10 Best AI Summarizer Tools in 2023: A Review and Comparison

Summarizing long texts can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Whether you want to write a summary for your own notes, an academic paper, a blog post, or a business report, you might need some help to make it easier and faster. That’s why AI summarizer tools are becoming more popular and useful in 2023.

AI summarizer tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to automatically generate summaries of texts. In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best AI summarizer tools in 2023 that you can use for various purposes and needs.

What is AI Summarizer?

An AI summarizer is a tool that employs artificial intelligence to shrink large amounts of content into shorter, more compact versions. It works by examining the content, spotting crucial details, and crafting a summary that captures the core of the original material.

This summary serves as a quick way to get a brief overview of lengthy text, saving time and effort. AI summarizers are handy for swiftly generating top-notch content in minutes, rather than spending hours. They come in handy for tasks like crafting articles, papers, or documents.

Best AI Summarization Tools

The top AI tools for summarizing written content are those that employ machine learning techniques to extract essential information from an article and present it in a clear and straightforward manner. Let’s delve into each of these tools, providing you with comprehensive insights into their functionality, standout features.


Quillbot is a versatile tool for summarizing and rephrasing text. You can adjust how much or how little of your writing you want to summarize creatively. It can be used directly on Quillbot’s platform or integrated into Word. This tool uses machine learning to analyze your text, offering synonym suggestions, summarization, and plagiarism checks.


  • Customizable Summary Length: With the free AI summarizer, you can easily choose how long or short you want your summary to be, using a scale from brief to extensive.
  • Plagiarism Checker Included: QuillBot comes equipped with a built-in plagiarism checker, ensuring that the summary it generates is original and free from plagiarism concerns.
  • Two Distinct Modes: You have the option to summarize key sentence, which results in a concise bullet-point list, which provides a summary of the content within a single section.
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Jasper is an AI summarizer tool that can create high-quality copy and summaries from texts. It can analyze texts and generate automated reports, recommendations, and summaries. Jasper has a unique feature of 50+ summary templates that you can choose from. You can also use the sentence expander feature to make short sentences longer.


  • Spot Important Themes: Jasper AI tool assists you in recognizing the main themes and concepts in the text you’re working with. This makes it simpler to write essays and reports on any topic.
  • Automatic Summary Creation: Jasper takes the manual effort out of creating short summaries of text.
  • Tailored Summary Length: In Jasper’s boss mode template, you can set the summary length according to your preferences using the command feature.


TLDR This is a text summarizer that can quickly and easily turn long texts into concise summaries. It uses the latest AI technology to understand the main points and the purpose of your text. It can help you save time and get the information you need.


  • Article Info Retrieval: TLDR not only grabs crucial details from the article but also offers author info, publication date, related images, estimated reading time, title, and more.
  • Distraction-Free Reading: This tool gets rid of ads, images, pop-ups, and other online interruptions so you can concentrate on reading.
  • Web Browser Add-On: With Chrome and Firefox extensions, you can easily summarize any webpage with just a few clicks.


Scholarcy is an online article summarizer tool that helps you read academic and online articles faster. It scans research articles, chapters, and reports in seconds and extracts the key facts and main points. It organizes the important insights into short sections, so you can learn more in less time.


  • Highlight Important Information: The Robo-Highlighter™ automatically marks important phrases in published papers.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: This AI tool allows you to customize the number of words and the level of language variety and highlighting, giving you full control.
  • Table and Figure Retrieval: Scholarcy identifies tables and figures in Word or PDF documents, making it easy for you to download them in Excel format for quick reference.
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Frase AI summary generator is a tool that uses its own AI model to create informative summaries from articles or passages. You just need to enter any article or passage, and the tool will summarize it for you. However, the tool has a limitation. It can only summarize articles that have 600-700 words or less.


  • Fast Results: The free AI summarizer tool quickly condenses content in minutes, making it a time-saving solution.
  • Seamless Connections: Frase can be easily integrated with Google Search Console, Google Docs, and WordPress.
  • Sentence Rewriting: Instead of summarizing, you have the choice to reword sentences using this feature.


Paraphraser.io is an AI tool that aims to provide high-quality paraphrasing with a human touch. Paraphraser.io claims that its program is faster than other AI-based summary generators because it produces grammatically correct and more readable content.


  • High-Quality and Precise Text Rewriting: Skillfully rephrasing essays, articles, and various texts while ensuring top-notch quality and accuracy.
  • Plagiarism Elimination and Original Content Creation: Utilizing AI to eradicate plagiarism and generate entirely original content.
  • Concise Summaries for Books, Articles, and Research Papers: Creating abridged summaries for lengthy content like books, articles, or research papers through abstractive summarization.

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Summarizer.org is a free AI tool that can summarize your text in real time. You just need to type your original text in one box, and the summary generator will show you the results in another box. Summarizer.org is a free tool that you can use without any restrictions. You can get summaries of any length and as many as you want.


  • Immediate Summarization: The tool begins summarizing your text as soon as you begin typing.
  • Two On-Screen Boxes: It features two boxes on the screen—one for your original text and one for the summary.
  • No Cost, No Limits: You can use it for free without any restrictions on summary length or the number of summaries you can request.


Resoomer is a free text summarizer that can help you create concise summaries from long texts. It uses AI and natural language processing to understand and summarize the text you enter, like the other tools we have seen. Resoomer is designed for academic writing.

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  1. Swift Summarization of Complex Content: This tool can summarize intricate texts, articles, and analyses within seconds.
  2. Convenient Browser Extension: It offers a browser extension, enabling quick article summarization while you browse the web.
  3. Media Import and Summarization: You can import various media formats, including documents, images, or YouTube videos, and the tool will provide concise summaries.
  4. Audible Summaries: It can generate summaries in an audible format, allowing you to listen to them.


Genei is a summary tool that can extract key sentences, key points, and keywords from any long article or research paper. This type of AI summary tool is useful for college students who need to do research, as well as for writers who need to summarize long content and highlight the main points.


  • Rapid Summarization and Analysis: This tool can swiftly summarize and analyze online articles, documents, and PDFs in a matter of seconds.
  • Diverse Media Summarization: It can also import various media types, such as documents, images, or YouTube videos, and provide concise summaries.
  • Audible Summaries: You can listen to summaries as it offers an audible format.
  • Convenient Browser Extension: It features a browser extension for quick article summarization while you’re browsing the web.

Study Crumb

Study Crumb is an AI tool that helps students with their academic writing. It can provide essays and reports on various topics and subjects. The AI program connects you with a writer who has expertise in the type of writing you need. Study Crumb is more of a platform that offers you original articles or academic writings than a summarizing tool.


  • Personalized Essay Ordering: Get tailored essays with writer choice and detailed discussions.
  • Free Online Essay Tools: Access editing, idea generation, assessment, and summarization tools.
  • Rapid Summarization: Quickly condense articles or essays into key content.
  • Paper Grading Assistance: Assess grammar, readability, and uniqueness for paper improvement.

How to Choose the Best AI Summarization Tool for your Needs?

  1. Define your summarization goal: Specify text type, purpose, length, and required tool capabilities.
  2. Search for tools: Use search engines or predefined tool searches.
  3. Compare and evaluate: Test features, performance, and read user reviews.
  4. Choose the best tool: Consider needs, preferences, budget, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions


AI summarizer tools are becoming more popular and useful in the era of information overload. They can help users to quickly extract the main points and key insights from long and complex texts, such as articles, books, reports, emails, and more. In this article, we have reviewed 10 of the best AI summarizer tools in 2023.