17+ Of The Best ChatGPT Plugins To Help Speed Your Life Up

ChatGPT supports third-party plugins which make it even more impressive than it already is. We’ve messed around with dozens of plugins and compiled some of the most useful ones into this list.

Since the release of ChatGPT, AI has been making waves in various aspects of businesses, especially in digital marketing. 

The Best ChatGPT Plugins
The Best ChatGPT Plugins

From automating processes to generating insights, truly, the impact of this technology is profound and far-reaching.

Recently, ChatGPT scaled to new heights by supporting third-party plugins. That means you can do more interesting things. Note that most of these plugins are still in the beta stage. But still, they’re incredible enough to get more done.

We have scoured through ChatGPT’s plugin store, tested a few plugins, and selected the ones most useful for your daily life.

Here are our picks for the best ChatGPT plugins in 2023.

1) Stories

As the name suggests, this ChatGPT plugin is intended for writers, marketers, or content creators looking for solutions to create the best stories. Simply enter your story prompt, anything that sparks your imagination, and let ChatGPT do the rest. 

best chatgpt plugins

2) Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool that can help you with almost anything, from messaging your team to updating your tasks, all hands-free. Now, when you integrate it with ChatGPT, you only need to enter a prompt to perform actions tied to your favorite apps.

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3) OpenTable

Searching and booking for restaurants has never been easier with OpenTable. When you install it inside ChatGPT, you can just prompt ChatGPT to recommend the best restaurants in your local area based on reviews and availability. It’s that easy. 

4) Klarna

Looking for a tool to compare product prices from various online shops? Klarna’s extensive database can help you with that. When you use it with ChatGPT, you can quickly search for products and even get gift recommendations for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

5) Instacart

Ordering groceries right on your ChatGPT dashboard is now possible with Instacart. That’s not all – you can also request ChatGPT for recipe ideas. Then, let the AI generate the ingredients list and send through Instacart for delivery.

6) Ask Your PDF

Sometimes, you might need to extract specific details from a PDF file. If your PDF consists of several pages, sifting through each one for information can be time-consuming. This is exactly what Ask Your PDF plugin is built for – simply upload your PDF, integrate the plugin with ChatGPT, and have your answers within seconds.

7) WebPilot

WebPilot is a great plugin to use with ChatGPT to scour the web, look for specific information, and do various tasks based on your request. You can also enter a URL and let WebPilot summarize the page’s content.

8) Prompt Perfect

Coming up with the right prompt to get good results from ChatGPT can sometimes be a headache. Thankfully, Prompt Perfect can help you craft the right question. Simply add ‘Perfect,’ at the start of your prompt, and the plugin will jot down the rest for you.

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9) VoxScript

YouTube’s overwhelming amount of content can sometimes make specific searches time-consuming. Thankfully, you can now use VoxScript with ChatGPT to pull information from video transcripts without endless browsing.     

10) Kayak

Traveling requires a lot of planning and preparation. With Kayak, you can easily get travel recommendations or even book flights and hotels. Just enter the basic details like the origin and destination on ChatGPT, and it will provide you with a list of options in your area.  

11) World News

Want to stay updated with the latest news without scouring the internet? Simply add the World News plugin in ChatGPT, and you’ll get a nice listicle of the latest global happenings. It can even summarize and translate the text based on your preferred language.

12) Link Reader

Link Reader is a ChatGPT plugin you can use to get information from various sources. Just enter a link, and it can help you summarize key details from a webpage. We find this tool helpful if you’re conducting research or summarizing content quickly from any website.

13) Speak

Want to learn a new language quickly? Then the Speak plugin might help. Speak can help you translate languages and even understand foreign language phrases. 

14) Milo

Milo is a special ChatGPT plugin designed to make parenting easier. It can help you declutter your life, from organizing voice notes and email threads to planning your kid’s daily activities. This makes Milo a great assistant for busy parents and large families.

15) Wikipedia

Are you a fan of Wikipedia? Here’s great news – you can now use Wikipedia with ChatGPT to find information about your favorite topics. No need to google it.

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16) Canva

Canva’s new ChatGPT plugin allows you to create amazing posts or videos for your social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram. And it all happens right on ChatGPT’s chat box. You can even edit the generated content  – just click the provided link and it will redirect you to Canva’s website.

17) There’s An AI For It

There’s An AI For It is a plugin that helps you find the right AI plugin based on your requirements. You can ask it anything – from image editors to PDF converters – and it will display a listicle of AI tools you can download from the ChatGPT store.

And That’s It!

ChatGPT is still in its early years. Can you actually imagine how things will look a few years from now? In under a year it has already disrupted our daily life in remarkable ways. 

In the near future, we’re expecting more plugins to emerge, especially making use of its vision/multimodality.

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