What to Wear to Take Great LinkedIn Headshots in 2023: Showcase Your Elegance

In today’s competitive landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in professional headshots is essential.

If you want your LinkedIn profile picture to stand out from the crowd, knowing what to wear for great LinkedIn headshots is essential.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the leading fashion trends for 2023 and provide a few tips so that you can make sure your next LinkedIn headshot looks polished, modern and meshes well with your personal brand.

So, read on if you’re ready to become an expert in taking great LinkedIn headshots!

LinkedIn Headshots: What is it?

In its simplest terms, a LinkedIn headshot is the profile picture you use on your LinkedIn account. This isn’t just any old passport photo, though! It’s a professional portrait that represents you and your personal brand to potential employers, colleagues, and connections on the platform.

Think of it as the visual handshake that introduces you to the professional world. It’s your first impression, and we all know how crucial it can be. So, getting it right is essential.

With the right clothing choices, you can portray reliability, competence, and a distinct sense of style, all of which can make you more memorable in the minds of those viewing your profile.

What are the Types of LinkedIn Headshots?

Now that you understand the importance of LinkedIn headshots, let’s dive into the different types. Broadly, there are four types of LinkedIn headshots, each with its unique characteristics and use cases:

  • Corporate Headshots: These are the classic, straight-on, business-like headshots. They’re ideal for industries where conservatism and professionalism are paramount. The focus is your face, with a clean, uncluttered background.
  • Theatrical Headshots: This might be your style if you’re in a creative field. Theatrical headshots reflect your personality, character, and emotion. They can be a tad more dramatic than a typical corporate headshot.
  • Commercial Headshots: These are more light-hearted and friendly, typically with a smile that shows your teeth. They aim to portray you as approachable and likable, making them perfect for customer-facing roles.
  • Editorial Headshots: This type blends professionalism and creativity. Captured in a more relaxed, natural setting, they convey a compelling narrative about your brand. You can use this style to display your ‘work in action’ or lifestyle shots.

Why Are LinkedIn Headshots Important for Individuals?

LinkedIn headshots hold significant value for individuals from various professional sectors. Here’s why they are so important:

  • First Impressions Matter: In the digital age, your LinkedIn headshot is often the first impression you make on potential employers, clients, or collaborators. A well-crafted headshot can immediately convey your professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Personal Branding: Your headshot serves as a visual representation of your personal brand. It can reflect your personality, values, and career aspirations, making you more relatable and memorable to viewers.
  • Sets You Apart: With millions of users on LinkedIn, a unique and high-quality headshot sets you apart from the crowd. It can be a decisive factor that helps you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Increases Profile Visibility: LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get more views and are more likely to be clicked in search results. This increased visibility can open up more professional opportunities.
  • Builds Trust: A professional headshot can instill trust and confidence in your abilities. It sends a strong message about your commitment to your career and seriousness about your online presence.
  • Boosts Engagement: A good headshot can boost engagement on your profile. It can encourage more people to connect with you, respond to your messages, or engage with your posts.
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Now that we’ve got a grip on the importance of LinkedIn headshots, let’s talk fashion – specifically, what to wear for that all-important photo. Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the trendiest professional attire for 2023!

What to Wear for LinkedIn Headshots: 10 Dress Ideas

Before we proceed, remember that the specific style and colors you choose should depend on your industry and the message you want to convey. The following tips are general suggestions that will apply to most, but not all, professional situations.

Consider your circumstances and style when deciding what to wear for your LinkedIn headshots.

1. Solid-Colored Business Suit

Whether you’re male or female, a solid-colored business suit exudes professionalism. Dark shades like navy blue, black, or charcoal grey are timeless classics. Pair it up with a crisp, well-ironed white or light blue shirt. Ladies, you can add a pop of color with a bold blouse. Remember, you’re trying to mirror the same persona you would project in a professional setting.

2. Dress Shirt and Tie

Men, this one’s for you. A well-fitted dress shirt paired with a stylish tie is a great option for a LinkedIn headshot. Opt for solid, pastel shades for the shirt — they enhance your features without appearing too distracting. As for ties, you can play around with patterns, but remember to keep it professional.

3. Elegant Blouses

Ladies, don’t shy away from expressing your style with elegant blouses. Choose not-too-flashy options and stick to solid colors or subtle patterns. Remember, the blouse should complement you without overpowering your face in the headshot.

