How to Delete Last 15 minutes of your Recent Searches on Google App

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode is a handy feature for browsing secretly, but there may be instances when you forget to launch it or only want to make a single private search. The Google app in other hand also includes a handy option that lets you remove your recent search history with a few taps. Whether you want to erase sensitive information or simply keep your search activity private. This article will lead you through the process of erasing your recent searches from Google app fast and efficiently.

Steps to Delete Your Google Search History

You can follow the below steps to clean up or delete your search history in your Google app.

Open the Google App

To begin, find the Google app on your mobile device’s home screen or app drawer. Google has apps for both Android and iOS devices.

To open the app, tap on it.

Access the Settings

Once the Google app is launched, search for your profile image or your initial (if you didn’t add your profile image) in the upper-right area of the screen.

Tap it to open the settings menu.

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Find and Select “Delete last 15 minutes”

Scroll down the options menu until you see the option labelled “Delete last 15 minutes.

Select this option to begin the deleting procedure.

Wait for the deletion to be finished

After clicking “Delete last 15 minutes,” your recent search history will be cleared. It’s crucial to know that the deletion procedure could take a few minutes according to the amount of histories you have.

Allow the app to complete the deletion of your search history.

Verify Deletion

A short check will confirm that your recent searches have been successfully erased.

From your Google app, touch on the search bar. If you don’t see any search suggestions or past search keywords, it confirms your recent search history has been cleared.

Auto-Delete in Google App

Google also provides a useful option that allows you to delete your Google search history at scheduled times. By setting auto-delete in the Google app, you can easily manage and regulate how long your search history is preserved.

This simple guide will walk you through the process of enabling auto-delete for your Google searches, allowing you to strike a compromise between privacy and convenience.

Open the Google App

Locate and launch the Google app on your mobile device (Android or iOS).

Configure Access

Look for your profile picture or initial in the upper-right corner of the Google app’s screen.

Tap it to open the settings menu.

Locate the “Auto-delete” option.

Scroll through the settings menu until you find the “Auto-delete” option. This function allows you to specify a time frame for automatically removing your search history.

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Choose Auto-Deletion Interval

To display the possible time intervals, select the “Auto-delete” option. Google offers three intervals:

  • every three months
  • every 18 months
  • every 36 months

Choose the interval that corresponds to your privacy settings.

Confirm Auto-Delete Settings

After you’ve selected the auto-deletion interval, the Google app will ask you to confirm your choice. Examine the information to confirm it corresponds to your intended settings.

Customize Auto-Delete Preferences (Optional)

You can further adjust your auto-delete choices by pressing the “Customize” button. This lets you select precise date ranges for deletion.

Turn on Auto-Delete

After you’ve validated your auto-delete settings, click the “Enable Auto-delete” option to turn the feature on. This ensures that your search history is automatically removed at the interval you specify.

Consider Turning Auto-Delete Off (Optional)

If you like to save your search history permanently, you can off auto-delete. This allows you to keep your search history without having it automatically deleted.

Extra Protection to your Search

You can add an extra degree of security to your search history by requiring extra verification before someone can review it.

You can improve the security of your search activity by doing the following steps:

  1. Open the Google app on your mobile device.
  2. To retrieve your search activity, select the “Search history” option.
  3. Look for the “Manage My Activity Verification” feature and press it.
  4. You can enable extra verification steps, such as requiring a password, fingerprint, or face recognition to access and review your search history, in the verification settings.
  5. Set up the preferred verification method by following the on-screen prompts. This may entail inputting your password, configuring biometric authentication, or enabling two-factor authentication for your Google account.
  6. Once the additional verification is enabled, anyone seeking to review your search history will be forced to give the proper authentication method, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your search activity.
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By enabling this extra verification, you add another safeguard to your search history, preventing illegal access and improving the privacy and security of your browsing experience.

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In conclusion, deleting the latest 15 minutes of your recent Google app searches is a simple and effective technique to protect your privacy. Clearing your search history is as simple as a few taps within the program. Allow a few minutes for the deletion to take effect before enjoying a more private browsing experience.

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