10 Best AI Video Generator Free of 2023

Video is one of the most powerful and engaging forms of content on the internet. AI video generators let you create videos from text, images, audio, or video clips, using AI to generate voiceovers, animations, music, and subtitles. They save you time, money, and effort in video production.

In this article, we will explore what an AI video generator is, why you should use one, how to choose one, and the 10 best AI video generator free of 2023 that you can use to create stunning videos for your website, social media, marketing, education, or entertainment purposes.

What is an AI video Generator?

An AI video generator is a software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the process of creating video content. AI video generators can use various techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, speech synthesis, and deep learning to generate videos from text, images, audio, or other sources. If you want to know more How to Stabilize Videos for Free with Online Video Stabilizer checkout this article.

Why use an AI Video Generator?

  • Saving time and money: You can skip or simplify these steps, and create videos in minutes, without hiring professionals or buying expensive equipment.
  • Improving quality and consistency: You can leverage the power of AI to create high-quality and consistent videos, without needing any prior experience or expertise.
  • Increasing engagement and conversion: You can create videos that are tailored to your audience, purpose, and platform, and optimize them for SEO, social media, and marketing.

Best Free AI Video Generators of 2023


VEED.io is an online video editor designed for content creators. It is a simple but powerful tool that allows you to create and edit videos from text, images, audio, or video clips. You can use VEED.io to make videos for social media, YouTube, marketing, education, or personal use.


  • AI Script Generator: You can generate video scripts from text prompts using this tool. Just type a topic or a keyword and get a compelling script in seconds.
  • AI Text-to-Speech: You can turn your text into voiceovers and narrations using this tool. You can choose from different voice profiles, languages, and accents to suit your video style and audience.
  • Stock Library: You can add media from the royalty-free stock library, including music, sound effects, and video clips. You can also start with a video template and customize it to your liking.
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Lumen5 is a tool that helps you make videos from text, such as blog posts, articles, or scripts. It uses AI to select the key points, match them with relevant images, videos, and music, and add transitions and animations. It is fast and easy to use and offers a free version with unlimited videos.


  • AI Video Generator: Lumen5 will automatically summarize the text and match it with relevant media from its library of millions of royalty-free images, videos, and music tracks.
  • Video Customization: You can customize your video with different themes, styles, fonts, colors, and layouts.
  • Video Editing: You can edit your video using the simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can rearrange, trim, crop, and resize your media elements.


InVideo is a versatile and powerful AI video generator that enables you to create professional and stunning videos from text, images, audio, or video clips. You can use InVideo to make videos for social media, marketing, education, or entertainment.

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  • Text-to-video generation using AI: You can input any text and InVideo will automatically split it into logical parts and match visuals to the scenes.
  • AI voiceovers: You can create human-sounding voiceovers for your videos using InVideo’s AI-powered tool.
  • Huge library of stock media: You can access over 16 million stock photos and videos made discoverable with AI.


Synthesia is a unique and innovative AI video generator that allows you to create realistic and personalized videos from text, using avatars, voiceovers, and backgrounds. You can use Synthesia to make videos for social media, marketing, education, or communication.


  • AI avatars: You can choose from over 150 realistic and diverse AI avatars to act as your video presenters.
  • Video templates: You can use over 60 pre-built templates for different niches and categories to create your videos faster.
  • Gestures and captions: You can add micro gestures to your avatar, such as head nods or raised eyebrows, to make them more expressive.


Kapwing is a tool that helps you make videos from text, images, audio, or video clips. You can use it for social media, memes, GIFs, or entertainment. It uses AI to generate voiceovers, animations, music, and captions. It is fun and easy to use and offers a free version with unlimited videos.


  • Free templates for quick video creation: You can also customize them with your own branding, colors, fonts, and logos.
  • Collaborative editing: You can work with your team directly in Kapwing. Create and edit content, then send it to share and collaborate with your teammates.
  • Sharing and exports: You can share your videos with your audience or clients for feedback and approval.
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Renderforest is a comprehensive and powerful AI video generator that allows you to create amazing and professional videos from text, images, audio, or video clips. You can use Renderforest to make videos for social media, marketing, education, or animation.