4. Classic Polo Shirt

If you want to portray a more casual yet professional image, a classic polo shirt is a great option. Opt for solid, darker shades that enhance your skin tone. Polos work well for both men and women, particularly those in creative or less formal roles.

5. Dress with Simple Patterns

Ladies, a dress with simple patterns can add style to your LinkedIn headshot. Make sure the pattern is not too loud or intricate. You don’t want your outfit to distract from the main focus — your face!

6. Sweater over a Button-Down

Show off your layered style with a well-fitted sweater over a button-down shirt. This look works for both men and women, adding a sense of sophistication and depth to your headshot. Make sure the colors complement each other and your complexion.

7. Blazers and Jeans

Looking for a blend of formal and casual? Try pairing a structured blazer with a pair of neat jeans. This look works well for editorial headshots and is perfect for individuals in creative or entrepreneurial roles.

8. V-Neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters are great for creating a slimmer profile and adding a touch of casual elegance to your LinkedIn headshot. You can wear these alone or layered over a button-down shirt. Opt for solid colors that enhance your skin tone and eyes.

9. Turtleneck Tops

For a chic and modern look, try a turtleneck top. They work well for both genders, offering a sophisticated, streamlined silhouette that draws focus to your face. Stick to neutral shades like black, navy, or grey for a timeless look.

10. Collared Dress

Ladies, a collared dress is an excellent way to demonstrate your style and professionalism simultaneously. Choose a dress in a solid color with a simple, flattering cut. A collared dress can give a modern twist to traditional professional attire, making you stand out in a sea of profiles!

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How to Take the LinkedIn Headshots: Helpful Tips

Sure, we’ve gone through the what-to-wear checklist for your LinkedIn headshot. Now, let’s switch gears and focus on how to capture that perfect shot. Here are some practical tips to guide you:

  • Lighting is King: Good lighting can make or break your headshot. Natural light provides the most flattering effect, so choose a well-lit space near a window if possible.
  • Background Matters: Opt for a clean, uncluttered background. Too much going on in the background can be distracting, and it’s you we want the focus on!
  • Mind Your Posture: Stand or sit up straight. Good posture denotes confidence and professionalism. Don’t forget to relax your shoulders!
  • Eye Contact: Look straight into the camera. This creates a connection with the viewer and makes your profile more engaging.
  • Smile Naturally: Nothing beats a genuine smile. It makes you approachable and personable. Practicing your smile in the mirror can help you get the natural, relaxed look you’re after.
  • Get a Professional: Consider hiring a professional photographer if you can afford it. They know how to guide you for the best shots and can ensure high-quality images.
  • Keep it Updated: Keep your headshot updated to match your current look. If you’ve drastically changed your hairstyle or acquired glasses, it’s time for a new headshot.

How to Pose for LinkedIn Headshots: 7 Posing Ideas

Starting with a brief note: Posing may seem trivial, but it’s crucial in creating a powerful and professional LinkedIn headshot. Your posture and pose can convey a lot about your personality and demeanor. Here are seven posing ideas to help you nail that shot:

  • The Confident Leader: Stand straight, square your shoulders, and look directly into the camera. This pose exudes confidence and leadership.
  • The Approachable Professional: Lean slightly towards the camera. This pose gives off an approachable vibe, making you seem friendly and open.
  • The Thoughtful Strategist: Pose with your hand on your chin as if deep in thought. It’s a great way to convey your strategic and thoughtful side.
  • The Relaxed Expert: Rest an arm on a table or chair, giving a relaxed yet professional vibe. This pose is perfect for those in creative fields.
  • The Casual Observer: Try looking away from the camera as if observing something interesting. It adds an element of intrigue and breaks the monotony of direct gazes.
  • The Driven Achiever: Cross your arms confidently. This pose conveys a sense of determination and drive.
  • The Passionate Speaker: Pose as if mid-conversation, with your hands lightly gesturing. This dynamic pose can convey your passion and enthusiasm for what you do.

Where to Take LinkedIn Headshots?

