Mozilla Releases Firefox 115 with New Features and Security Updates

Experience the power of Mozilla’s latest release, Firefox 115, as it takes your web browsing to new heights. Packed with exciting features and Other modifications and fixes, Firefox 115 ensures a faster, safer, and more enjoyable online experience.

In this article, we explain Mozilla’s release of Firefox 115 with New Features and Security updates.

Firefox 115.0 Release

Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7 and Windows 8, marking a key turning point. As a result, the newest version of Firefox will be the last one available to users of these operating systems. Mozilla, on the other hand, has taken proactive efforts to ensure these users’ ongoing security by automatically upgrading them to Firefox ESR 115.

Firefox’s current major release will be the final version that is compatible with Apple macOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. However, there is no reason to be concerned. Thus, users on these macOS versions will be easily moved to Firefox ESR 115 as a solution.

Firefox 115 is now available on Linux

Mozilla Firefox update, version 115.0! This big release includes a slew of exciting new features and enhancements, making it a watershed moment for this open-source web browser. Notably, Firefox 115.0 ushers in the new Extended Support Release (ESR) series, which ensures long-term stability and support.

Firefox 115.0 has something special in store for Linux users. Because of Mozilla’s incorporation of the open-source VA-API video decode stack, Intel graphics video decoding is now enabled by default. For Linux users that have Intel graphics hardware, this offers faster hardware acceleration and smoother video playing.

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In addition, Firefox 115.0 adds support for Cisco’s OpenH264 plug-in to its video acceleration capabilities. This allows systems that lack H.264 video decoding to benefit from smooth video playback, which improves the browsing experience even more.

Linux users will also appreciate Firefox 115.0’s enhanced features. Middle-clicking on the new tab button now opens the contents of the xclipboard into a new tab, allowing quick access to URLs or seeding the contents to the default search provider. Furthermore, Firefox 115.0 allows you to undo and redo password field activities, making password management a snap.

However, the improvements do not stop there. Firefox 115.0 adds the option to move payment methods saved in Chrome to Firefox, making the switch between browsers easier. The user interface has been updated, which improves the experience of importing data from other browsers. Furthermore, several usability improvements round out this packed with features publication.

Firefox 115 in Web Development

In web development, they frequently rely on third-party libraries that may or may not be important to our debugging process. Fortunately, Mozilla has implemented a useful feature to remedy this. In the Developer Tools source tree, you may now Hide ignore-listed sources. Ignored sources, which are third-party libraries or code snippets that are not relevant to the debugging process, are now skipped by the JavaScript tracing feature.

Firefox’s New Quarantined Domains Feature

In Mozilla Firefox version 115, a new feature named “Quarantined Domains” is introduced, which may result in the error message “Some extensions are not allowed.” The Mozilla team built this functionality to improve security and ensure that only selected extensions, as monitored by Mozilla, can operate on certain websites.

The goal of this functionality is to protect users by limiting extension execution to trusted sources. Mozilla, on the other hand, is actively striving to improve this capability. Future versions of Firefox will include further options for managing these limits for each particular add-on. These next changes will provide consumers greater choice and flexibility when it comes to personalizing their browser experience while maintaining a high degree of security.

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Disable Quarantined Domains

The instructions below will assist you in disabling the Quarantined Domains function and re-enabling restricted extensions in the Firefox web browser:

  1. Launch Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar. It will display a warning message; click the “Accept the Risk and Continue” option to proceed. It will open the about:config page, which is Firefox’s hidden, secret advanced configuration page.
  2. Paste the following code into the search filter box: extensions.quarantinedDomains.enabled
  3. Because the preference may not be there by default, you must manually establish it.
  4. To create the preference, select the Boolean option and click the (+) button.
  5. Double-click or click the Toggle icon next to the extensions.quarantinedDomains.enabled setting.
  1. You must restart Firefox to implement the changes. If you have several tabs open and want to keep them, there are ways to restart Firefox without losing your tabs. You can accomplish this by following the directions in the following tutorial:

New Features in Firefox 115

  1. Changing from another browser? Good news! Firefox now makes it simple to import your saved payment methods from Chrome-based browsers, making the transfer easier than ever.
  2. The new Tab Manager option makes managing tabs a breeze. It now has close buttons, allowing you to quickly and easily close tabs.
  3. They redesigned the user interface to make it easier to import data from other browsers. Bring your browsing data into Firefox for a refreshed and optimized experience.
  4. Don’t be concerned if your platform does not support H264 video decoding. Firefox has your back! Users can smoothly fallback to this alternate option for smooth video playback thanks to the integration of Cisco’s OpenH264 plugin.
  5. Rejoice, Linux users with Intel GPUs! Firefox now supports hardware video decoding, allowing for faster video playback on your machine.
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Mozilla published the latest versions of their popular web browser, Firefox 115 and 115 ESR, on July 4, 2023. The majority of Firefox installations will be automatically upgraded to the new version, giving users access to the most recent features and advancements.

Users may easily check the current version of Firefox by doing the following steps:

  1. In Firefox, select the menu icon (typically situated in the upper-right corner).
  2. Choose “Help” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “About Firefox.”

When you choose “About Firefox,” Firefox will check for updates and present the current version information.

Firefox official download locations

  1. Firefox Stable download
  2. Firefox Beta download
  3. Nightly download
  4. Firefox ESR download
  5. Firefox for Android on Google Play

Other modifications and fixes

With the current release, Mozilla Firefox has made significant improvements:

  1. Improved Windows Magnifier Compatibility: When the Firefox title bar is displayed, the Windows Magnifier now tracks the text cursor correctly, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  2. Geolocation Approval without Network Instability: Windows users with low-end or USB Wi-Fi drivers and disabled OS geolocation can now accept geolocation requests individually. This functionality guards against any system-wide network instability.
  3. Increased Security: The update includes a number of security updates that improve the browser’s general security and stability.

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In conclusion, Mozilla has released Firefox 115, the most recent version of their famous web browser, which includes a slew of new features and critical security fixes. Users may now enjoy an improved browsing experience with increased functionality, performance, and security with this update.

Firefox 115 adds exciting new features like Intel graphics video decoding enabled by default on Linux systems, the ability to import payment methods from Chrome-based browsers, streamlined data importing from other browsers.