Wahl Magic Clip Review: (Here’s What You Need To Know)

wahl magic clip review

After a thorough Wahl Magic clip review?

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In this review, I’ll share my experience with the Magic Clip. We’ll go through what makes this clipper so great, what could make it better and what it’s not so great.

I’ll also be comparing it with the Gold Limited Edition Magic Clip, which is a more expensive and exclusive version of the same clipper.

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I hope that whether you’re a professional or beginning your hair-cutting and grooming journey, you’ll find this review helpful.

Now, let’s get started…

Wahl Magic Clip Review

  • Wahl Magic Clip offers a high-quality cordless hair-cutting experience.
  • The clipper has powerful and efficient performance with a 90-minute battery run time.
  • It is suitable for both professional and personal use, providing precise and efficient cuts.

As someone who is very passionate about both hair and beard grooming, it’s been one of my top priorities to find good-quality and efficient clippers that meet all my needs.

One brand that stuck out to me from the get-go was Wahl. It’s no surprise this was the case because they’ve consistently produced great grooming tools for decades…

So when I first heard about the Wahl Magic Clip, I had to go buy one and try it out. And not surprisingly, it’s quickly become my all-time favourite clipper due to its amazing features and performance.

It has very good cutting efficiency, which makes it an easy grab when I need to do quick trims and complete cuts. And with it’s ninety-minute battery run time, I find it lasts long enough to get even a couple of cuts done at a time.

Something worth mentioning about the Wahl Magic Clip is its ability to zero-gap blades. This allowed me to achieve skin-tight fades and precision in my cuts.

This combined perk of being efficient and having a long-lasting battery makes it a very solid product that I can easily rely on in my opinion.

Disadvantages of the Wahl Magic Clip

Despite being so good, no clipper can be perfect and the Wahl Magic Clip does come with a few drawbacks.

For instance, it doesn’t come with a stand or storage case, which doesn’t really help when it comes to trying to keep my grooming tools organised. I would have loved for it to come with some kind of storage case as other clippers do, such as the gold magic clip…

Another negative is that while this clipper is fairly powerful, it doesn’t great clearing through bulk hair and at times it does struggle.

To put it siumply, they’re are a great budget clipper that excel at detailing work especially in fading but they lack the power to really saw through hair and package accesories could leave wanting more.

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Product Specifications

Now let’s take a deeper look technially into this clipper.

Technical Features

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper, operates on a powerful V9000 Electromagnetic Motor. What’s the benefit of this you ask?

Well, it means that it leads to less frantic blade movements. This potentially lowers the risk of misaligned blades, but it also means that the clipper may not be the best for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

It has a cord that is 8 feet long and chemical-resistant. This requires around 120 volts to function. Another thing to mention is the cord’s weight. It weighs roughly 1 lb and has dimensions that are 8 x 2.8 x 3 inches.

The Wahl Magic Clipper is both corded and cordless, which makes it quite flexible in how you use it. I personally used it cordless most of the time but it’s up to personal preference whether you use it cordless or not.

Last but not least, as previously mentioned, it has a powerful rotary motor producing 5500 RPM. I find this is a perfect RPM to the point where the clippers are efficient but still powerful enough to cut through dense hair with ease.

Design and Appearance

The Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper’s design has a lightweight body. Thanks to this, I’ve never had my hands aching or getting tired using these even when I’m cutting hair for hours straight.

wahl magic clip review heres what you need to know 3

Another aspect of this clipper that I highly appreciate is the thumb-adjustable lever. This makes it so much easier to change the cut length on the go.

In summary, I can definitely confirm that the Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper was very cleverly designed to have the perfect balance of great technical features but also a thoughtful design that still makes it convenient and easy to cut all sorts of hair.

Performance Evaluation

Cutting Efficiency

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Wahl Magic Clipper’s ability to cut hair. As mentioned before multiple times, I have found that it’s efficient yet powerful thanks to that high-powered rotary motor and crunch blade technology.

wahl magic clip review heres what you need to know 4

Its staggered teeth stainless steel blade provides effortless fades and blends, so it’s no wonder that this clipper is so popular among professionals and beginners.

The fact that it’s lightweight and therefore easy to handle boosts the efficiency of this clipper a lot. This is definitely shaping up to be one of my favourite clippers in the market!

Battery Life

As mentioned before, The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip has a battery run time of up to 90 minutes. This means I’ve never really had instances where I’m in the middle of a cut and the battery just dies out. This is because 90 minutes is plenty of time for me to get multiple cuts done before charging the clipper again.

