Complete List of Minecraft Advancements in 2023

Minecraft, a globally adored sandbox game, captivates millions as they explore, build, and thrive in its boundless, procedurally crafted realms. Yet, the game’s intricacies can bewilder. To address this, developers devised the advancement system, a tool for gently shepherding players through the game with progressive challenges.

This article offers a comprehensive guide on Minecraft advancements. Topics include definition, tracking methods, granting and revoking, advancement types, and valuable tips. By the end, you’ll have a 2023 advancement list and mastery over Minecraft challenges.

What are Advancements in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s Java Edition introduced advancements, akin to Bedrock’s achievements but with deeper customization. They gently lead newcomers through the game, offering challenges like crafting, exploration, combat, or milestones. Achievable in any mode, Minecraft advancements are world-specific and can be manipulated via commands or data packs.

Minecraft advancements are categorized into five themes: Minecraft, Adventure, Nether, The End, and Husbandry. Some remain hidden until specific criteria or other advancements are met. Completing them earns experience, toast notifications, chat messages, and may unlock recipes or items.

How to View and Track Advancements

To access advancements, press ‘L’ for the UI or use ‘/advancement’ with ‘query’ to track progress. The UI displays a tree structure of all categories with icons for each. Click for details on name, description, criteria, rewards, and related advancements.

To track your progress on a specific advancement, you can hover over its icon and press T to pin it on your screen. This will show you a small window with the advancement name and a progress bar. You can pin up to five advancements at a time. To unpin an advancement, you can press T again while hovering over its icon.

How to Grant and Revoke Advancements

Customize or alter advancements using data packs, comprised of files that impact game behavior or appearance. Define properties and criteria with JSON files. Employ functions and tags for command execution or grouping. Put data packs in the world save’s data Packs folder and manage them with ‘data pack’ commands (enable, disable, list, or reload).

Types of Advancements

Minecraft advancements, Adventure, Nether, The End, and Husbandry, each with distinct themes and challenges. Certain Minecraft advancements remain concealed until specific criteria or other advancements are achieved. Here, we’ll detail all and provide guidance on obtaining them.

Minecraft Advancements

The Minecraft advancements are the most basic of them all. They are designed to walk you through all the relevant features and help you progress in the game. Most of these are obtainable just by casually playing and there are no secret ones. Here are all the Minecraft advancements and how to get them:

  • Minecraft Advancements: This advancement requires you to have a crafting table in your inventory. Follow our linked guide on how to craft this block if you need help.
  • Stone Age: You’ll need to have one of any of the following blocks in your inventory: cobblestone, black stone or cobbled deep slate.
  • Getting an Upgrade: Successfully make a stone pickaxe and have it in your inventory.
  • Acquire Hardware: Obtain an iron ingot in any way.
  • Suit Up: Have any piece of iron armor in your inventory to get this advancement.
  • AchievementHot Stuff “: Have a lava bucket in your inventory.
  • Isn’t It Iron Pick: Have an iron pickaxe in your inventory.
  • Not Today, Thank You: To get this advancement, you’ll need to block any projectile with a shield. Also, feel free to follow our guide on how to make a shield.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge: Obtain a block of obsidian in any way.
  • Diamonds: You’re going to need to find or mine a single diamond and have it in your inventory for this advancement.
  • We Need to Go Deeper: Build and light a nether portal. Then enter it.
  • Cover Me with Diamonds: Have any piece of diamond armor in your inventory.
  • Enchanter: Craft an enchanting table and have it in your inventory.
  • Zombie Doctor: Cure a zombie villager by throwing a splash potion of weakness at it and then feeding it a golden apple.
  • Eye Spy: Follow an eye of ender as it leads you towards a stronghold. Then enter it.
  • The End? Enter the end portal inside the stronghold and go to the End dimension.
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Adventure Advancements

The Adventure advancements are more focused on exploration, combat, and interaction with the world. They will challenge you to discover new places, fight new enemies, trade with villagers, tame animals, and more. Some of these Minecraft advancements are hidden until you unlock their parent advancement or meet certain criteria.

