Create AI videos with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital landscape, videos have become an essential medium for storytelling, education, and marketing. However, creating movies can be both time-consuming and expensive. AI video generators are a game changer in the world of video making. AI video generators use artificial intelligence to automate the production of high-quality videos. You no longer need to spend numerous hours filming and editing with these cutting-edge technologies. The ChatGPT Visla plugin is one of the most popular AI video generators on the market.

This post will walk you through the process whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just interested in the possibilities of AI Videos. You may generate unique and compelling video content using the power of ChatGPT without the need for specialized video editing skills or expensive software.

Visla ChatGPT Plugin

Visla ChatGPT Plugin is a technology that works with ChatGPT to create short films from public stock material. It’s an effective tool for producing video content based on user input.

Enter a video idea and related details into ChatGPT and press “enter.” ChatGPT will then link to Visla to make a short film with stock footage and artificial intelligence narration.

Install Visla ChatGPT Plugin

Integrate the Visla plugin to fully utilize ChatGPT’s video making capabilities. Easily unlock a world of possibilities with AI videos. Discover how to use ChatGPT plugins to install Visla and begin your video producing journey. Follow our expert-guided instructions below to discover a revolutionary method for creating compelling videos with easy.

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With ChatGPT, you may enter the world of effortless video creation, where captivating videos come to life. To harness the power of the Visla plugin, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch ChatGPT’s main screen to immerse yourself in possibilities. Find the plugin dropdown menu and access the intriguing “Plugin Store.”
  1. Go on a quest for Visla among the store’s enchantments. Simply enter “Visla” into the search box and watch it appear in front of your eyes. Feel a sense of excitement as you press the attractive “Install” button.
  1. While you’re basking in the enchantment of Visla’s installation, crown it as the ruler of your creative realm. Select Visla as the main plugin from the GPT-4 dropdown menu. Let this to be the start of your remarkable video creation journey.

With four simple steps, you’ll be able to create AI Videos and bring your dreams to life in a way that captivates and inspires. Accept the possibilities that ChatGPT and the Visla plugin provide and start generating videos right away.

Create a video with Visla

With the Visla plugin now enabled in ChatGPT 4, let’s get started by typing the following prompt:

Tips to Create AI video with ChatGPT Plugin

  1. “Can you please create a detailed outline for the video I requested?” Please check it and let me know if any modifications or updates are needed.”
  2. Wait patiently for ChatGPT’s response after entering this prompt. When the created outline is displayed, carefully analyze its contents and assess its alignment with your requirements and purpose.
  3. If modifications or additions are required, please give ChatGPT with clear and detailed instructions. “This looks good. Create the video using the details above.“
  4. Watch in awe as Visla works its magic to create a stunning video for you. Look as it displays a link, easy you to click and enter a new website dedicated to your AI Videos.
  5. When you arrive at your destination, you will be greeted by the presenter of your video. Your eager gaze will be met by an elegant combination of images and transcripts. Play the video with ease, immersing yourself in the seamless synchronization of sight and sound.
  6. While the attractiveness of your film is undeniable, you may notice that the voice-overs and images are accompanied by copyrighted sounds. There is, however, a remedy. Opt for Visla Premium, which gives you the ability to remove these limitations, allowing you to really customize the movie.
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As the finishing touches are applied, it is time to share your creation with the rest of the world. Choose whether to output the video with free stock footage or to upgrade your production with a paid subscription. You’ll add a professional and creative touch to your creation by using Storyblocks’ large library of films and music.

Features in AI Videos with ChatGPT

Here are some of the benefits of using AI Video with ChatGPT.

  1. Amazing Templates: Select from over 65 amazing templates that will bring your concept to life. You can easily produce professional-looking videos that leave a lasting impression with an array of designs and styles.
  2. Auto Content Generation: Say goodbye to writer’s block with auto content generation. Unleash the power of auto-generated content with the touch of a mouse. Allow GPT-4 to weave words into interesting scripts for your videos, saving you time and effort.
  3. Enchanting AI Avatars: Add a personal touch to your films by choosing from over 150 AI avatars. These virtual narrators will bring your GPT-4 script to life, captivating your audience with their distinct personalities.
  4. Seamless Voiceover Generation: Easily convert text into compelling voiceovers. Use artificial intelligence to generate voiceovers that properly match your script. Watch as the power of speech brings words to life, improving the impact of your videos.
  5. Accelerated Video Creation: Time is money, and film creation should be as quick as possible. Increase the efficiency of your workflow by using ready-made video templates. Simply enter your stuff and watch as stunning videos emerge in no time.
  6. AI Spokesperson Explains: With our innovative photo-realistic AI avatars, you can provide your audience with an unparalleled visual experience. These virtual characters breathe life into your videos, capturing viewers with their lifelike appearance and engaging presence.
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With these incredible options at your disposal, your film creating adventure will reach new heights. Unleash your imagination, fascinate your viewers, and create really amazing videos.

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Master the art of effortless AI video generation with ChatGPT. With 65+ templates, auto content generation, AI avatars, voiceover generation, and accelerated video creation, create captivating videos effortlessly. Unlock the power of AI and revolutionize your video production process today.