And when its battery does die out, it’s so easy to quickly plug the cord in again that battery life just isn’t an issue for me when it comes to these clippers.

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The fact that the Wahl Magic Clip has such a stable battery life and great cutting performance makes it pretty much the perfect choice for my grooming needs so I think it has a pretty good chance of meeting your grooming needs too…

Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic

If you thought the Wahl Magic Clipper was good, wait until you hear about the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic…

The main selling point and advantage it has over the Wahl Magic Clippers is its incredibly powerful motor, capable of delivering continuous hair-cutting horsepower. Not even the thickest of hair will be able to withstand the power of this clipper.

Because it was designed with professional barbers in mind, it’s jam-packed with even more functionality and efficiency than its younger brother (The Wahl Magic Clippers). It boasts a battery life of more than 100 minutes, American-made high-carbon steel blades with titanium and DLC coatings and a smart LED feature, just to name a few.

Let’s quickly discuss the pros and cons of the Wahl Professional 5-Star Gold Cordless Magic:

As a user of the Magic Clip, I honestly didn’t think it could get better… And yet it did! Like a lot of us, I wished for a more powerful magic clip than my original Magic Clippers and Wahl certainly delivered. I’ve been using mine for a while now and they still hit with power.

It’s clear that they’ve been built to have great longevity and build quality to the point where I believe they could last years and years. I can’t even deny how essential this clipper is in my inventory of trimming tools now. Great work Wahl!

Although its only downside is that it doesn’t come with a storage case like my Magic Clippers but you can’t have it all, I guess. That still doesn’t stop me from recommending these clippers to you all though…

To conclude, I hope you have a better understanding of the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip and its capabilities now. I believe that its combined power, flexibility, and design make it a superior choice for achieving salon-quality haircuts at home or in a professional capacity. Definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion.

Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic

Let’s now get into a little comparison between the Wahl Magic Clip and the upgraded Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clipper…

Magic Clip Comparison

The Wahl Magic Clip and the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic share a few similarities. They are both professional cordless hair clippers that are designed for creating seamless blends and fades and they both have the patented stagger-tooth blade technology, which cuts hair faster and improves blending.

They both feature a convenient thumb lever that adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades and both come with 8 attachment combs, a blade guard, a cleaning brush, and a blade oil.

So, both are packed with a good amount of features, enough for if you’re a professional or at-home user.

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However of course with a price difference, there will be some differences between the two models. The Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has a combination of materials in its construction, with a gold-coloured, durable plastic body and some metal components, including the blades.

The blade of the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has titanium and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings that make it extremely strong, corrosion resistant, and lower blade temperatures while in use.

It even has a matching gold and black premium charging stand, while the regular Magic Clip just comes with a regular white charging stand.

This makes the Gold Clip feel so much more premium and sleek in my opinion as opposed to it being placed in a regular old white stand.

To no one’s surprise, The Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has a larger lithium-ion battery that can run for 100+ minutes on a single charge, while the regular Magic Clip has a smaller lithium-ion battery that can run for 90 minutes on a single charge.

Both models have a smart LED charge system that indicates the battery level and charging status.

The price of the two models is another significant factor to consider. Whilst the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic is more expensive than the regular Magic Clip, it is a limited edition product with enhanced features and aesthetics

To summarise, I believe both the Wahl Magic Clip and Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic are excellent choices for clippers. They create great fades, sharp cuts, have a good battery life and feel great to use.

However, the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has some advantages over the regular Magic Clip, such as a stronger motor, a more durable blade, a longer battery life, and a more elegant design. It completely depends on the personal budget you may have but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic.

Conclusion – Wahl Magic Clip Review

After carefully reviewing both the original Magic Clip and the newer Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic, I feel pretty qualified produce a Wahl Magic Clip Review.

Both clippers have their own set of advantages, but when it comes to overall performance and versatility, the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic takes the cake by far.

To sum up why I think this, I’ll start by saying that the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic offers a more dependable rotary motor than the Wahl Magic Clip. Especially if you’re a professional, I think it’d be a better decision to get the Professional 5-Star Gold Cordless Magic, especially if you seek to just have a longer-lasting and more durable clip for your business.

The only real downside to the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic would be the fact that it lacks a storage/charging dock. Also, although the supplied guards may not be the best, this isn’t such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

All in all, I believe that if you’re serious about professional or at-home grooming, then the Wahl Magic Clipper and Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless are an excellent investment which combines durability, precision, and convenience, making hair cutting and grooming an effortless task.


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