How to Save Money Online Shopping with Browser Extensions

Online shopping is convenient, fast, and often cheaper than going to a physical store. However, you can still save even more money if you know how to use browser extensions to your advantage. Browser extensions are small programs that add extra features and functions to your web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

They can help you find the best deals, coupons, cash-back offers, price drops, and product reviews for any item you want to buy online. In this article, we will explain what browser extensions are, how they can help you save money online, and what are the best browser extensions for online shopping.

What are Browser Extensions?

Browser extensions are also known as add-ons or plug-ins. They are software components that enhance the capabilities of your web browser. They can modify the appearance and behavior of web pages, add new tools and features, and integrate with other services and applications. For example, some browser extensions can block ads, translate text, take screenshots, manage passwords, and more.

You can download and install browser extensions from various sources, such as the official web store of your browser (e.g., Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons), the website of the extension developer, or third-party platforms. Most browser extensions are free, but some may require a subscription or a one-time payment to unlock premium features.

How Browser Extensions Can Help You Save Money Online

There are many types of browser extensions that can help you save money online. Some of the most common ones are:

Coupon Extensions

Coupon extensions automatically search for and apply coupon codes at checkout when you shop online. They can help you get discounts, free shipping, free gifts, or other perks from thousands of online retailers. Some coupon extensions also notify you of special offers and deals that you may not be aware of otherwise.

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Cash-Back Extensions

Cash-back extensions reward you with a percentage of your purchase amount back when you shop online through their partner stores. They can help you earn money while you spend money. Some cash-back extensions also offer bonuses for signing up, referring friends, or completing certain tasks.

Price Comparison Extensions

Price comparison extensions compare the prices of the same or similar products across different online stores. They can help you find the lowest price for the item you want to buy online. Some price comparison extensions also show you price history charts, product ratings, shipping costs, and other useful information.

Price Tracking Extensions

Price tracking extensions monitor the prices of products that you are interested in buying online. They can help you find the best time to buy by alerting you when the price drops or reaches your desired level. Some price tracking extensions also let you create wish lists, set price alerts, and view price trends.

Product Review Extensions

Product review extensions analyze the reviews of products that you are considering buying online. They can help you find the most reliable and trustworthy products by detecting fake reviews, showing review summaries, highlighting pros and cons, and providing alternative suggestions.

Shopping with Browser Extensions

There are many browser extensions that can help you save money online shopping, but some are better than others. Here are some of the best browser extensions for online shopping that we recommend:

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a browser add-on available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers that simplifies the process of finding great deals. This extension works by gathering up-to-date information from other users to help you discover the most cost-effective options.

Here’s how it works: When you’re looking at a specific product on a website, Capital One Shopping automatically searches the internet to see if other online stores offer the same item at a lower price. It then compiles these findings and presents them on a single page, making it easy for users to quickly compare prices and find the best deal. Additionally, it suggests alternative products that might provide an even better value.


Honey is a widely recognized and highly rated shopping browser extension. With the Honey extension, it automatically locates and applies the best promo codes when you’re checking out while shopping online. This means you can concentrate on finding the right products without the hassle of hunting for discount codes across the vast expanse of the internet.

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What makes Honey particularly appealing is the extensive network of retailers it collaborates with. It can source promo codes from approximately 30,000 different shopping platforms, spanning from grocery stores to travel websites. Moreover, Honey offers a loyalty program known as Honey Gold. This program rewards users with points when they shop at supported retailers, and these points can be redeemed for gift cards.


Rakuten is another browser extension that scours the internet to find better deals and automatically uses coupon codes for you. However, what sets Rakuten apart from other extensions is its strong cashback system. In a nutshell, Rakuten rewards you when you shop. Here’s how it works: You sign up for a Rakuten account and install the browser extension. When you make a purchase, Rakuten adds cashback to your account once your order is confirmed.

Rakuten can do this because it partners with more than 2,500 major retailers like Kohl’s and Nike. These retailers pay Rakuten a fee for directing shoppers their way, and in turn, Rakuten shares a portion of that fee with its users as cashback. You can receive your cashback through PayPal or a check. Additionally, Rakuten notifies you when cashback is available, making it easy for you to compare and maximize your cashback rewards.


If you’re a fan of shopping on, you should definitely consider getting this extension. Keepa is an extension exclusively for Amazon, and it adds a new section below the product details. This section allows you to view the price history of any product you’re interested in. You’ll see a graph that provides a complete history of the product’s price from the day it was first listed, including the Amazon price, the new market price, and the used market price.

Moreover, if you’re looking to wait for the price to drop, you can set your desired price, and Keepa will alert you when the product hits that price. It can notify you through email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Keepa also informs you about fantastic daily deals in your favorite product category or offers related deals on its website for your consideration. This extension is available for all the popular web browsers like Chromium, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

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Consumers often get tricked when it comes to product reviews. Sellers may hire people to write overly positive reviews to attract potential buyers. Fakespot, as the name suggests, detects these fake reviews on websites like Amazon and other online retailers. Additionally, Fakespot does real-time assessments of third-party sellers. This helps you figure out if these sellers have a history of being dishonest, so you can think twice before making a purchase from them. In a nutshell, Fakespot offers consumers peace of mind and delivers essential quality assurance in the world of online shopping.

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How to Use Browser Extensions Safely and Effectively

Browser extensions can be very helpful for saving money online shopping, but they also come with some risks and limitations. Here are some tips on how to use browser extensions safely and effectively:

  • Download from trusted sources. Get browser extensions from official stores or developer websites to avoid malware.
  • Check permissions and policies. Understand data usage, avoid extensions with excessive permissions.
  • Keep extensions updated. Regular updates prevent bugs, security issues, and compatibility problems.
  • Disable unused or problematic extensions. Too many can slow your browser or cause conflicts.
  • Compare similar extensions. Choose the ones that match your needs; you don’t need every money-saving extension.

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Browser extensions are great tools that can help you save money online shopping by finding the best deals, coupons, cash-back offers, price drops, and product reviews for any item you want to buy online. However, you should also be careful about the sources, permissions, privacy policies, updates, and compatibility of the browser extensions you use. By following the tips in this article, you can use browser extensions safely and effectively to save money online shopping. I hope this article help you to find the best extension for your online shopping. Thank you for reading.