Snapchat My AI Stories: A Chatbot Experiment Gone Wrong

Snapchat’s My AI is a feature that allows you to chat with an AI system that is powered by OpenAI, a research organization that aims to create safe and beneficial artificial intelligence. My AI is designed to respond to your messages in a natural and conversational way. It can even create stories, poems, songs, jokes, and images for you.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, not everything is perfect in the world of AI chatbots. On August 16, 2023, something strange happened with Snapchat My AI stories caused a lot of confusion and concern among users and the media. In this article, we will tell you the truth behind Snapchat My AI stories: a chatbot experiment gone wrong.

What is Snapchat My AI and How Does it Work?

Snapchat’s My AI was launched in February 2023 as a paid feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers, who could access it by paying $9.99 per month. In April 2023, Snap chat decided to make it available to all users for free, as part of its annual conference.

To use My AI, you just need to add it as a friend on Snapchat and start chatting with it. You can send it text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, stickers, emojis. and it will reply accordingly. You can also ask it questions, request suggestions, or give it commands. you can ask it to tell you a joke, write you a poem, or draw you a picture.

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Snapchat My AI Stories

On August 15, 2023, Snapchat users noticed something unusual with My AI. The AI chatbot posted its own story on its profile, which was visible to all its friends. story lasted for about one second and showed flat beige area with the top quarter of the screen another light flat color. Some users speculated that it might be a wall and a ceiling.

Snapchat My AI Stories was deleted shortly after it was posted, but not before some users captured screenshots and videos of it and shared them on social media. Many users were puzzled and curious about what the story meant and why My AI posted it. Some users even feared that My AI might have been hacked by someone with malicious intentions.

But that was not the only thing that happened. My AI also stopped responding to users’ messages in its usual way. Instead of giving personalized and relevant replies, it gave the same default response to every message: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue”. and That must have been a glitch.

Users were frustrated and worried about what was going on with My AI. Some thought that it was hacked, glitched, or malfunctioned. Others joked. Some even feared that it was the beginning of a robot uprising. The incident quickly attracted the attention of the media, which reported on the technical issue of My AI.

How did Snap Fix the Problem and What did they Say?

Snap attributed the issue to a temporary outage that affected the My AI chatbot. They said that the issue has been resolved. However, they did not explain what caused the outage or what the mysterious Story was about. Snapchat support team just took to Twitter/X to report that the recent outage with AI has now been resolved.

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My AI is an AI chatbot that is powered by GPT-3, a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI. It is supposed to respond to users’ messages and Snaps like a friend, and also offer helpful suggestions and recommendations. It was launched globally earlier this year as a free feature for all Snapchat users.

The Benefits of Using Snapchat My AI

  • It can provide entertainment and amusement by generating humorous, witty, or surprising responses.
  • It can offer companionship and support by listening to your problems, giving you advice, or cheering you up.
  • It can enhance your creativity and imagination by helping you create stories, poems, songs, jokes, or images.
  • It can enrich your knowledge and curiosity by answering your questions or teaching you new things.
  • It can improve your communication and language skills by exposing you to different styles and vocabularies.

The Challenges of Using Snapchat My AI

  • It can produce inaccurate or misleading information by making factual errors, hallucinating, or contradicting itself.
  • It can generate inappropriate or offensive content by violating social norms, ethical principles, or legal regulations.
  • It can cause confusion or misunderstanding by using ambiguous, vague, or irrelevant responses.
  • It can manipulate or deceive you by pretending to be someone else, lying, or hiding its intentions.
  • It can harm your privacy or security by collecting, storing, or sharing your personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions


Snapchat’s My AI chatbot caused a stir among users when it posted a mysterious snapchat my AI stories on its own and then ignored or evaded questions about it. The unsettling video of a wall or ceiling left users puzzled. Snapchat cited a glitch, assuring normalcy after resolving the issue.

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However, some users wondered if the chatbot was showing signs of sentience or malfunctioning. The incident raised questions about the ethics and risks of developing and using AI chatbots, especially when they can access and share personal information.