Choosing the right location is as important as nailing the perfect pose or outfit to ace your LinkedIn headshots. Below are six excellent places that can set the perfect backdrop for your professional photo:

  • Professional Studio: This is a classic choice. A studio offers a controlled environment with professional lighting equipment and clean backgrounds, ideal for a professional, distraction-free headshot.
  • At the Office: If you aim to give viewers a sneak peek into your professional life, your office can be a great location. Choose a spot with good natural light and a clean background.
  • Outdoor Locations: For those seeking a more laid-back, casual vibe, outdoor locations like parks or gardens can work wonders. The natural lighting and greenery can add a fresh touch to your headshot.
  • Home Setup: With good natural light, a clutter-free backdrop, and a quality camera, you can create a perfect LinkedIn headshot at home. It’s all about maximizing the resources you have!
  • Co-working Spaces: Use it to your advantage in a co-working space. These places often feature modern, stylish interiors that can add a dynamic feel to your headshot.
  • Architectural Settings: A beautiful building or a textured wall can add an artistic flair to your headshot. Ensure the setting doesn’t overpower your presence – remember, you are the photo star!
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LinkedIn Headshots Costs: How Much Do They Cost?

Investing in a professional LinkedIn headshot is undoubtedly worth it, considering the positive impact it can have on your online presence. However, the cost can vary greatly, depending on several factors. Let’s break it down into the following sections:

  • Amateur Photographer: If you’re on a tight budget, hiring an amateur or student photographer can be a viable option. They might charge anywhere from $25 to $75 per session. While the quality may not be top-notch, you could still have a decent headshot.
  • Professional Photographer: For those who want to ensure the best quality, hiring a professional photographer would be the ideal choice. These experts typically charge between $100 to $400 per session, but the result is a high-quality, professional headshot that can significantly boost your LinkedIn profile.
  • Studio Photography: Opting for a studio photography session usually comes with a higher price tag, ranging from $200 to $500. The cost is justified by using professional lighting, backgrounds, and equipment, all contributing to a superior-quality headshot.

Please remember these are rough estimates, and the actual prices can vary depending on your location, the photographer’s experience, and the complexity of the shoot. Ultimately, investing in a good LinkedIn headshot is an investment in your professional brand and, therefore, worth every penny.

Best AI Photographers for LinkedIn Headshots

With technological advancement, AI photography tools have emerged to make capturing the perfect headshot more accessible and affordable. These tools use artificial intelligence to enhance image quality, perfect lighting, and suggest the best poses. Here are five AI tools that stand out in the field:

ProPhotos AI

ProPhotos AI provides a smart solution for creating professional LinkedIn headshots. It uses AI technology to enhance images, ensuring perfect lighting and clarity. It’s a great tool for those seeking quality headshots without the hefty price tag.

Aragon AI

Aragon AI is known for its superior image processing capabilities. It uses AI to adjust lighting, correct colors, and even remove blemishes, delivering polished and professional LinkedIn headshots every time.

HeadShot Pro

HeadShot Pro is a tool designed specifically for professional headshots. It offers advanced features like AI retouching and automated background removal, making creating top-notch LinkedIn profile pictures a breeze.

ProfilePicture AI

ProfilePicture AI stands out with its unique pose recommendation feature. It enhances your photos and suggests the best poses to make your LinkedIn headshots more appealing and professional.


StudioShot leverages AI technology to offer a range of features, including automatic background removal, skin smoothing, and even teeth whitening. This tool helps you create stunning headshots without requiring professional photography equipment.

These AI tools save you time and resources and allow you to experiment with different styles and settings until you capture the perfect shot.


Do I Always Need a Professional Photographer for LinkedIn Headshots?

While professional photographers can capture high-quality LinkedIn headshots, they aren’t always necessary. You can use a high-definition camera and natural lighting at home or AI tools to create a decent headshot for your LinkedIn profile.

How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Headshots?

It’s recommended to update your LinkedIn headshots every 1 to 2 years or anytime there is a significant change in your appearance. Keeping your photo up-to-date ensures you accurately represent your current professional brand.

Can I Use a Casual Photo as My LinkedIn Headshot?

LinkedIn is a professional platform, so it’s advised to use a photo that portrays you in a professional light. While the photo doesn’t need to be overly formal, it should be clean, clear, and, ideally, show you in a work-related context.

Wrapping Up

Your LinkedIn headshots are a critical component of your professional brand. Choosing the proper attire can significantly enhance your photo, making you appear more professional and approachable.

It’s important to remember that your chosen outfit should reflect your industry and the message you want to convey. The key is to ensure that your attire doesn’t distract from your face, which should be the focus of the headshot. Having high-quality LinkedIn headshots is an investment in your professional future.

Whether you hire a professional photographer, take a DIY approach at home, or leverage the advanced capabilities of AI tools, the result is a powerful asset in your professional toolkit.

Now, it’s time to take action. Get out there, dress for success, and capture a headshot that truly represents the professional you.