I Asked ChatGPT to Help Me With Market Research (Results + Prompts!)

Can ChatGPT help you with extensive and sophisticated market research? What if ChatGPT can truly tailor answers to your specific needs, and build upon the data and examples you share? Today I’m asking ChatGPT to help me with market research. As with most market research, the conversation can get sophisticated and individualized to the needs of the creator and business.

How will this change the way we come up with market research and competitive and comparative analysis? How can brainstorm effectively without doing all the research manually? This experiment left me intrigued and optimistic about the future of AI for creators and small business owners.

What My Market Research is About

Context: Since the day ChatGPT launched, we have been writing extensively about OpenAI and how it can apply to creators as well as businesses of all sizes. We are living at the tipping point of digital transformation that’s never seen before. As a result, Feisworld Media, as a business, is also in the process of communicating new services and products.

With an active YouTube channel (23K subscribers), and an active blog (roughly about 10K visitors per month and growing at a rate of 30% month over month), we are approached by AI companies regularly to put together review posts, video tutorials, and series of content. But is it a business worth pursuing? Are there other angles and prospects we should go after? I think so! But let’s ask ChatGPT to see what it thinks.

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ChatGPT Prompts for My Market Research

1st Prompt: Setting up the question

help me choose the business I should start from the following options: help AI companies grow with content strategy help companies grow with AI strategies help creators grow with AI strategies

Results from the 1st Prompt

2nd Prompt – Adding my unique skill and perspective

Now, I can say skills-wise, I have worked with AI companies, and created content for them, and I have an active YouTube channel with over 23K followers. Does that help?

Results from the 2nd Prompt

3rd Prompt – asking ChatGPT a direct question about who to target

It’s very helpful! Now what types of AI companies should I go after first?

Results from the 3rd Prompt

4th Prompt – my attempt to respond to the feedback and suggestions from a previous chat response

In terms of Technical Depth, I am more comfortable and interested in consumer-oriented applications, as well as those focused on established creators and small business owners

Result from the 4th Prompt

Conclusion: ChatGPT is powerful, engaging, and best with your unique insights and experiences

As you can see, ChatGPT can be hyperfocused and personalized to your needs. Moreover, it can build upon the insights given inside a chat and become more useful as the chat goes on.

ChatGPT is right often enough about important things that you can’t ignore it, even if it’s frustrating when it’s wrong.

ChatGPT also has limitations to its data sets, such as when I asked “Do you have data around recently funded AI startups in 2023?”, ChatGPT answered:

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I’m sorry, but I can’t provide real-time or post-2021 data as my training only goes up until September 2021. However, there are various ways you can find information on recently funded AI startups in 2023:

However, instead of stopping short of stating the data is insufficient for post-2021 which is very relevant for my market research, ChatGPT attempted to provide additional sources of data I could look into instead. In this case, it suggested:

Overall I found this experience to be eye-opening. I also learned that ChatGPT is powerful, engaging, and best with your unique insights and experiences. Instead of general and generic prompts, we can do much more if we invest some time in providing useful examples, guidelines, inclusions as well and exclusions to help ChatGPT give us the most relevant answers.

What are your thoughts on using ChatGPT to help you navigate more complex requests? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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