Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023

The field of software development is changing as a result of artificial intelligence (AI). AI coding tools can assist developers in reducing time spent on repetitive activities while also fostering innovation. The top 10 AI coding tools you should use in 2023 are described in this post. This programmed address a number of coding-related topics, including code generation, debugging, testing, documentation, and others. Regardless of your level of expertise, you will find something intriguing and helpful in this list.

Top 10 AI Coding Tools

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This article presents a comprehensive list of the top 10 AI coding tools that are essential for developers and enthusiasts, offering unparalleled efficiency and innovation in AI development.


OpenAI created an advanced AI language model known as ChatGPT. It is excellent at conversational tasks, but it can also help with AI code. ChatGPT can assist developers with coding chores, make suggestions, and give them insights into AI coding tools and methodologies thanks to its substantial training data and language comprehension. ChatGPT, arguably the most well-known AI tool, is made to answer your inquiries, pose follow-up inquiries, correct misconceptions, and reject unsuitable requests. Therefore, using ChatGPT is similar to bouncing concepts off a sharp coworker in several aspects.

Features of ChatGPT

  • Continuous Learning: OpenAI constantly updates and enhances ChatGPT, making sure it adheres to the most recent coding standards and developments in AI.
  • Code Assistance: ChatGPT can offer 24/7 assistance with coding by offering an code snippets, correcting syntax, and assisting with debugging.
  • Code Generation: ChatGPT can produce code snippets depending on provided parameters, which saves time and effort during coding.


Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 1

An AI coding tool called CodeT5 can create, modify, and optimise code in a number of different programming languages. It makes use of a sizable, pre-trained language model that can comprehend both natural language and the syntax of computer code. By automating processes like bug replace, code restructuring, code condensing, and code translation, CodeT5 can help developers save time and effort. CodeT5 is made to be simple to learn and use with current systems and development environments.

Features of Code T5

  • Text-to-code generation: Similar to chatbot AI, CodeT5 allows you to type in a prompt and it will generate code that matches what you want.
  • Code-to-code translation: If your team uses several different programming languages, CodeT5 can take your Python code and translate it into JavaScript.
  • Code summarization: This tool can describe in plain words what a piece of code accomplishes, which can help even seasoned software professionals learn new languages and frameworks.
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Open AI Codex

Openai Codex
Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 2

An identical company that created ChatGPT, OpenAI, has high goals for artificial intelligence: they want to create AI that can resolve issues on a human level. Their technique makes use of deep-learning large language models (LLMs), which train artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out tasks—in this example, coding tasks—by providing it with a massive amount of data.

They used the GPT-3 platform’s natural language processing skills and billions of lines of code to train the Codex system. Codex can convert your textual instructions into excellent code in real-time thanks to its thorough training procedure.

Features of Open AI Codex

  • Natural Language Interface: Codex recognizes and reacts to natural language queries, enabling developers to communicate with it in plain English and making it user-friendly and accessible.
  • Code generation: Using provided specifications, Codex can produce code snippets or even full functions, cutting down on development time and offering a foundation for further modification.
  • Refactoring Support: Codex can help refactor code by suggesting improvements, identifying redundant code, and ensuring code readability and maintainability.

GitHub Copilot

Github Copilot
Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 3

OpenAI Codex, an AI system created by OpenAI and educated on a variety of data from numerous sources, is the engine of GitHub Copilot. This AI application automatically produces and completes code snippets in two different ways. As you begin to type the code, the application automatically suggests ways to finish it. It generates the code for you when you describe in plain language what you want to build.By collecting context from your current or related code files, the tool gives suggestions. All programming languages can be understood and delivered by it. You can incorporate GitHub Copilot into the IDE of your choice, such as Visual Studio Code.

Features of GitHub Copilot

  • Intelligent Code Suggestions: Copilot offers intelligent code suggestions in real-time as developers type, assisting them in writing code more quickly and with fewer mistakes.
  • Language Support: Multiple programming languages, including well-known ones like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C++, and others, are offered by Copilot.
  • Contextual code completion: Copilot comprehends the context of the code being written and provides contextually pertinent suggestions while taking into concern variables, functions, and libraries utilised in the code.

Poly Coder

Poly Code
Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 4

Similar to Codex, Poly coder is an open-source coding tool, but unlike other open-source tools, it also makes all of its training data available to the public for free. Anyone who wants to add to or change the dataset is free to do so. AI is a field that is constantly developing.

Features of Poly Coder

  • Continuous learning: Poly Coder is one of the most exciting open-source projects since WordPress because anyone can enhance it by teaching it fresh programming languages, feeding it datasets from extra code repositories, or enhancing its understanding of natural language.
  • C language coding: While Poly Coder is competent in 12 programming languages, C is where it shines the most. Although Poly Coder can be trained to become more skilled in your preferred language, other AI code tools may work better in Java, Python, or SQL.
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This AI helper was created especially for software engineers. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) code completion tool that accelerates your workflow by writing entire functions and lines of code. Using your syntax, it can anticipate and recommend your next line of code. Imagine it being similar to the message’s suggestions on your smartphone. While the suggestions might not always be what you searched for, when they are, all you have to do is click them to send. After that, you can move on to the following piece of code.

