Top AI tools of last month (September 2023)
Note: As voted by you guys, ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.
🌐 TopDesign – Visually appealing websites made effortlessly.🎥 VideoDubber – Translate and dub videos for a global audience.🗨️ – Improve, summarize, translate, and reply to any text.🎨 QRX Codes – Create visually appealing QR codes for digital content.🎓 Melon – Personalized learning and idea generator companion.📈InSummary – Automated summaries and reporting for professionals.📧 UnreadAI – AI Digest for Emails, Chats, and Socials.🎶 Free Music Demixer – Music separation for audio remixing.💻 GPTConsole – Intelligent CLI and Autonomous AI Agents.📖 FindYourTriggers – Promotes growth via journaling and trigger detection.📚 SnackzAI – Revolutionizes reading with book summaries.📱 Magicpost – Efficient LinkedIn post generation.🤖 InfoGPT – Digital assistant for writing, social media, and tasks.➗ MathGPTPro – Advanced math problem-solving.