Tavern AI – How to install and use SillyTavern AI

Have you ever wished that you could build your own characters and interact with them in a text-based environment? If so, SillyTavern, a software program that allows you to do precisely that, might be of interest to you. Tavern AI is an interface that generates realistic and engaging discussions with custom characters using locally installed language models (LLMs). You can roleplay as yourself or as someone else, and your characters can explore various scenarios and genres. Silly Tavern AI can assist you in having a casual conversation, a romantic date, a fantasy quest, or anything else.

TavernAI, a popular text-based roleplaying software released in 2021, is the foundation of SillyTavern. SillyTavern, on the other hand, has gone beyond TavernAI, adding numerous new features and upgrades that make it more versatile and user-friendly.

In this article, we’ll go over some of SillyTavern’s primary features and teach you how to get started with it. SillyTavern may be the best option for you if you’re searching for a fun and unique method to use LLMs.

What is SillyTavern AI?

SillyTavern is an interface that allows you to interact and roleplay with bespoke characters via text using locally installed language models (LLMs).

SillyTavern was first adapted from Tavern AI 1.2.8 in February 2023 and now includes various cutting-edge features that were not included in the original Tavern AI.

Tavern AI – How to install and use SillyTavern AI 1

To ensure a seamless experience for all users, SillyTavern is being developed using a two-branch system:

  1. main: This branch is strongly recommended for the vast majority of users. It offers the most stable version of SillyTavern and is only updated when major updates are released. It is appropriate for the vast majority of consumers who need dependability and regularity.
  2. dev: This branch is not intended for casual use. It has the most recent features, but it is prone to breaking at any time. It is designed primarily for power users and enthusiasts who are willing to take chances and experiment with SillyTavern’s cutting-edge functions.


  • SillyTavern will run on virtually any device capable of running Node.js v18.
  • SillyTavern will not run on Windows 7 due to the Node.js requirement.
  • SillyTavern is only a frontend interface, so you will need to have access to backend API

How to Install Silly Tavern AI in Windows

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install NodeJS: Go to the NodeJS website and download the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) version of NodeJS. Follow the installation instructions specific to your operating system.
  2. Install GitHub Desktop: Go to the GitHub Desktop website and download the GitHub Desktop application. Follow the installation instructions specific to your operating system.
  3. Launch GitHub Desktop: Once the installation is complete, open the GitHub Desktop application.
  4. Clone the repository: In GitHub Desktop, click on the “Clone a repository from the internet.” option. Note that you do not need to create a GitHub account for this step.
  5. Enter repository URL: In the menu that appears, select the “URL” tab. Enter the following URL in the provided field:https://github.com/SillyTavern/SillyTavern. Then, click on the “Clone” button. You can choose a different local path if you want to change the location where SillyTavern will be downloaded.
  1. Locate the cloned repository: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you cloned the repository. By default, the repository will be cloned to the following location: C:UserscloudbookletDocumentsGitHubSillyTavern.
  2. Run SillyTavern: In the repository folder, locate the file named “start.bat” and double-click on it. Note that the “.bat” extension may be hidden by your operating system, so the file might appear as “Start“. Double-clicking on this file will run SillyTavern.
  1. Wait for installation: After double-clicking the “start.bat” file, a command console window will open. Wait for the installation process to complete. SillyTavern will automatically install any dependencies it needs to operate.
  2. Verify successful installation: Once the installation process is finished, the command console window should display a message indicating that SillyTavern has been successfully installed. Additionally, a SillyTavern tab should open in your web browser.
  3. Start chatting: With SillyTavern installed and the browser tab open, you can now connect to any of the supported APIs and start chatting.
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How to Install SillyTavern AI in Linux/MacOS

Here are the step-by-step instructions for macOS and Linux

  1. Install Git and NodeJS: Follow the installation instructions for Git and NodeJS based on your macOS version. You can download them from their respective websites or use a package manager like Homebrew.
  2. Open Terminal: Launch the Terminal application on your macOS. You can find it in the Applications folder, under the Utilities subfolder.
  3. Clone the repository: In the Terminal, navigate to the directory where you want to clone the repository using the cd command. For example, if you want to clone it in your home directory, you can use the following command:

cd ~

To clone the SillyTavern repository, use one of the following commands based on the branch you want to clone:For the Main branch:

git clone https://github.com/SillyTavern/SillyTavern -b main

For the Dev branch:

git clone https://github.com/SillyTavern/SillyTavern -b dev

This will create a local copy of the repository on your macOS.

