Duet AI for Google Workspace: What You Need To Know in 5 Minutes (2023)

The future of work is here, and it’s more intelligent than ever. Google has taken a monumental step forward by integrating a feature called Duet AI into its Google Workspace. Designed to redefine the way we work, this revolutionary feature harnesses the power of generative AI to automate and streamline a multitude of tasks across various lines of business.

If you have missed Google’s announcement in August 2023, be sure to go through this post that quickly summarizes key points from their webinar (45 minutes). We will continue to cover the progression and development of Duet AI and discuss practical applications in the coming weeks and months.

Cheatsheet for this Discussion

  • Google is introducing Duet AI, a generative AI feature integrated into its Workspace offering to revolutionize the way work is done.
  • The Duet AI in Google Workspace aims to dramatically increase productivity by automating content creation across various lines of business, including Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.
  • The feature can help in numerous use cases, such as helping write emails and documents in Gmail, visualizing content in Google Slides, organizing data within Google Sheets, and even aiding in HR recruiting and onboarding processes.
  • The AI has been designed to be accessible, not just for AI experts but for mainstream business users. It allows for prompt-based operations where the user types what they want and the AI completes the task, potentially saving hours on content development.
  • Both Tony Majewski and Allison Clark of Google Cloud’s North American Workspace go-to-market strategy emphasize that this is just the beginning for Duet AI, suggesting more advancements in the future to further impact productivity and customer service.
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What is Duet AI?

Duet AI is a groundbreaking feature in Google Workspace that leverages the capabilities of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unlike traditional forms of AI that have been around for years, generative AI aims to create and modify content autonomously. This might include generating text, images, and even music.

This aims to facilitate and expedite various tasks, such as drafting emails in Gmail, creating visual content in Google Slides, or organizing data within Google Sheets. It takes productivity gains beyond what we have seen before, promising to add trillions of dollars to the global economy in terms of increased productivity.

Broad Applications Across Business Units

According to Tony Majewski and Allison Clark, leaders in Google Cloud’s North American Workspace go-to-market strategy, the technology has applications that span across multiple departments:

  1. Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations: Duet AI enables teams to quickly generate content, thereby saving valuable time and resources. For instance, it can automate the process of preparing customer presentations or financial reports.
  2. Human Resources: In the realm of HR, Duet AI can help in writing job descriptions and engaging in customized candidate outreach. It’s a boon for recruitment teams, as it speeds up the candidate selection process.
  3. Product and Engineering: Surprisingly, teams in product and engineering also do a lot of writing, from project documentation to internal memos. The aI streamlines this, allowing engineers to focus on what they do best—innovating.
  4. Customer Service: Duet AI promises to extend its benefits to improve customer service experiences, enhancing both the speed and quality of customer interactions.
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Accessibility and Ease of Use

One of the most exciting aspects of Duet AI is its user-friendliness. No longer is the power of AI restricted to those with a deep understanding of machine learning or computer science. With this technology, a simple prompt is all you need to start automating a task. For example, a marketing professional can input a topic, and the tool will generate blog post ideas, potentially saving hours on research and brainstorming.

What’s Next?

Both Majewski and Clark make it clear that the introduction of Duet AI is just the tip of the iceberg. As technology evolves, we can expect to see even more capabilities, with more advanced features to be unveiled in the future.

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The arrival of Duet AI in Google Workspace is a game-changer, promising to revolutionize the way we approach work. From automating mundane tasks to generating creative content, it’s designed to increase productivity manifold across all departments. Its user-friendliness makes it an accessible tool, breaking down the barriers that once restricted the use of AI to a select few experts.

As we look forward to more innovations, one thing is certain: Duet AI is setting a new standard for workplace productivity.

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