  • Adventure: In the Adventure category, unlock by defeating or falling to dynamic entities like mobs, boats, minecarts, arrows, and more.
  • Voluntary Exile: Kill a raid captain (a pillager or vindicator with a banner on its head). This will give you the Bad Omen effect, which will trigger a raid if you enter a village.
  • Monster Hunter: Kill any hostile mob (such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc.).
  • What a Deal: Purchase an item from a villager or wandering trader using emeralds and keep it in your inventory.
  • Sticky Situation: Unlock this advancement by colliding with a vertical honey block mid-air. Its unique property reduces fall speed, preventing damage. It’s a bit tricky but achievable.
  • Sweet Dreams: Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point.
  • Hero of the Village: Successfully defend a village from a raid by killing all the raiders. This will give you the Hero of the Village effect, which will lower the prices of trades with villagers.
  • Monsters Hunted: Kill one of every hostile monster (there are 34 in total). You can see which ones you have killed by hovering over the advancement icon.
  • Postmortal: Use a totem of undying to cheat death. You can get a totem of undying by killing an evoker or finding one in a woodland mansion chest.
  • Hired Help: Summon an iron golem to help defend a village. You can do this by placing four iron blocks in a T shape and then placing a carved pumpkin on top of the center block.
  • Two Birds, One Arrow: Eliminate two phantoms using a piercing arrow, obtained by enchanting your crossbow with Piercing. Phantoms spawn after 3 sleepless nights.
  • Who’s the Pillager Now? Give a pillager a taste of their own medicine by killing one with a crossbow. You can find pillagers near outposts or during raids.
  • Arbalistic: Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot. You can do this by using piercing arrows and lining up different mobs in front of you.
  • Adventuring Time: Discover every biome in the game (there are 42 in total). You can see which ones you have discovered by hovering over the advancement icon.
  • Very Very Frightening: Strike a villager with lightning. You can do this by using a trident with the Channeling enchantment during a thunderstorm, or by using a command to summon lightning.
  • Sniper Duel: Kill a skeleton from at least 50 meters away. You can use a bow, a crossbow, a trident to do this. You can also use the F3 screen to see your coordinates and distance from the skeleton.
  • Bullseye: Hit the bullseye of a target block from at least 30 meters away. You can use any projectile to do this, such as arrows, snowballs, eggs, etc.
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Nether Advancements

Nether advancements focus on survival and exploration in the perilous Nether dimension, filled with fire, lava, and hostile mobs. Tasks include discovering bastion remnants, trading with piglings, riding striders, potion brewing, and more. Hidden ones unlock via parent advancements or specific criteria.

  • Nether Entry: Use a Nether portal to enter the Nether dimension.
  • Return to Sender: Defeat a ghast with its own fireball.
  • Those Were the Days: Explore a bastion remnant in the Nether, found in various biomes.
  • Hidden in the Depths: Collect rare ancient debris below y=22 in the Nether using a diamond or netherite pickaxe.
  • Subspace Bubble: Travel 7 km in the Overworld via the Nether, equivalent to 875 blocks in the Nether.
  • A Terrible Fortress: Enter a Nether fortress, large structures with valuable loot and dangerous mobs.
  • Oh Shiny: Distract piglings in crimson forests and bastion remnants with gold items.
  • This Boat Has Legs: Ride a strider in lava using a warped fungus on a stick.
  • Hot Tourist Destinations: Explore all five Nether biomes: crimson forest, warped forest, soul sand valley, basalt deltas, and nether wastes.
  • Cover Me in Debris: Craft full netherite armor using ancient debris and gold ingots.
  • Country Lode, Take Me Home: Use a compass on a lodestone to set a specific Nether location.
  • Who is Cutting Onions: Obtain crying obsidian from piglings bartering, bastion remnant chests, or ruined portals.
  • Not Quite “Nine” Lives: Charge a respawn anchor with growstone up to four levels in the Nether.
  • Spooky Scary Skeleton: Collect a wither skeleton skull, a rare drop from wither skeletons in Nether fortresses.
  • Into Fire: Acquire a blaze rod from blazes near blaze spawners in Nether fortresses.
  • Uneasy Alliance: Capture a ghast in the Nether, bring it to the Overworld through a portal, then eliminate it.

