Introducing Stability AI Japanese LM: The Next Generation of Language Model

Language models (LMs) are artificial intelligence systems that can understand and generate natural language. They have many applications, such as machine translation, text summarization, question answering, and more. However, most of the existing Stability AI Japanese LM are based on English or other widely spoken languages, leaving many other languages underrepresented or unsupported.

Introducing Stability AI Japanese LM: The Next Generation of Language Model
Introducing Stability AI Japanese LM: The Next Generation of Language Model

Stability AI, a leading developer of AI technology, aims to change that by creating powerful LMs for different languages and cultures. In this article, we will introduce Stability AI’s Japanese LM, a 7 billion parameter model that is trained on a massive dataset of Japanese text.

What is Stability AI Japanese LM?

Stability AI is a company that develops and provides AI language models. A language model is a system that can understand and generate text. Stability AI has released two Japanese language models, which are systems that can handle Japanese text. These models are:

  • Japanese Stable LM 3B-4E1T: This model has about 3 billion parameters, which are the numbers that determine how the model works. It was trained on large-scale data from the web, mainly in Japanese and English
  • Japanese Stable LM Gamma 7B: This model has about 7 billion parameters, which makes it more powerful and complex than the previous one. It was also trained on large-scale data from the web, but it was additionally tuned to follow user instructions.
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These models are available for commercial use under the Apache 2.0 license, which means that anyone can use them for their own projects or applications. They are also accessible on Hugging Face Hub, which is a platform that hosts and shares AI models.

How do Stability AI’s Japanese Language Models Compare with Other Existing Models?

Stability AI Japanese LM is among the best-performing models in the world for Japanese natural language processing. They have been trained on large-scale data from the web, mainly in Japanese and English, and can handle various tasks such as text generation, question answering, text analysis, and vision-language tasks.


According to a benchmark suite that tested them on eight different tasks, such as sentence classification, sentence pair classification, question answering, and text summarization, they achieved higher scores than other existing models, such as SoftBank’s Japanese GPT-3 or Google’s mT5.

For example, the Japanese Stable LM Gamma 7B model scored 54.71 on the average of the eight tasks, while the SoftBank’s Japanese GPT-3 model scored 49.26 and the Google’s mT5 model scored 48.63. The Japanese Stable LM 3B-4E1T model also outperformed the Japanese Stable LM Base Alpha 7B model, despite having fewer parameters.

Stability AI Japanese LM Applications and Domains?

Stability AI’s Japanese language models are powerful systems that can understand and generate Japanese text. They can be used for various applications and domains, such as:

  • Machine translation: The models can translate text from Japanese to other languages, or vice versa, with high accuracy and fluency.
  • Text generation: The models can generate text for different purposes, such as writing articles, stories, summaries, or captions.
  • Question answering: The models can answer questions in natural language, either from a given text or from general knowledge.
  • Text analysis: The models can analyze text for various aspects, such as sentiment, topic, or style.
  • Vision-language tasks: The models can also handle tasks that involve both images and text, such as image search, image captioning, visual question answering, or scene description.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Stability AI JPLM and Stability AI StableLM?

Stability AI JPLM is a versatile language model for NLP tasks, while StableLM excels in domain-specific text generation (finance, healthcare, etc.).

How can I Access Stability AI’s Japanese Language Models?

You can access Stability AI’s Japanese language models through our cloud-based API or our on-premises solution. You can also integrate them with your existing systems and platforms.

How Secure and Reliable are Stability AI’s Japanese Language Models?

Stability AI’s Japanese language models are secure and reliable. We use encryption and authentication protocols to protect your data and privacy. We also use redundancy and backup systems to ensure high availability and performance.


Stability AI’s Japanese language models are the next generation of language models that can handle Japanese language with unprecedented accuracy, fluency, and versatility. They are the result of our continuous research and innovation in the field of natural language processing. They are also the reflection of our commitment to provide the best solutions for our customers and partners.

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