How to Create and Edit Images with DragGAN

Images are essential for drawing attention, communicating ideas, and boosting visual appeal in the world of digital content development. Creating and manipulating photographs has gotten easier and more effective as a result of developments in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the area of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). DragGAN is one such cutting-edge method that enables users to easily create and edit photos with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can use this amazing tool to unleash your imagination and produce stunning visuals.


Make sure you have a GPU system and installed the necessary drivers for Nvidia, Cuda, CuDNN and other Anaconda packages to run DragGAN. If you already have all drivers in place you can skip to next step.

Follow the below guide to install and configure your system or server.

How to Set Up Deep Learning with Nvidia, CUDA, cuDNN on Ubuntu 22.04

DragGAN in Google Colab

Google Colab is a great tool which is built over Jupyter notebook, which is mainly used for research and configuring AI. You can check how to play around with this tool in Google Colab and play around with the images.

Install DragGAN

To create the environment and install the necessary packages, issue the instructions below:

conda env create python=3.7 -f environment.yml conda activate stylegan3

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Then install the additional needs.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the following command to download StyleGAN2 weights:

sh scripts/

If you want to try other pre-trained StyleGAN models, download the weights and place them under the ./checkpoints directory.

To launch the GUI, execute:


How to Edit Photos Using DragGAN AI?

It is simple to use the DragGAN AI tool to modify photos. To maximise the use of this effective tool, follow these steps:

First to upload the image to colub.

Upload the Image

Upload the image you want to modify after the UI is loaded. Look for the picture upload option, which is typically prominently featured on the website’s interface.

Click the region that has been selected to select the image from your computer’s files.

How to Create and Edit Images with DragGAN 1

Edit the Image

After the image has been uploaded, simply click and drag. The step count will be increased, and the image will change reaction according to this tool’s user interface’s instructions.

View Real-Time Changes

How to Create and Edit Images with DragGAN 2

DragGAN’s AI algorithms will Analyse and update the image to using Drag steps count will be increase to 8. If you want more smile, you increase the steps count. You will see the image transform in real-time, reflecting the adjustments you make.

Continue Editing

You are welcome to drag steps count will be increased to make more edits to the image, or you may use other DragGAN editing tools. Try out several tweaks until you get the desired aesthetic effect. Explore the different features and settings readily available to free your imagination without hesitation.

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Save Your Changes

Once you are happy with the edited image, select “Save” or a comparable option offered by DragGAN. This will instruct the app to store the altered image to your device. Complete the saving procedure by choosing the destination folder or file format, if necessary.

New Features of DragGAN 1.1.1

  • A significant problem fix that made certain photos corrupted has been resolved.
  • The production of images now happens more quickly.
  • DragGAN’s official source code has been made available.

Recent Updates

  • DragGAN 1.1.0b2 is a new beta version that offers more models and speed enhancements.
  • DragGAN may now be installed using the pip install Dragan command because it is listed on PyPI.
  • There are no longer any common CUDA issues that some users were encountering.
  • StyleGAN2-ada, which offers better image quality and support for more image kinds, is now supported by this tool.
  • An out-of-box online demo is now integrated in InternGPT, a visual interactive system.
  • With GAN inversion, custom images can now be utilized, however it’s vital to remember that the results could be skewed because to GAN inversion’s constraints. Additionally, some modifications might not succeed because of how this tool was implemented.

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In conclusion, DragGAN is a strong and user-friendly application for producing and modifying images. You may take advantage of the features of StyleGAN3 and the DragGAN GUI by following the installation instructions and creating the necessary environment. It gives you the ability to easily generate and change images whether you have a CUDA-compatible GPU, are utilizing GPU acceleration on MacOS, or are using CPU-only. Investigate DragGAN’s capabilities to unleash your imagination and create aesthetically appealing and personalized graphics.

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