OpenDAN: The Open-source Personal AI OS That Consolidates AI Modules

OpenDAN is an open-source Personal AI OS that consolidates various AI modules in one place for personal use. It is still in its early stages of development, but the goal is to create a platform that allows users to securely collaborate with various AI modules using their private data to create powerful personal AI agents. These agents could be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing assistance with tasks, offering advice, or simply providing companionship.

What is OpenDAN

OpenDAN is an open-source Personal AI OS that brings together several AI modules for personal use. It is still in its early stages of development, but the goal is to establish a platform that allows users to safely cooperate with other AI modules to create strong personal AI agents utilizing their private data. These agents could be employed for a range of duties, such as assisting with work, providing guidance, or simply providing companionship.

OpenDAN is built on OpenPAI, an open-source project that provides a platform for performing AI workloads on distributed hardware. OpenDAN includes a user-friendly interface, support for numerous AI modules, and security measures that allow users to decide how their data is used, making it ideally built for personal AI.

What is AI OS

AI OS is the most recent technology innovation that is bringing AI back to individuals. AI OS can provide individuals with diverse and trustworthy AI agent services, which involves placing a super AI agent team behind you to serve you at any time and from any location, such as a lawyer, doctor, butler, or girlfriend agent.

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The Future of AI

Collaborate various AI models

Instead of being tortured by sophisticated runtime environments, one clicks to install and contribute on multiple open-source models.

AI app-store

Download and run a variety of AI programs that are built on the collaboration of multiple AI modules.

Automate your task

Create your own apps to trigger various AI modules and automate task resolution.

Private Freedom

Instead of being controlled by the NSFW label, take ownership of your freedom.

Private data

Instead of having your private info taken away, take control of it.

Private models

Instead than being stolen and mistreated, own your private models.

Share & Earn

Instead than being abused by oligopolistic firms, earn tokens by sharing your AI processing power.

Core Features of OpenDAN

To achieve the goal of OpenDAN, we provide the following key features:

  1. Hardware-specific optimization: Optimize for individual hardware to ensure that most open-source AI applications function smoothly locally.
  2. Open AI App Marketplace: Provide a solution for one-click installation and use of various AI applications, allowing users to access and manage AI apps more conveniently.
  3. Open AI Model Solution: Provide a consistent entry point for model search, download, and access control, allowing users to easily locate and use models that meet their needs.
  4. Strict Privacy Protection and Management: Personal data, ranging from family albums to chat records and social media records, must be strictly managed, and a consistent access control interface for AI applications must be provided.
  5. Integrated Tools: Provide users with tools to train their own voice models, Lora models, knowledge models, and so on using personal data.
  6. AI Butler Assistant: The AI assistant completes tasks through natural language interaction and is powered by a large language model.
  7. Development Framework: Provide a development framework for customizing AI assistants for specific purposes, allowing developers to quickly construct customized AI applications for users.
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AI Infrastructure

  1. Project Initialization
  2. Basic code for operating system image packaging script
  3. website homepage
  4. OpenDAN Prototype Version
  5. AI butler assistant driven by GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.0
  6. Integration of Stable Diffusion
  7. Integration of TTS (Text-to-Speech)
  8. Integration of Telegram Chatbot as an interaction entrance
  9. OpenDAN 1.0
  10. AI butler assistant’s large language model core switched to locally running open source model.
  11. Offer more AI applications through AI App Marketplace
  12. Provide an AI application development framework to support the community in integrating more AI applications.
  13. Provide a model management framework.

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