  1. Navigate to the repository folder: Use the cd command to navigate into the SillyTavern installation folder. For example:

cd SillyTavern

  1. Run the start.sh script: Execute the start.sh script by running one of the following commands in the Terminal:



bash start.sh

This will initiate the installation and setup process for Silly Tavern AI.

  1. Wait for the installation: The script will install the necessary dependencies and configure SillyTavern. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  2. Verify successful installation: Once the installation process is finished, you can proceed to connect to any of the supported APIs and start chatting using SillyTavern.
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SillyTavern Extensions and Plugins

SillyTavern also supports extensions/plugins that add more functionality and features to the software. Some of the extensions/plugins are:

  • Author’s Note / Character Bias: This extension lets you add notes or biases to your messages that affect how the AI responds to them. For example, you can add a note that says “This character is shy” or a bias that says “This character likes me”.
  • Character emotional expressions: This plugin lets you add emoticons or emojis to your messages that indicate the mood or emotion of your character. For example, you can add a smiley face 😊 or a sad face 😢 to your messages.
  • Auto-Summary of the chat history: This extension lets you generate a summary of the chat history that highlights the main events and topics of the conversation. For example, you can get a summary that says “You met a vampire named Alice and went on a date with her. She revealed her true nature and bit you. You decided to become her partner and live with her.”
  • Sending images to chat, and the AI interpreting the content: This plugin lets you send images to the chat and have the AI interpret them and respond accordingly. For example, you can send a picture of a flower and have the AI say “That’s a beautiful flower. What kind is it?” or “You’re allergic to flowers. Why did you send me this?”
  • Stable Diffusion image generation (5 chat-related presets plus ‘free mode’): This plugin lets you use Stable Diffusion to generate images based on your chat messages. You can choose from 5 presets that are related to the chat genre or theme, such as romance, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or comedy. You can also use the free mode to generate any image you want.
  • Text-to-speech for AI response messages (via ElevenLabs, Silero, or the OS’s System TTS): This plugin lets you hear the AI response messages using text-to-speech technology. You can choose from different voices and languages using ElevenLabs, Silero, or your OS’s system TTS.
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You can also add more functionality and features by using SillyTavern Extras, a collection of additional tools and resources for SillyTavern users.

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Features of Silly Tavern AI

Silly Tavern AI also offers a wide range of features that make it easy and fun to use. Some of the features include:

  • A mobile-friendly interface that adapts to any screen size and device
  • A flexible backend API that allows you to connect to various LLMs, such as KoboldAI, KoboldCPP, AI Horde, NovelAI, Oobabooga’s TextGen WebUI, OpenAI+proxies, Poe.com, and WindowAI
  • A Waifu Mode that lets you create and interact with anime-style characters in a visual novel format
  • A Horde Stable Diffusion generation that produces diverse and coherent responses from multiple LLMs
  • A TTS support that enables you to hear the voices of your characters using ElevenLabs, Silero, or your OS’s built-in TTS
  • A WorldInfo feature that lets you store and access lore information about your characters and settings
  • A customizable appearance that lets you change the colors, backgrounds, avatar styles, and UI panel placement to suit your preferences
  • A notification sound that alerts you when the AI responds to your messages
  • An export function that lets you save your chats as .txt files for future reference or sharing
  • An auto-translate function that lets you translate single messages or the entire chat using Google API, either manually or automatically
  • A prompt formatting feature that lets you adjust the style, length, and tone of your prompts
  • A character hotswap feature that lets you switch between your favorite characters with a single click
  • A prompt token breakdown feature that lets you see how the AI interprets each message
  • A swipes feature that lets you swipe left or right on messages to delete them or mark them as actions
  • A group chat feature that lets you create multi-bot rooms where your characters can talk to you or each other
  • A chat bookmark feature that lets you save and resume chats from different points
  • A soft prompt feature that lets you use KoboldAI to add subtle hints or suggestions to your messages


Users of the Silly Tavern AI user interface can design their own characters and scenarios as well as converse with a variety of text-generation models. Although it is built on Tavern AI, many additional features and enhancements have been made, including multi-bot rooms, several API platforms, customized user interfaces, auto-translation, and more. Users that desire more flexibility and control over their AI chat experience, particularly for role-playing or fan fiction reasons, can consider using Silly Tavern AI. In conclusion, Silly Tavern AI is a strong and adaptable tool that can improve the creativity and enjoyment of AI conversation aficionados.

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