TikTok NPC Streaming: The Latest Viral Trend of People Talking Like Robots

TikTok NPC streaming is a live video trend where people act like video game characters. They use props, costumes, filters, and sound effects to create scenes that look like video games. They also talk like robots and respond to viewers’ comments and requests. Some of the popular genres are fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and comedy. TikTok NPC streaming is a way for people to be creative, funny, and social, as well as to make money from tips and gifts. TikTok NPC streaming is a fun and innovative way to experience video game worlds in a different way.

But why do people watch and participate in NPC streaming? What are the benefits and challenges of this weird but fascinating phenomenon? And what does it mean for the future of entertainment and social media? In this article, we will explore these questions and more as we dive into the world of TikTok NPC streaming.

What is NPC?

NPC is an abbreviation for non-player character, which is a term used in video games and role-playing games. A non-player character is any character that is not controlled by a player, but by the computer or the game master. NPCs usually have pre-written dialogue and behavior, and they can interact with the players in various ways. For example, NPCs can be allies, enemies, merchants, quest givers, or background characters.

Some examples of famous NPCs are:

  • Mario from the Super Mario series, who is an NPC in some games where he is not the main character, such as Luigi’s Mansion or Super Smash Bros.
  • GLaDOS from the Portal series, who is an NPC that guides and taunts the player throughout the game.
  • Yennefer from The Witcher series, who is an NPC that is a love interest and a powerful sorceress.
  • Ellie from The Last of Us series, who is an NPC that accompanies and helps the player in combat and exploration.
  • Claptrap from the Borderlands series, who is an NPC that provides comic relief and assistance to the player.
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NPCs are an important part of video games and role-playing games, as they add depth, variety, and realism to the game world. They can also create emotional connections with the players, as they can be friends, foes, or lovers. NPCs can also influence the gameplay and the story, as they can offer choices, challenges, rewards, or consequences to the players.

Why TikTok NPC Streaming is trending?

TikTok NPC Streaming is a viral trend of people talking like robots on TikTok livestreams, reacting in real time to cartoon gifts users send them. The term NPC stands for non-player character, which is a common term in video games for characters that are controlled by the computer and have pre-written dialogue. The TikTok NPC streamers mimic this behavior by repeating catchphrases or nonsensical sentences in response to different types of gifts, such as ice cream, roses, or cowboy hats. Some of the most popular NPC streamers are Pinkydoll, and Cherry Crush.

The trend has been noted for its bizarre and fascinating appeal, as well as its potential to make money for the streamers. Some streamers claim to make thousands of dollars per day from their NPC livestreams, as viewers send them tips to see their reactions.

The trend is believed to have started by a Japanese TikTok creator named Natuecoco, who began NPC livestreams in 2021, drawing inspiration from cosplay and art. She said this type of livestreaming is an ‘experiment’ to see how people react to different actions. The trend became more popular in 2023, especially in the US, where creators like Pinkydoll and Cherry Crush gained millions of views and followers. Pinkydoll credits the background citizens of the Grand Theft Auto video game as the inspiration for her performances.

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The Appeal of NPC Streaming

However, NPC streaming also has some potential drawbacks that need to be considered. Here are some of them:

  • NPC streaming can be addictive. Some people may become obsessed with NPC streaming and neglect their other responsibilities and obligations in their real lives. NPC streaming can also interfere with their sleep, health, and relationships if they spend too much time online.
  • NPC streaming can be harassing. Some people may encounter trolls, haters, or bullies who may insult, mock, or threaten them for their content or appearance. NPC streaming can also expose them to inappropriate or harmful comments or requests from their viewers that may make them uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • NPC streaming can be illegal. Some people may violate the intellectual property rights of the video game developers or publishers by using their characters, settings, or music without permission or credit. TikTok NPC Streaming can also infringe on the privacy or consent of other people by featuring them in their videos without their knowledge or approval.

The Future of NPC Streaming

NPC streaming is a relatively new phenomenon that is still evolving and developing. It is hard to predict what will happen to it in the near future, but here are some possible scenarios:

  • NPC streaming will become more popular and mainstream. As more people discover and join TikTok NPC Streaming, it will attract more attention and recognition from the media, the public, and the industry. NPC streaming will also become more diverse and inclusive as it welcomes more streamers and viewers from different backgrounds, cultures, and preferences.
  • NPC streaming will become more professional and profitable. As TikTok NPC Streaming grows in popularity and quality, it will offer more opportunities and challenges for streamers to monetize their content and grow their audience. Streamers will have to compete with each other for views, followers, sponsors, and partnerships. Streamers will also have to invest more in their equipment, skills, and marketing strategies.
  • NPC streaming will become more innovative and interactive. As technology advances and improves, it will enable streamers to create more immersive and realistic videos that enhance the user experience. Streamers will use more advanced props, costumes, filters, sound effects, etc., to create more convincing video game environments. Streamers will also use more interactive features such as polls, quizzes, games, etc., to engage with their viewers.
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TikTok NPC streaming is a new craze that is taking over the popular social media platform. It is a form of live video content where people act like non-player characters (NPCs) from video games. It is fun to watch and participate in because it allows users to experience video game scenarios without actually playing the game.

TikTok NPC Streaming has its origins in video games and role-playing games (RPGs), where players can create their own characters and stories within a virtual world. It became a viral trend on TikTok thanks to several factors such as boredom, creativity, escapism, and humor.

NPC streaming has some benefits such as improving mental health, enhancing self-expression, and fostering community building. It also has some drawbacks such as being addictive, harassing, and illegal.