  • AI-powered video maker: Renderforest uses artificial intelligence to generate stunning videos from your script or keywords
  • Multiple video formats: Renderforest supports various video formats, such as MP4, WEBM, GIF, and HTML5.
  • Affordable pricing plans: Renderforest offers different pricing plans to suit your needs and budget


FlexClip is an AI video generator that lets you create stunning and professional videos from text, images, audio, or video clips. You can use it for various purposes, such as social media, marketing, education, or presentation.


  • Auto subtitle: FlexClip can automatically generate subtitles for your video based on the audio or the script.
  • Text to video: You just need to type your prompt and choose a template, and FlexClip will automatically match stock photos and videos based on the keywords.
  • Cloud storage and collaboration: FlexClip saves your projects in the cloud, so you can access them anytime and anywhere.


Pictory is an AI-based video creation platform that allows users to create professional-quality videos from text complete with stock footage, music, and voiceovers. Whether you are looking for videos for marketing, advertising, social media, or any other use, Pictory has the tools and features you need to get the job done.


  • Script to video: You can create videos from your scripts in minutes with Pictory’s ReelFast technology. You can also record your own voice or upload a pre-recorded voiceover.
  • Blog post to video: Pictory’s AI will extract the key points from your blog post and generate a video with matching visuals and music.
  • Video highlights:Turn Zoom, Teams, Webinar, Podcast videos into branded clips for social media. Pictory’s AI extracts highlights and adds your logo.
  • Themes and branding: You can choose from a variety of pre-created animations, fonts, and color settings in the form of themes.


Designs.AI is an online platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help you create stunning videos, logos, mockups, voiceovers, and more. Whether you want to promote your brand, showcase your product, or tell a story, Designs.AI has the tools you need.

  • Videomaker: It’s also easily converted text to videos in just 2 minutes with the AI-powered video creation, generation, and editor tool.
  • Logomaker: You can create a unique and professional logo for your brand in minutes with the AI-powered logo design tool.
  • Mockupmaker: You can also upload your own design or logo and see how it looks on different mockups.
  • Voiceovermaker: You can create natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more with the AI-powered voice synthesis tool. Over 70 natural voices in 20 languages.
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Wave Video

Wave Video is an online platform that allows you to create, edit, record, stream, and host videos with ease. Whether you want to turn your text into video, make a live show, record a podcast, or host a video landing page, Wave Video has the tools you need.


  • Online Video Editor: You can resize and trim videos, combine clips, change layouts, add text animations, stickers, transitions, and more.
  • Live Streaming Studio: Stream live or pre-recorded videos to multiple channels. Invite guests, add branding. No coding.
  • Video Recorder: Record videos online with simple tool. Customize layouts, plan scenes, share tabs or videos.
  • Video Hosting: Upload and store videos safely with video hosting. Create and share video landing pages, customize video players, embed videos, track analytics.

Benefits of AI Video Generators

  • Text to video: The AI video generator will analyze the text, extract the key points, and create a video with relevant visuals, voiceovers, music, and captions.
  • Video editing: You can trim, crop, rotate, resize, merge, split, add transitions, filters, effects, stickers, text, and more to your videos.
  • Video templates: hoose pre-made video templates for your purpose and style. Customize with content, branding, colors, or use as is.
  • Stock assets: This feature allows you to access a library of stock assets such as images, videos, music, sound effects, and fonts that you can use in your videos.
  • AI avatars: Create human-like characters for your videos. Pick AI avatars, customize look, voice, actions. Make them talk.
  • AI voiceovers:Generate voiceovers for videos in different languages. Type text or use text from text to video. AI synthesizes voice.

How to Choose an AI Video Generator Free?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an AI video generator, such as:

  • Features and functionality: AI video generator that offers the features and functionality.
  • Ease of use and flexibility: You may want to look for an AI video generator that is easy to use and flexible to customize.
  • Quality and diversity: AI video generator that produces high-quality and diverse videos.
  • Pricing and plans: AI video generator that offers affordable and suitable pricing and plans. Also read Best AI Video Enhancers to Upscale Your Video Quality for Free


This article reviews 10 free AI video generators of 2023. You can use them to make amazing videos for your website, social media, education, or entertainment. We hope this article was helpful and informative. Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback.


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