Instagram AI Chatbot: What You Need to Know

Instagram AI is working on a feature similar to Snapchat’s My AI that will allow users to communicate with an AI assistant within the app.

After ChatGPT‘s stunning launch in November, a wave of digital companies has been working rapidly to develop their own AI-powered chatbots, driven by the need to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving environment. Companies are racing to incorporate artificial intelligence in order to keep up with this game-changing technology.

Meta has quickly adopted advances in generative AI technology and effortlessly integrated them into a variety of functionality across its platforms, including marketing. Currently, the company is experimenting with an innovative Instagram function.

Meta earlier announced that it intended to experiment with AI on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Zuckerberg stated in February that the company’s long-term objective is to create “AI personas that can help people in many different of ways.” On Instagram, he said the firm was focusing on artificial intelligence to optimize filters and ads.

Instagram Ai
Instagram AI Chatbot: What You Need to Know 1

Instagram AI

On Tuesday, Alessandro Paluzzi, a notable leaker and mobile developer, revealed that Instagram is working on its own chatbot. This chatbot is supposed to be able to answer questions, offer advise, and aid with message formulation.

According to Paluzzi, users would be able to choose between 30 different personas for the AI agents. As per to his post, it could provide creative ideas to “Find the Best way to Express Yourself.”

Instagram is working on bringing AI Agents (Bots 🤖) to your chats for a more fun and engaging experience 👀

AI Agents will be able to answer questions and give advice.You’ll be able to choose from 30 different personalities.

Users will be able to ask the Instagram AI chatbot to join a conversation by @-ing its name in the chat when having conversations with others. — Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) June 5, 2023

Instagram Ai
Instagram AI Chatbot: What You Need to Know 2

Snapchat introduced a new feature dubbed “My AI” in February that seamlessly integrates ChatGPT into its app. This innovative feature allows users to interact with an AI-powered assistant, asking questions and even including it into conversations with their human friends. However, some users have criticized Snapchat’s AI function, calling the chats “creepy,” while others have highlighted privacy worries about how the AI technology handles information that it gets.

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Instagram expects to proceed with caution before potentially launching a beta version of its own AI chatbot. The platform will surely do extensive research into these concerns, taking into account user privacy and the ethical implications of AI technology.

How to Use Instagram’s AI Chatbot

Instagram is experimenting with an AI chatbot that users may access via direct messages. The chatbot, which is currently in development, can be reached by typing “@” in a direct message. When you do this, an AI option will display above the message.

The chatbot is similar to Snapchat’s My AI, except it shows on people’s chat pages as a distinct chat. Instagram has decided to make its chatbot accessible via a prompt.

It’s important to remember that Paluzzi is an app researcher, and this functionality isn’t yet live. Instagram has not yet indicated when the chatbot will be available to the general public.

Instagram AI Chatbot: What You Need to Know 3

In the following months, the company will require additional time to expand the chatbot’s features. However, the chatbot’s potential is clear. It has the potential to be a useful tool for both businesses and people.

The chatbot might be used by businesses to answer client questions, market their products and services, and collect feedback. The chatbot may help users with Instagram features, discover new content, and interact with other users.

The launch of the Instagram AI chatbot is a huge step forward. It demonstrates Instagram’s commitment to integrating AI to improve its platform and provide a better user experience.

The chatbot has the potential to be a useful tool for both businesses and users. It will be interesting to see how Instagram develops and uses the chatbot in the following months.

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