Features of Tabine

The best time-saving function of Tabnine is its machine-learning predictive feature, which can suggest your next line of code as you enter.Tabnine may be utilized from a laptop, a server protected by a firewall, or the cloud, so it complies with your organization’s security policies.Programming languages supported by Tabnine include JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Rust, Go, and Bash.

Google Bard

Google Bard
Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 5

A versatile AI chatbot with good coding skills is called Google Bard. Its programming abilities have significantly improved in light of recent releases. A valuable tool for engineers, Google Bard is built on the robust Palm 2 concept and glows in an array of programming languages, including C, C++, Python, C#, JavaScript, and more.

Features of Google Bard

  • Customised Poetry: Using NLP and machine learning, Google Bard creates poems that are tailored to the tastes, inclinations, and subjects of its users. Pick your genres and forms, or let a surprise poetry take you by surprise.
  • Social Sharing: Share your poetry on well-known websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Make connections with local poets, share criticism, and find creative work.
  • Support for Education: Discover the world of poetry through carefully chosen articles, podcasts, films, and books. Utilise challenges, tests, and lessons to hone your writing abilities. The lyrical buddy you have is Google Bard.


Top 10 AI Coding Tools You Need to Try in 2023 6

Introducing Codiga is a sophisticated static analysis tool that puts code efficiency and security first. compatible with a variety of well-known languages, including JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Kotlin. To quickly correct any code flaws, Codiga provides convenient auto-fixer and real-time vulnerability testing. Paying options are available, with monthly rates for each seat beginning at just $14. For further information, go to the landing page for Codiga.

Features of Codiga

  • Real-time Static Analysis: Codiga quickly spots mistakes, security holes, and other problems. It integrates smoothly with IDEs like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, supports widely used languages, and offers customised rules.
  • Auto-Fixer: Codiga’s auto-fixer feature not only finds problems but also recommends quick remedies. Improve code quality with ease thanks to Codiga’s automated mistake repair and decreased manual labour.
  • Code Snippets: To find solutions quickly, use a vast library of tested code snippets. Create your own snippets and distribute them to your Codiga community or team members. Make coding easier by utilizing pre-made answers to frequent problems.
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Ponicode, the AI-powered code assistant, transforms developers’ coding processes. It creates code using NLP and machine learning from user-defined descriptions. Ponicode, which CircleCI created and maintains, improves productivity and streamlines the coding process.

Features of Ponicode

  • AI-based Test Generation: With Ponicode’s VS Code or IntelliJ extensions, it’s simple to create unit tests for JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Java projects. Testing is made simple by the CLI’s ability to generate tests for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python.
  • Test Quality Report: Use Ponicode’s SQUAR functionality to analyse code coverage and test quality for any repository. Receive suggestions and practical insights to enhance your unit test strategy. Take advantage of the free report or add it to GitHub.
  • Code documentation: Create documentation and docstrings for Python functions automatically with Ponicode’s DogString GitHub action. Make sure your code has clear and consistent comments to make understanding and maintenance easier.


Learn about PyCharm, a robust JetBrains AI code completion tool. Java, Python, JavaScript, and more languages’ intelligent code suggestions are available. The recognised accuracy of PyCharm helps developers increase productivity and cut down on costly coding time. Pricing information, which starts at just $24.90 per month per seat, is available on PyCharm’s landing page.

Features of PyCharm

  • Enhanced Code Editor: Benefit from syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, code formatting, snippets, folding, and error highlighting in the enhanced code editor. Based on the context and your working style, PyCharm makes suggestions for code completions. Use Alt+Enter for rapid fixes and Ctrl+Space for code completion.
  • Complete Code Analysis & Refactoring: PyCharm analyses your code as you write it, finding duplicate code, mistakes, and code smells. In order to increase quality and readability, it offers code inspections and rapid fixes. With PyCharm’s simple refactorings, you can refactor variables, methods, classes, and modules with ease.
  • Effective Code Navigation: Use PyCharm’s clever features to navigate your codebase with ease. Any item within the source code, user actions, or UI components can be found using Search Everywhere. To quickly find pertinent code parts, use Go to Declaration, Go to Definition, Go to Implementation, or Find Usages. PyCharm makes code exploration easier.

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The post concludes by listing the top 10 AI coding tools that are promising for 2023. These technologies are redefining the software development industry and providing fresh, innovative development techniques. These tools are expected to improve productivity and efficiency in the coding process thanks to their superior AI capabilities, making them a must-try for developers in the upcoming year.