Midjourney vs Adobe Firefly: A Comparison of Two AI Image Generation Tools

Midjourney and Adobe Firefly are two AI-powered image generation tools that let users generate graphics based on text prompts. Both tools offer advantages and disadvantages, and the ideal option for you will be determined by your own needs and preferences.

Unique Features Adobe Firefly and Midjourney

Adobe Firefly is unique in that, unlike Midjourney, Dall-E, or 2 Stable Diffusion, it is expected to be connected with the Creative Cloud Suite.

  • AI image creator Ethics
  • Text-to-image Generation
  • AI image creation on Typeforms
  • Precision Editing
  • AI Image Upscaling
  • AI image creator Ethics

Adobe asserts that its training pictures are derived from its Stock Library rather than from original photos created by artists throughout the world. Although Firefly does not seek permission from artists to use their art pictures, they do include a “Do Not Train” option for artists to opt out of utilizing their graphics in training specimen data. Furthermore, Adobe has agreed to compensate artists who give their work to Firefly.

Recently, a worldwide protest of artists took place against generative AI firms such as Midjourney, Deviant Art, and Stability.ai, with images of a cross over the word “AI” spreading throughout the web. Later, a lawsuit was launched against the corporations, alleging that their art pieces were utilized as training pictures on these generative models without the authorization of the artists. A large set of training image data from artists’ works was used with no compensation given to the artists. Unlike other AI generative businesses, Adobe promises to apply AI ethics by providing compensation and picture opt-out alternatives.

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Although it is an important step toward AI ethics, the promised compensation is uncertain, and we are cautious about how successfully it will function to prevent future exploitation of original artists’ works.

Text to Image Generation

Firefly, like Midjourney v5, can generate images from text prompts and uses Photoshop or Illustrator. Midjourney, although being an expert in AI art creation, lacks a quick transmission of photos to an editor for graphical designs. Instead, Firefly might provide an image view in Photoshop for post-generation editing.

AI image creation on Type forms

Despite the fact that MIdjourney v5 has improved its text-to-image generating capabilities, it frequently creates an image with a different script. Firefly is designed to generate images on top of words, which you may adjust by changing your text or adding or deleting text from the original text.

Precision Editing

Another important feature of Firefly is its ability to provide exact picture modification choices using AI, such as in-painting and smart portraits. These features would provide new capabilities to Adobe products, allowing even beginners to make stunning art with the assistance of AI.

  1. In-painting and Smart Portraits: Masking and modifying different picture parts and miniature portraits are possible with in-painting. Customized face characteristics such as eyes, smiles wrinkles, and jaw are available in specimens.
  2. Image Depth: Designers may use in-depth image modification to change the visual contents of items in an area, resulting in realistic and captivating portraits.
  3. Templates and Conversational Editing: Designers may communicate with one another while experimenting with new image design concepts on Firefly. Firefly provides chat interactivity to promote the incorporation of many ideas into image design.
  4. Generated Brushes, Vectors, and Textures: Firefly generates brushes, vectors, and textures from text or sketches. This function assists new creators in developing the abilities required for image design.
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AI Image Upscaling

Firefly would offer AI image upscaling in the program, allowing producers to work on higher-resolution images. This permits the development of detailed and bright designs of professional quality. However, Midjourney v5 charges for picture upscaling and has a considerable wait time for image uploading. Although v5 has high-quality picture characteristics, it does not include image upscaling.

Midjourney vs Adobe Firefly

Midjourney Vs Adobe Firefly
Midjourney vs Adobe Firefly: A Comparison of Two AI Image Generation Tools 1

Adobe, an authority in image generation tools such as Photoshop, has recently joined the generative AI sector with some impressive capabilities. The above-mentioned Adobe Firefly capabilities are unquestionably superior to Midjourney v5. However, whether Firefly will help meet its promises and provide superior image-designing solutions is a puzzle that people must solve.

If the Firefly features provide the predicted results, it will be a professional competitor to the current leading generative AI businesses such as Midjourney, Dall-E 2, and Stable Diffusion. Midjourney v5 offers fantastic creative capabilities that any engineer or artist would enjoy exploring, but Firefly has the potential to become the standard generative AI with all of the essential characteristics. Its seamless integration with the Creative Cloud Suite may make it a more popular choice for daily use.

Furthermore, if Firefly’s image quality is acceptable, its unique user-friendly features will elevate it to the top of the business, outperforming the Midjourney v5. However, experts and early adopters argue that Firefly is not as beneficial as Midjourney v5.

Training Data

Midjourney is trained on a picture and text dataset chosen by a group of artists and designers. This suggests that Midjourney’s photographs are more likely to be aesthetically appealing and imaginative. Firefly, on the other hand, is trained using a publicly available picture dataset. This indicates that Firefly’s photographs are more likely to be realistic, but they may not be as imaginative or innovative.

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Midjourney is currently in closed beta and accessible exclusively by invitation. The price of the public release has yet to be determined. Firefly is now in open beta and is available for free. Users must, however, first be admitted into the beta program.


Midjourney has a broader set of features than Firefly. Midjourney, for example, enables users to generate photos from word prompts, alter photographs, and share images with others. Firefly users can only make pictures from text instructions.


Both Midjourney and Adobe Firefly can generate high-quality images. Midjourney, on the other hand, is often regarded as being speedier and more dependable than Firefly.

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Midjourney and Adobe firefly – FAQs

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