How to Become a rewardStyle Affiliate Program

Did you know that at least 7% of the world’s most recognizable companies plan to invest millions in influencer marketing over the coming years?

Did you also know this:

  • 86% of women say they trust social media influencers more than traditional advertisers.
  • 49% of all consumers claim to depend on influencer opinion to make educated purchases.
  • 57% of fashion and beauty companies use content marketing to drive traffic and sales.

That means it’s the perfect time to get signed up with rewardStyle and the coveted LikeToKnowIt app. But how is it done, and is it even worth your time? Stick around to find out.

What is rewardStyle?

LikeToKnowIt is an app filled with links to fashion and home accessories. It focuses on helping successful bloggers and Instagram influencers become more recognizable and profitable.

To do that, the app networks with thousands of different retailers around the world, including the well-known LikeToKnowIt app.

What is the LikeToKnowIt App?

The “” app is a massively influential shopping platform used by millions of people every day.

Users gain instant access to various products and trends, with numerous shopping options offered at the click of a button. Best of all, each product is styled by, tried on, and made for the average person.

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Everything consumers see on the app is 100% shoppable, meaning there are countless ways to make money.

People use it to window shop or make wish lists, often resulting in high conversation rates for those affiliated.

That’s where the majority of earnings come from on the LikeToKnowIt App – through organic traffic turning into consistent profits.

How to make money with LikeToKnowIt as an influencer or blogger

You can start making a lot more money with your blog if you sign up as an affiliate with the right retailers.

Take LikeToKnowIt, for example. It gets used by millions of consumers and is a social-based shopping app.

So, the people on it are more likely to buy goods and services than people on other shopping apps.

This is especially true if you’re an influencer or blogger. Your followers will automatically want what you post, wear, use, or review.

Therefore, promoting products such as clothing, food, locations, and healthcare items is usually lucrative.

Is there a catch?

The catch is that you have to be an established influencer to make money on the LTKI app. There’s no precise number of followers required to enroll, but moderators tend to prefer blogs and brands that already have traffic.

How to get into the LikeToKnowIt program

Getting into this profitable affiliate program isn’t as hard as it seems. The apps make it easy to get started with minimal effort and maximum impact. It also costs nothing to begin, so there’s absolutely no risk involved.

Here are the three easy steps you need to follow to become a more profitable influencer using LikeToKnowIt:


Start a blog or launch a targeted Instagram page. Both options will help you gain followers to build your audience and earning potential.

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For good measure, post between 3 and 5 blogs, photos, or videos before signing up for the program.

TIP: Try to reach at least 1000 loyal followers before applying for the program.


Target your posts based on the goods and services available through the app. That way, you’ll always have a link to add and a reliable source of subject matter too.

When posting, be sure to do it on a regular schedule to keep followers interested.

TIP: The most successful influencers post every day or every other day, usually at about the same time.


Start mentioning different retailers on your IG posts and blogs. Bring up current sales, talk about prices, and explain your shopping experiences in detail.

This will help your audience feel more confident about their purchasing power. That, in turn, will result in more profits for you.

TIP: Try to carefully vet the goods and services you mention because your credibility depends on it.

Remember, you must also sign up for rewardStyle to start making money as an affiliate influencer. For some, that’s the trickiest part. So, here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to get in.

How to add affiliate links with rewardStyle and LikeToKnowIt

Start a blog or Instagram page. Begin posting focused content on a regular basis.

Select or create your inventory, then sign up for the rewardStyle program because you can’t join the LikeToKnowIt app as an influencer otherwise.

Remember, the LikeToKnowIt app is where you can share your latest additions. So, be sure to take excellent photos of your items, or else the whole exercise is pointless.

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After that, do this on the rewardStyle website to start linking your preferred goods and services:

  1. Navigate to the correct product on the RW site. You might have to use the search bar to make things easier.
  2. Click on the Ninja shortcut located on your rewardStyle toolbar.
  3. Next, click on the heart that appears at the bottom right on the page.
  4. Then, choose which folder you want the product to go into.
  5. Later, go back to those folders and pick the appropriate links for the goods and services you’re promoting.
  6. Add those links organically into your blog content or Instagram posts.

Keep in mind that both the LikeToKnowIt app and rewardStyle have excellent customer service and a large fan following.

So, if you get stuck, there’s always plenty of help available. For more information, visit the LikeToKnowIt and/or rewardStyle websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rewardStyle Affiliate Program?

This is the program rewardStyle uses to pay people and companies that promote their products. When you make a sale for rewardStyle, they will send you a commission for the sale of that product.

How can I join the rewardStyle Affiliate Program?

You can join the rewardStyle affiliate program by filling out their application:

What is the commission rate for rewardStyle affiliates?

The commission rate for rewardStyle affiliates is Varies. This means that for each sale made through your unique affiliate link, you will earn Varies in commission.

This rate applies to all products, making it a lucrative opportunity for those who effectively promote rewardStyle products to their audience.

What happens if a customer returns a product I referred?

In almost every case that means your commission for the rewardStyle sale will get reversed. This may not be the case if you negotiate your contract with them. This can typically be done after consistent sales are proven.

What if I don’t have a website?

If you don’t have a website, it will be difficult to be a successful rewardStyle affiliate.

You can get affiliate marketing traffic from social media or email marketing, but it’s more difficult to break through the noise with those channels.

My recommendation is that you learn how to start a Sport blog, sign up and create a real affiliate marketing business.

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