How to Use Midjourney AI: A step by Step Guide

Midjourney AI is one of the most amazing AI image generators available, and it has a special place in my heart. Having used other similar tools, I can confidently say that Midjourney AI regularly produces amazing images, making it my top suggestion for anyone looking for top-notch image production. However, there is one distinctive characteristic that differentiates Midjourney from others is its exclusive availability through Discord, as opposed to Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2.

How to use Midjourney AI

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use Midjourney AI, but stay reading for more information:

  1. Create an account on Discord if you don’t have one already.
  2. Sign up for Midjourney and accept the invitation to join the Midjourney AI Discord channel.
  3. Once you’re in the Discord channel, navigate to a channel specifically dedicated to newcomers, often called “#newbies.”
  4. In the #newbies channel, type “/subscribe” to initiate the subscription process.
  5. Select the Midjourney plan that best suit your needs.
  6. Select the Midjourney plan that best suit your needs.
  7. Return to the Midjourney Discord channel and start generating your desired images using prompts.
  8. After creating an image, you can improve it by applying adjustments or upscaling it if necessary.
  9. Once you’re happy with the outcome, save your work and enjoy the stunning images made by Midjourney AI.

How to Generate Text-to-Image using Midjourney AI

  1. When you join the Midjourney Discord, select a server to join and begin your journey. To get started, it is best to select a “Newbie” server. These servers are specifically designed to help new users get comfortable with the AI generating process. By selecting a “Newbie” server, you will receive the required training and assistance to confidently engage on your Midjourney experience.
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Midjourney Ai
How to Use Midjourney AI: A step by Step Guide 1

2. To initiate the AI image generation process on Midjourney AI, select the chat box at the bottom of the Discord window. Type “/imagine” and click the Imagine command button.

How to Use Midjourney AI: A step by Step Guide 2

3. Enter the prompt for the art you want to make (the more specific the better) and press enter.

4. Hold off for a few seconds for the bot to activate and keep an eye on the chat where it will be posted.

5. To create variations or upscale an image, click the V (and then the number of the photo) for variation and U for upscale.

How to Image-to-Text Generation using Midjourney AI

  1. Select the chat box at the bottom of the same room and write “/describe”, then click the describe command.

2. Upload the image to be described and press enter.

3. Wait for a while for the bot to start functioning and keep a watch on the chat room where it will be posted. You can now modify or copy and paste this prompt to check whether the AI generates something similar.


However, keep in mind that Midjourney AI is still in Beta, so don’t expect it to be flawless every time. It’s an incredible source of inspiration to be able to see everyone else’s ideas, and the Midjourney AI community even has daily themes to experiment with. If you’re interested in creating AI art, learn more about Midjourney.

If you want to experience Midjourney AI but don’t want to pay for a membership, there are a couple methods to get it for free. I hope this article help you to know how to use midjourney AI.

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