D-ID AI Video Generator: Creating AI Videos from Photo

D-ID AI Video Generator is a revolutionary tool that can create realistic and high-quality videos from a single photo. You can use it to animate any face, whether it is a celebrity, a historical figure, or yourself. You can also customize the video by choosing the background, the voice, the emotion, and the duration.

D-ID AI Video Generator uses advanced deep learning algorithms to generate lifelike facial expressions and movements that match the audio and the context. You can use D-ID AI Video Generator for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, marketing, or personalization. In this article, we will show you how to use D-ID AI Video Generator to create amazing AI videos from photo in a few simple steps.

What is D-ID AI Video Generator?

D-ID AI Video Generator is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create stunning videos from photos. It combines advanced face animation, text-to-speech, and natural language generation technologies to produce photorealistic and human-like videos that can speak any language and convey any message.

D-ID AI Video Generator is powered by Creative Reality Studio, a self-service platform that lets you easily create and customize your own video presenters using the latest generative AI tools. You can either upload your own photo or choose from a library of premium presenters to start the video creation process. This AI video generator offers a 20-day free trial.

How to Use D-ID AI Video Generator?

Here are the steps for creating a video using the D-ID AI Video Generator:

  • Log in to the D-ID AI Video Generator and click “Create Video” You can either choose a preset presenter or upload your own picture for the animated character. Make sure the image you upload is clear and facing forward.
  • Select a Canvas Layout that suits your video’s purpose, whether it’s for mobile, social media, presentations, etc. You can pick from wide, square, or vertical layouts for different video formats.
  • Add your script, which is what your animated presenter will say in the video. Your script can be up to 5 minutes long, or roughly 700 words. If you need help with the script, click the “magic wand” icon, and GPT will assist you in generating text.
  • Choose the language for your video from over 100 available text-to-speech options. Make sure it matches your script’s language. If the script and voice language don’t match, the presenter will speak with the selected accent.
  • You can also upload your own voice recording or soon record your voice directly in the studio.
  • Pick the gender of the speaker and then choose a voice from various options. You can listen to different voices by clicking the listen icon and select the one that suits your video best.
  • Decide on your avatar’s expression. You can make the avatar appear happy, serious, surprised, or maintain a neutral expression. Just click on the emotion you want your presenter to convey.
  • Add text to your video by clicking the “text” icon. Type in the words you want to appear, choose a font and style, and customize alignment, color, and size. You can even use different effects. If you have your own fonts, you can upload them too.
  • Choose the background for your video from a variety of solid colors and pre-made designs.
  • Adjust the positioning, layers, and transparency of your video elements. Positioning decides where on the canvas you want the presenter to be. Layers allow you to arrange different elements forward or backward in your design.
  • When you’re ready, give your video a name and click “Generate Video” to start the creation process.
  • Review your video to ensure the avatar’s movements match the speech, the content is accurate, and the presentation meets your needs. If everything looks good, you can finalize and export your video. The video will be saved in your Video Library, and you can download it as an MP4 file or share it on your social media platforms.
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Features of D-ID AI

  • Versatile video creation: You can produce videos with text or audio for a wide range of creative possibilities. You can also use the power of generative AI to create a brand-new presenter from scratch by typing a prompt describing your desired look.
  • Simplified process: You can quickly create high-quality videos with minimal effort using the Creative Reality Studio, a self-service platform that lets you turn your ideas into stunning videos.
  • API access: You can build custom applications on top of the platform using the robust, scalable, and simple API that supports streaming generation of talking head AI videos from an image and audio file.
  • Flexible pricing: You can try the service before committing and choose from a range of upgrade and account management options.

Pricing of D-ID AI

The pricing of the API also depends on the features and usage you need, such as the license type, the watermark option, the support level, the expression control, and the credits included. The API has four plans: Trial, Lite, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Trial plan is free and offers 5 minutes of video generation per month, with a personal use license and a D-ID watermark. The Lite plan costs $0.1 per credit (billed monthly) and offers 10 to 13 minutes of video generation per month, with a personal use license and a small D-ID watermark. The Pro plan costs $0.08 per credit (billed monthly) and offers 15 to 25 minutes of video generation per month, with a commercial license and a small AI watermark. The Enterprise plan is customized according to your needs and offers unlimited video generation per month, with a commercial license and a customizable watermark. You can find more details about the API pricing here.

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D-ID AI Video Generator is an amazing tool that lets you create realistic and engaging videos from photos. It uses artificial intelligence to animate faces, generate speech, and craft content. It offers many benefits for individuals and businesses who want to create video content at scale. It can be used for various purposes and industries, such as education, marketing, entertainment, history, and family.

It is easy and fun to use, and you can get started with it for free.If you are looking for a way to create video content that stands out, D-ID AI Video Generator is the tool for you. Try it today and see the magic for yourself.