How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Instagram Threads is a new Instagram app that lets users share content like we do in Twitter. If you’ve joined Threads, you may have seen that a Threads badge has been added to your Instagram profile. This badge can be useful for informing your followers that you’re using Threads.

In this article, you will learn how to remove Threads from Instagram bio. In addition to that you will also know why you need hide your Threads badge in Instagram.

Remove Threads badge from Instagram bio

Threads requires an Instagram account to sign up because the two platforms are linked to each other. So, once you have created a Threads account a badge will be added to your Instagram account.

But many users find the Threads badge in their Instagram account annoying and wish to hide it. If you want to know how to hide the Threads badge on Instagram, then follow the instructions given below:

Precaution: Only proceed if you don’t want to show the badge again, because this can’t be undone. If you have mistakenly removed the badge, there is no way you can enable it back.

First open your “Instagram app

After that, tap on the “Profile icon” to access your Instagram profile.

Tap on the “Threads badge” in your bio.

Select the “Hide badge” option.

Now your Threads from Instagram bio should be gone forever.

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Show Threads Badge in Instagram

Once you’ve removed the Threads from Instagram bio, as mentioned before this action cannot be undone. So, if you’ve already removed the Threads from Instagram bio, there’s no way to add it back.

If you still want to include it, put a link to your Threads profile in your bio. The link will appear as a blue URL in your bio. This is an alternate step which users can do to let followers know that you are in Threads. Follow the steps below to learn how to include a Threads link in your bio:

To begin, open the “Instagram app

Go to your “Profile” and select “Edit profile

Scroll down to the “Add link” option.

Tap the “Add external link” option.

Paste your “Threads profile” link and insert the “Title“. Press on the “Checkmark.”

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Use of Threads Badge in Instagram Bio

Threads, a new app by Meta which is linked to Instagram, requires you to have a Instagram account, and having a badge identifying your active Threads status. This will appear in your Instagram bio.

This badge lets your followers know that you’re on Threads and encourages them to follow you on Threads. Instagram also uses this option to promote Threads to its users.

Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, you can hide your Threads badge easily. If you choose to hide the badge, keep in mind that you cannot unhide it. You can also follow us on Threads to get our latest updates about threads.

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I hope you found this article useful. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for your time.