Microsoft Chat Integrates GPT-4 to Enhance Bing Image Recognition

On desktops, Microsoft Bing Chat is getting another major update that adds functionality for image recognition, popularly known as OCR. This new function makes use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 vision model to recognize and understand things in an image while giving users in-depth explanations with examples from everyday life. The Bing Chat vision function is now being rolled out, although it is only accessible to a small number of users globally. If you are one of the fortunate few, you will see a new option next to the voice icon that allows you to paste photos from the web and ask Bing Image to explain them or upload images directly to the chat.

Bing Image Recognition

The addition of image recognition capabilities, popularly known as OCR, to Microsoft Bing Chat for desktops marks a big improvement. This feature, which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 vision model, can recognise and comprehend things in an image while giving explanations using examples from the actual world.

The Bing Chat vision feature is now being made available to a select group of users worldwide. Once the update is accessible to you, you will see a new option next to the voice icon that enables you to submit pictures from the internet right into the chat and request that Bing provide explanations.

Although few people have reported having access to this “image recognition” tool, it appears to be a component of a Microsoft A/B test that was chosen at random. Microsoft executives understood in a statement that less than 10% of frequent Bing Chat users are receiving Bing Image, supporting the theory that it is a random test.

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However, Microsoft hopes to expand the audience for the Bing Image option in the upcoming weeks. It’s important to note that Windows Copilot includes this function as well. You can ask Copilot to describe an image or produce something similar by dragging it from your desktop or File Explorer. Following that, it is simple to copy the image into programmed like Word, PowerPoint, or the clipboard.

Bing Chat will soon on Chrome and Safari

Microsoft has been experimenting with Bing Chat functionality in Chrome and Safari, and a formal announcement about the expansion is about to come. Although it is now possible to make Bing Chat operate in Chrome by changing user agents, some users may believe that this workaround is unnecessary, especially in light of the existence of other accessible chatbots like Bard.

Additionally, Microsoft is working diligently to improve Bing Image Creator by utilizing its own AI technologies. By merging the feature with Bing plugins, the business hopes to improve it. Officials have made references to a pending “large-scale plugin rollout” that will enhance Bing Chat’s functionality and provide users access to even more features.

Microsoft has stated that it wants to integrate Bing plugins to expand the features of Bing Chat. A “large-scale plugin rollout” that will increase Bing Chat’s capability is in the works, according to officials.

As part of this approach, Microsoft wants to turn each Bing feature into a plugin, allowing for the development of numerous Search aspects. This method gives Bing Chat additional customization and flexibility.

Microsoft has just updated Bing Chat substantially, deleting support for Microsoft accounts among other changes. Before, users had to check in with a Microsoft Account in order to use some functions. Microsoft, however, has since removed this restriction, putting more of an emphasis on the promotion and adoption of Bing AI than other services like Microsoft accounts or Edge. This change demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to improving user experience while establishing Bing as a strong and independent AI-powered platform.

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The addition of GPT-4 to Microsoft Chat marks a significant advancement for Bing Image Recognition. Thanks to the multi-modal AI capabilities of GPT-4, users can now perform image-based searches within Bing Chat. This improvement shows Microsoft’s commitment to giving customers an improved and thorough search experience, as do their future ambitions for plugin integration.