How to Use Midjourney FaceSwap to Create Images with Your Face

Have you ever wondered how you can create realistic and stunning face swaps using artificial intelligence? If so, you might be interested in Midjourney FaceSwap, a free and open-source tool that lets you swap faces on any image generated by Midjourney, a powerful AI platform that can create amazing artworks from text prompts.

In this article, we will show you how to use Midjourney FaceSwap to create your own face-swapped images in a few simple steps. Whether you want to have some fun with your friends, create unique characters for your stories, or experiment with different facial expressions and features, Midjourney FaceSwap can help you achieve your creative goals.

What is Midjourney FaceSwap and why use it?

Midjourney FaceSwap is a tool that allows you to swap faces on any image generated by Midjourney, a powerful AI platform that can create amazing artworks from text prompts. You can use Midjourney to generate images of anything you can imagine, such as landscapes, animals, people, objects, scenes, and more.

Midjourney FaceSwap uses another AI tool called InSwapper, which is a Discord bot that can swap faces on any image using a state-of-the-art face alignment algorithm. InSwapper can detect and align faces from different angles, poses, expressions, lighting conditions, and backgrounds, and produce high-quality face-swapped images.

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By combining Midjourney and InSwapper, you can create realistic and stunning face swaps on any image generated by Midjourney. You can use your own face or any other face you want to swap with. You can also mix and match different faces to create new and interesting combinations.

Discover more on our blog, where we share tips and tutorials about “How to Generate Amazing Images with Midjourney AI on Discord” Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, our blog provides insights to help you get the most out of this image generation tool.

How to Perform Face-Swapping using Midjourney and Discord:

Set Up Accounts

  • Start by creating accounts on both Midjourney and Discord. A subscription plan on Midjourney is required to access advanced features.
  • Join the Midjourney Discord server. Midjourney uses Discord to foster an AI community and showcase user creations in real-time.
  • Once your accounts are ready, you can create a private server on Discord.

Invite Bots to Your Server

  • Within your private server, add the Midjourney and InsightFace bots to enable face-swapping capabilities.
  • To add the Midjourney bot, click the plus sign in the bottom left corner of your Discord sidebar, select “Create My Own,” then follow the steps to invite the Midjourney bot to your server. To do that,
    • Navigate to the “Direct Messages” section on your Discord sidebar and locate the “Midjourney bot.”
    • Perform a right-click to access the bot’s profile.
    • Choose the option “Add to Server.”
    • From the list, select your desired server.
    • Proceed by clicking both “Continue” and “Authorize” to finalize the addition of the bot to your server.
  • Invite the InsightFace Bot to your server as well to facilitate the face-swapping process.
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Register a Face

  • Upload an image of the face you want to swap and register it using the command “/saveid.” This command assigns an ID name to the registered face, which will be used for face swapping.
  • It’s recommended to use front-view, high-quality images without glasses for the best results. Face-swapping works better when swapping faces with similar facial proportions.

Create or Upload an Image

  • Use the “/imagine” command to create or upload an image in Midjourney. You can choose from various options and upscale the image using the provided “U buttons.”

Use the “INSwapper” Plugin

  • To perform the face-swap, right-click on the image you’ve created/uploaded, then select “Apps — INSwapper” from the menu.
  • The face-swap process should complete quickly, and you’ll see the swapped result almost instantly.
  • Note that the identity you registered earlier will be set as the default one. You can use the “/setid” command to change the default identity name for image generation through the context menu.

Face Swap Using “/swapid” Command

  • The InsightFace plugin also allows you to swap faces using the “/swapid” command.
  • Input the ID name you assigned earlier when prompted and upload an image to swap.
  • After hitting “enter,” the face-swap will be processed, and you’ll see the result.

Tips and tricks for getting the best results with Midjourney FaceSwap

  • Precise Prompts: Use detailed prompts like “/midjourney” with specific features for accurate image generation.
  • Quality Images: Opt for well-lit, clear images for InSwapper face swaps. Avoid blurry or dark pictures.
  • Matching Faces: Ensure similar poses, angles, expressions for natural swaps with Midjourney-generated images.
  • Experiment Freely: Swap faces with various people on different Midjourney images. Use multiple /saveid and /swapid commands.
  • Unleash Creativity: Midjourney FaceSwap lets you create amusing, artistic, or unique swaps to share and explore identity.
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Frequently Asked Questions


In this article, you learned how to use Midjourney FaceSwap, a web-based tool that lets you swap your face with any image on the internet. You also learned how to adjust the settings, preview the results, and download the final image. Midjourney FaceSwap is a fun and easy way to create images with your face.

You can also use it to prank your friends, make memes, or express yourself creatively. Midjourney FaceSwap is free to use and does not require any registration or installation. To start using it, just visit their website and follow the steps in this article.