Shutterstock AI: How to Create Stunning Images with Text Prompts

Have you ever wished you could create beautiful images with just a few words? Imagine being able to generate stunning visuals for your blog, social media, website, or presentation without any design skills or software. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not anymore. Thanks to Shutterstock AI, you can now create amazing images with text prompts.

Shutterstock AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform your words into images. You can simply type in a description of what you want, and Shutterstock AI will generate a high-quality image that matches your request. Shutterstock AI is not just a fun and creative tool, but also a practical and useful one.

What Is Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator?

Shutterstock’s AI Image Generator is a tool that allows you to create unique and high-quality images using artificial intelligence. You can simply type a text prompt that describes what you want to generate, and the tool will produce four images based on your instruction. You can then choose which one(s) you want to license and download for your personal or commercial project.

You can also apply various visual styles to your image, such as cartoon, oil painting, neon, 3D, and more. The tool is designed to be ethical, safe, and inclusive, and it compensates the contributors whose content is used in the generative process. You can access the tool from the Generate menu on Shutterstock’s website.

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How to Use Shutterstock AI?

Shutterstock AI is a platform that allows you to create high-quality visuals by simply describing what you are looking for. You can use Shutterstock AI to generate images, art, and other creative content with the power of artificial intelligence. Here are some steps to use Shutterstock AI:

  • Sign in or create an account on Shutterstock.
  • Provide a detailed description of the image you want to generate.
  • You can apply a variety of visual styles to your image, such as cartoon, oil painting, neon, 3D, and more.
  • Customize your image to your liking. You can change the perspective by clicking the “Zoom Out” button, adjust the text, and experiment with different styles to achieve the perfect look.
  • Feel free to edit your AI-generated image. You can change the perspective by clicking the “Zoom Out” button, modify the text, or select different style variations.
  • After you’re satisfied with your image, you can download it. You have the option to license it, just like any other image on Shutterstock, for safe use in your creative projects or for sharing on social media.

Pricing of Shutterstock AI

Shutterstock AI is a tool that allows you to generate images using artificial intelligence. You can use Shutterstock AI for any project, as long as you license the images you create. Here are some key points about Shutterstock AI pricing:

  • If you have an active plan, you can download AI-generated images with your existing plan. Each AI-generated image costs 1 credit, regardless of the license type.
  • Shutterstock offers different plans and credit packs to suit your needs. You can choose from monthly or annual subscriptions, or one-time purchases. The prices vary depending on the number of credits, the license type, and the payment method.
  • You can use a coupon code to get a 15% discount on all Shutterstock plans.
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Features of Shutterstock AI

Shutterstock AI is a suite of creative features that allows users to generate, modify, and customize images using artificial intelligence. Some of the features are:

  • Magic Brush: Modify an image by brushing over it and describing what you want to add, replace, or erase.
  • AI Image Generator: Generate any image you have in mind from a text description.
  • Expand Image: Broaden the view of any image to see more of the scene behind it.
  • Variations: Generate alternate options of any stock or AI-generated image.
  • Design Assistant: Get guidance and inspiration to transform your ideas into images.

Shutterstock AI also compensates contributors for their roles in the generative AI process and pays ongoing royalties for AI-generated content that is licensed on the platform. Shutterstock AI aims to provide a versatile platform for various applications, from digital marketing to educational content.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Amazing Images with Shutterstock AI

Here are some tips and tricks for creating amazing images with Shutterstock AI:

  • Use descriptive and specific language to tell the AI what you want to create. For example, instead of “a dog”, you can write “a golden retriever wearing sunglasses and a hat”.
  • Experiment with different angles, colors, and styles to get different results. You can add phrases like “3/4 view”, “warm tones”, or “impressionist style” to your text prompts.
  • Be aware of the ethical challenges of AI art, such as respecting the original artists whose works are used to train the AI models and avoiding harmful or offensive content.
  • Have fun and unleash your creativity with the power of AI!
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Frequently Asked Questions


Shutterstock AI is an amazing tool that allows you to create stunning images with text prompts. You can use it to generate images for any purpose, such as marketing, education, entertainment, or personal use. You can also save time and money by avoiding the hassle of searching, downloading, or editing stock photos. With Shutterstock AI, you can create unique and original images that suit your needs and preferences.

Shutterstock AI is a fun and creative tool, but also a practical and useful one. It can help you to create images that are realistic, detailed, and diverse. It can also help you to express your ideas, emotions, and visions in a visual way.