How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now

Leonardo AI is an outstanding artificial intelligence-powered art creation application that enables anyone to produce breath-taking photos, paintings, and illustrations. It is currently in beta and is free for a limited number of users.

This guide will show you how to create a free account and begin using Leonardo AI. We’ll also go over some of the tool’s fundamentals, such as how to make images, add text, and change the style of your artwork.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to use Leonardo AI to produce your own stunning and original artwork. Read this article to know more about how to login Leonardo AI.

How to use Leonardo AI Free

To get leonardo Ai for free, go to the website in your web browser and follow all the step-by-step instruction.

Step 1: Visit and enter your email address. Then, click on the purple “Count me in” button.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 1

Step 2: This will indicate your interest in the platform and prompt a confirmation page to appear. The confirmation page will inform you that a welcome email will be sent and invite you to join the Leonardo.Ai Discord community.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 2

To join the community, simply click on the purple “Join Discord” button.

After clicking the “Join Discord” button, a new window will pop up there click accept invitation button and now you can join the Leonardo.Ai Discord server.

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This step is optional, but it may expedite the process. In the Discord server, you can fill out a form provided in the #priority-early-access channel. Completing this form will help prioritize your access to the platform.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation After completing the above steps, you will receive an email titled “Thanks for your interest in Leonardo.Ai

This email acknowledges your interest but does not grant immediate access. You will need to wait for another email with the subject line “You’re In,” which typically takes a few days to arrive. This email will confirm your whitelisting status and provide instructions for further steps.

Step 4: Sign up with Leonardo.Ai Once you receive the “You’re In” email, proceed to Click on the “Login to Leonardo.Ai” button.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 3

On the login page, there will be various options to sign up or sign in. Make sure to use the email address that was whitelisted during the registration process.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 4

Step 5: Choose a username and start using Leonardo.Ai After signing up or signing in, you will have the opportunity to choose a username.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 5

Select a username that suits you and proceed to explore and utilize the features and capabilities offered by Leonardo.Ai.

Image Generation Based on Models

When you initially open the app or website, you will find that there are several platform models that can be used to generate images:

Deliberate 1.1, Luma, Leonardo creative, and so on…

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 6

You can view samples generated by a model and get a description of it by clicking on it:

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 7

Then, click the “Generate With This Model” button…

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And this brings up a really nice UI… where you can add your prompt, adjust the models, number of images, sizes, and guidance scale.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 8

Advanced Image Editing

After you’ve generated images, Leonardo also provides the option to alter them; simply hover over the image to access the Canvas:

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 9

This then launches the editor, which includes masking, erasing, and the ability to save the image.

Leonardo Ai Free
How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 10

Train Your Own Models

The option to train your own models is one of the nicest things of Leonardo that I haven’t seen anyplace else.

So the concept is that you can upload a bunch of similar-style photographs and then save that as a model for future image creations. You can even distribute your model to the community.

How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 11

You also have access to a community-shared set of fine-tuned models in addition to your own model for image generation:

How to Use Leonardo AI Free Right Now 12

Benefits of Using Leonardo AI

There are many benefits to using Leonardo AI, including:

Stunning results: Leonardo AI can generate stunning images that are different from real photographs.

Ease of use: Leonardo AI is easy to use, even for beginners.

Affordability: Leonardo AI is free to use for basic features.

Community: Leonardo AI has a vibrant community of users who share tips and tricks.

If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use AI image generator, Leonardo AI is a great option. With Leonardo AI, you can create stunning images that will amaze your friends and colleagues.


Leonardo AI is a powerful tool for creating beautiful photos, 3D models, and other creative stuff. We’ve taught you how to get started with Leonardo AI in this tutorial. We’ve gone over the fundamentals of constructing a dataset, training a model, and creating content. We’ve also demonstrated how to use some of Leonardo AI’s more advanced features, such as fine-tuning and transfer learning.

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We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to use Leonardo AI. You will be able to develop outstanding material that will wow your friends and colleagues with a little practice.