Coca Cola Y3000 – AI Generated Coke is Now Available to Taste

Coca Cola is one of the most iconic and popular brands in the world, with a history of over 130 years and a presence in more than 200 countries. The company is known for its innovation and creativity, constantly introducing new products and flavors to satisfy the diverse tastes and preferences of its consumers.

In this article, we will explore what Coca Cola Y3000 is, how it was created, what it tastes like, what is the concept behind it, why did Coca Cola use AI to create a new flavor, how can you try it, and what are the implications of this innovation for the future of product development.

What is Coca Cola Y3000?

Coca Cola Y3000 is a new limited edition soda flavor that was co-created with artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the Coca Cola Creations series. The flavor is supposed to be inspired by an “optimistic future” and has a futuristic design on the can.

According to some reviews, the flavor tastes like a mixture of different fruity sodas, such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and fruit punch, with a sweet vanilla aftertaste. Mixed reviews for Coca Cola Y3000: Critics find it too sweet and artificial. Grab it at select stores or online, but it’s a limited time treat!

How was it created?

Coca Cola Y3000: Crafted through human and artificial intelligence collaboration. Global insights, AI flavor profiles, simulations, expert testing – a taste of the future! According to the official website of Coca-Cola Creations, the process involved the following steps:

  • First, researchers at Coca-Cola collected key flavor preferences and trends from consumers around the world to understand what they imagine and think the future tastes like.
  • Next, they used an AI system to analyze the data and help develop flavor profiles and pairings that matched the consumer insights.
  • Then, they refined the flavor by running countless simulations and iterations with the AI until they found the optimal balance of ingredients.
  • Finally, they tested the flavor with consumers and experts to ensure it met their expectations and standards.
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Coca Cola Y3000, a product of innovative fusion between human and AI creativity, delivers a one-of-a-kind and forward-looking flavor influenced by worldwide visions of the future. This limited-edition soda, is exclusively offered in specific regions for a brief period, offering consumers a taste of tomorrow’s possibilities.

What does it taste like?

According to Coca Cola, Y3000 tastes like “a mixture of a bunch of different sodas but has a sweet, vanilla aftertaste”. Some people who have tried it have described it as “fruity”, “fizzy”, “creamy”, “metallic”, or “artificial”. However, others have said that it tastes mostly like regular Coke, with only a slight difference in flavor.

The drink is also very sugary, with 65 grams of sugar per can. Some people have compared the taste to a soda fountain experiment, where you mix different sodas together, or to a lollipop stirred in a regular Coke. The drink is also very aromatic, with a strong smell that reminds some people of herbs and spices.

How can you try it?

Coca Cola Y3000 is available for a limited time, starting from September 12, 2023, in select markets, including the United States, China, Europe, Canada, and Africa. The drink costs as much as a regular Coke, and can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, and online platforms.

Coca Cola’s Y3000 cans feature QR codes for an AR journey into the year 3000. The Creations Hub offers futuristic visuals. Customers can enhance photos with the Y3000 AI Cam and share on social media. Excitingly, a collaboration with Ambush brings a limited-edition Y3000-inspired capsule collection, coming soon on the brand’s website this fall.

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What is the concept behind it?

The concept behind Y3000 is to offer consumers a glimpse of what the future might taste like, as well as to celebrate the power of human and artificial intelligence collaboration. The company says that Y3000 is “a reflection of our hopes and dreams for the future, as well as our curiosity and creativity in the present”.

The company also says that Y3000 is “a tribute to the generations of innovators who have shaped the world with their inventions and discoveries, and a challenge to the ones who will continue to do so in the future”. To enhance the concept of Y3000, the company has designed a futuristic packaging and a digital experience for the consumers.

The bottle of Y3000 has a silver, violet, magenta, and cyan colors palette, which is meant to evoke a futuristic feel. The Coca Cola logo on the bottle is made of fluid dot clusters that merge to represent the human connections of our future planet.

The bottle also has a QR code that consumers can scan with their smartphones to access a website that uses an AI model called Stable Diffusion to transform photos of their surroundings into images with a similar color scheme and sci-fi aesthetics. The website also allows consumers to share their photos and impressions of Y3000 with other users.

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Coca Cola Y3000, an AI-driven creation in the Coca Cola Creations series, offers a taste of the future. While resembling classic Coke, its unique hints stir mixed reviews, emphasizing the subjectivity of consumer preferences. This limited edition showcases AI’s potential and reflects the dynamic landscape of beverage innovation.