The End Advancements

End advancements focus on mastering the enigmatic End dimension with its floating islands, endermen, and the ender dragon. Challenges include defeating the dragon, exploring end cities, obtaining elytra, and respawning the ender dragon. Some advancements remain concealed until specific criteria or parent advancements are achieved.

  • The End? Enter an end portal and go to the End dimension.
  • Free the End: Defeat the Ender Dragon on the central End Island by destroying obsidian pillar crystals before engaging the boss. Beware their explosive reactions!
  • The Next Generation: Secure the dragon egg as a rare drop from the defeated Ender Dragon in the End. Find it above the exit portal, use a piston, and collect with any tool.
  • Remote Getaway: Exit the central End Island through end gateway portals, activated by ender pearls or elytra flight, leading to outer islands with end cities and chorus plants.
  • The End… Again…: Revive the Ender Dragon with four end crystals made from eyes of ender, ghast tears, and glass blocks. They reactivate the portal, summoning the dragon for a rematch.
  • You Need a Mint: Gather dragon’s breath with an empty glass bottle from the purple cloud left by the Ender Dragon’s fireball attack. Use it for brewing lingering potions with area effects.
  • The city at the End of the Game: Obtain elytra, winged gear in End cities, usually on ships. Break item frames to claim them. Wear in your chestplate slot for gliding and firework propulsion.
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Husbandry Advancements

Husbandry advancements focus on farming, breeding, taming, and interacting with animals and plants in Minecraft. Challenges include crop growth, animal breeding, pet taming, fishing, befriending bees, and more. Some are hidden until you meet specific criteria. Do you want to know more? You can view it online, Minecraft Server Hosting.

  • Breed Animals: Pair two animals to produce offspring.
  • The Parrots and the Bats: Breed parrots with seeds.
  • Best Friends Forever: Tame animals (like wolves, cats, or horses) with respective items.
  • Adventure Fishy Business: Catch fish using a fishing rod.
  • A Complete Catalogue: Tame all 11 cat variants with raw cod or salmon.
  • Tactical Fishing: Capture a fish without a fishing rod (use a bucket or any weapon).
  • Two by Two: Breed all 19 breedable animals using specific items or methods.
  • A Seedy Place: Plant and grow crops (wheat, carrots, etc.) on farmland near water.
  • Serious Dedication: Use up a diamond hoe’s durability completely.
  • Bee Our Guest: Collect honey from a bee nest with a campfire without angering bees.
  • Total Beelocation: Move a bee nest with three bees using Silk Touch.
  • Adventure Lion Tamer: Tame ocelots with fish in jungles.
  • Archer: Eliminate five unique mobs with one arrow shot from 30+ meters using Multishot or commands.
  • Adventure Balanced Diet: Consume all 40 edible foods.
  • A Furious Cocktail: Simultaneously have all 13 potion effects applied for at least one second.

Tips and Tricks for Completing Advancements:

To make the most of Minecraft advancements, consider these strategies. First, utilize creative mode or commands to experiment with advancements and scenarios, saving time and resources while avoiding frustration. Second, refer to online guides or wikis for comprehensive information on specific advancements and features.

Minecraft offers various tools for enhanced gameplay. The F3 key displays coordinates, biomes, and more, aiding navigation and resource gathering. The in-game UI tracks inventory, health, and hunger. The /advancement command monitors progress. Customization is possible with data packs, altering game behavior and adding features.

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Minecraft Advancements offer a dynamic and engaging way to explore, survive, and master the world of Minecraft. With diverse challenges and hidden secrets, Minecraft Advancements continue to captivate players in 2023, providing endless opportunities for adventure and achievement.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about advancements in Minecraft, including what they are, how to view and track them, how to grant and revoke them, what types of Minecraft advancements there are, and some tips and tricks for completing them. For questions or feedback, comment below. Happy gaming!