players. Compare growth rates of individual companies versus overall industry momentum.

For organizations seeking to deeply understand their markets, benchmark competitors, and identify opportunities, Market Explorer provides invaluable intelligence. It empowers data-driven strategy and decision making through robust market analytics.

32. CrawlQ


CrawlQ is an audience insight software that combines the power of artificial intelligence with advanced market research and content creation capabilities.

CrawlQ leverages AI to empower businesses with market insights mined from search, social, and web data. Its algorithms analyze billions of real-time content sources to build comprehensive profiles around topics of interest.

Users can sort these in-depth profiles by relevance, competitors, and more to uncover fresh ideas and opportunities. The huge data trove is filtered down into accessible, actionable insights.

CrawlQ also features AI tools for content creation, summarization, rewriting, and more to accelerate research and strategy. The audience insight builder creates content tailored specifically to your target demographics.

In addition, CrawlQ offers an SEO Accelerator to help improve quality and relevance using ethical AI content approaches. This overcomes concerns with fully automated writing tools.

With CrawlQ, teams can automate countless hours spent in manual research. The AI empowers making smart, data-driven decisions fueled by a wealth of online insights. For staying on top of markets, CrawlQ delivers a major edge.

33. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is transforming market research through the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative platform leverages AI and machine learning to radically improve survey creation, distribution, and analysis.

It empowers building personalized, unbiased surveys that truly connect with target audiences. SurveySparrow’s automation increases response rates and gathers quality data faster than traditional manual surveys could ever achieve.

The AI goes beyond surface-level feedback to uncover deeper insights and sentiments that reveal how customers genuinely feel. And predictive analytics help foresees future behaviors and trends based on historical data, enabling proactive decisions.

Other AI Marketing Tools

34. Phonesites


PhoneSites makes it easy to build websites and landing pages directly from your phone without any coding knowledge. It’s an AI-powered landing page builder designed for quick and simple website creation.

To get started, just provide some basic information about your business and choose a template. PhoneSites will then automatically build out a customized site for you in minutes.

The platform also includes handy features like drag-and-drop editing, lead capture forms, and an AI writer to create engaging copy. You can quickly collect leads and book appointments right from your new site.

For anyone looking to create a professional website or landing page on the go, PhoneSites streamlines the entire process with intuitive AI tools. No more hassling with complicated site builders or learning to code. With PhoneSites, powerful web creation fits right in your pocket.

35. Browse.ai


Browse.ai  is a web automation tool that can assist with web scraping, data extraction, and different marketing needs.

First off, it can help you extract data from social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook so you can inform social media marketing strategies.

Browse can also monitor websites for changes, which naturally can be useful for tracking competitor activity or staying up-to-date on industry news.

And if you work as an SEO specialist, Browse can extract Google search results by nation and monitor organic Google search results.

36. DataBox


Databox is your go-to for getting the full picture of your business’s performance. It gathers all your data into one spot so you can stop scrambling between spreadsheets and dashboards.

The setup is super easy – just connect my cloud apps, databases, and anything else with numbers. Now you have a single marketing dashboard with all your key metrics automatically tracked. No more manually updating Excel docs.

But it’s not just basic reporting. Databox really dives deep with AI-powered analytics. I can visualize trends, benchmark against others, and uncover insights I would’ve missed before.

They keep making it better too. I heard they’re rolling out new features like advanced chart types, multidimensional metrics, and more integrations. 

37. Landbot


Landbot is an AI chatbot that specializes in turning visitors into qualified leads through personalized conversations. Instead of boring old forms, it uses AI-powered conversations to engage people.

The basics are easy – you can drag and drop different chat blocks to build flows. But Landbot really shines with its automation power. It can score leads, schedule meetings, sync with your CRM – all while sounding like a human!

I love how it personalizes the experience using website visitor data. The bot feels like your new best friend, remembering your name and past chats. Way better experience than filling out the same form over and over.

And the analytics help me constantly improve my bot. I can see exactly where people are dropping off and optimize those pain points. Revenue growth with less effort? Yes please!

Landbot just gets conversational AI. The flows feel natural, the integrations are on point, and the customization is unmatched. If you want to turn website traffic into solid leads, I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Their bots really work some magic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI Marketing Tools

What is an AI marketing tool?

An AI marketing tool is a software or platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance marketing strategies and operations. These tools use machine learning, data analytics, and other AI technologies to automate tasks, analyze consumer behavior, personalize marketing content, and optimize campaigns. By doing so, AI marketing tools help businesses reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently.

How are AI tools used in marketing?

AI tools are used in marketing to perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Segmentation: Identifying and categorizing customers into different segments based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics.
  • Personalization: Creating tailored content, offers, and recommendations for individual customers.
  • Predictive Analytics: Analyzing historical data to predict future customer behavior and trends.
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Providing instant customer support and engagement through automated conversational agents.
  • Campaign Optimization: Using real-time data to adjust and optimize marketing campaigns for better performance.
  • Content Generation: Automatically generating creative content such as headlines, ad copy, or social media posts.

These applications enable marketers to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experiences, and achieve better ROI.

How to use AI in marketing automation?

When it comes to marketing automation, start by setting clear goals for AI. Look at tools that align with your tech stack. Feed them quality data to learn from. Use AI insights to personalize content and offers. Monitor performance and tweak as needed.

The key is finding the right balance between automated AI and human oversight. Make sure to consider privacy and ethics too. Used right, AI-powered marketing tools can significantly streamline operations and boost effectiveness.

Using AI in marketing automation involves the following steps:

  1. Identify Objectives: Determine the specific goals you want to achieve with AI, such as increasing conversion rates, enhancing customer engagement, or automating repetitive tasks.
  2. Choose the Right Tools: Select AI-powered marketing automation tools that align with your objectives and integrate with your existing systems.
  3. Collect and Analyze Data: Gather relevant data from various sources and use AI algorithms to analyze and derive insights.
  4. Implement Personalization and Segmentation: Use AI to create personalized content and segment your audience for targeted marketing.
  5. Monitor and Optimize: Continuously monitor the performance of your AI-driven campaigns and make necessary adjustments to optimize results.
  6. Ensure Compliance: Be mindful of privacy regulations and ethical considerations when using AI in marketing.

Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing Final Words

We have reached the end of the blog. I hope it helped you understand the importance of AI in marketing and, most importantly, choose the right software to grow your business.

Today is super important to leverage artificial intelligence marketing software to create a sustainable, forward-thinking brand designed to last for years to come, especially in 2023 and beyond.

With the right AI marketing tools, you can take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

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