Deepswap Review: AI-Powered Face Swaps in Seconds

In this Deepswap review, I’ll take you through the following topics.

  • What is Deepswap?
  • Deepswap features 
  • How can you use Deepswap?
  • Who is Deepswap made for?
  • Deepswap pricing

I’ll tell you how you can use Deepswap to make money and highlight a few alternatives at the tail end of the post.  

Read on. 

What is DeepSwap? is an artificial intelligence-backed face swap application that can generate deep fakes and face swaps.

The app leverages AI to swap faces in videos, GIFs, and photos quickly and easily.

Key Takeaways

  • Deepswap is a tool that allows you to swap faces in just a few clicks.
  • You can use the tool to generate face swaps in three formats — GIF, photo, and video.
  • Because the Deepswap face swap app uses AI, face swapping is automatic, with no editing required on your part.

How to Use Deepswap

Deepswap thrives on its user-friendliness. You only need to complete three easy steps to use this face swap online app.

To get started with the application:

1. Go to the official website and click “Sign Up” or “Face Swap Now” to create a free Deepswap account.

Deepswap Review: AI-Powered Face Swaps in Seconds

2. Upload the original video, photo, or GIF you want to “deep swap.” The application allows you to upload file sizes as follows:

How to use Deepswap image 2
  • Video: A maximum of 500 MB, 10 minutes max video length
  • Photo: A maximum of 10 MB
  • GIF: A maximum of 15 MB

3. Choose the face you want to swap. Deepswap ai comes with a collection of pre-installed faces (including celebrities) for you to pick.

4. Download your face swap videos, photos, or GIFs. Quick, easy, seamless.

Deepswap Features

Deepswap AI offers exciting features designed to help you create high-quality deepfake videos, photos, and GIFs, with shockingly realistic results.

Here’s a breakdown of Deepswap’s key highlights.

AI Face Swap Video Generator 

Deepswap image 1

The AI Face Swap Video Generator is an advanced function that enables you to replace a person’s face in a video with that of a different individual.

Here’s how it functions:

You’ll upload the source video, where a specific face swap will happen, and a target face, which is the replacement.

As I mentioned, the software offers a vast collection of faces, so you should not have a problem picking one.

The AI then analyzes and detects facial features, movements, and expressions in the source video.

The tool uses deep learning technologies — convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and generative adversarial networks (GANs) — to analyze the source and target faces. Then, the AI face swap app assesses the face’s contours, lighting, and depth.

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Once this analysis is complete, AI seamlessly superimposes the target face over the source face.

That way, it can create high-quality videos where the target face appears as though it was originally in the source content.

Deepswap uses AI algorithms to maintain consistent lighting, shadows, and realistic facial expressions, making the final face swap videos appear highly authentic.

AI Face Swap Photo Generator

AI Face Swap Photo Generator

The AI Face Swap Photo Generator is similar in principle to the video generator. However, it is tailored specifically for still images.

This AI tool can replace a face in a photo with another pre-installed face to create unique images that appear genuine.

The AI scans the facial features once you upload the source and target images. It recognizes key features like eyes, nose, mouth, and the shape of the face.

Again, leveraging deep learning models, the face swap app understands the fine distinctions of the source image’s facial structures, skin tones, and lighting conditions.

Deepswap then overlays the target face on the source image. It blends the edges and adjusts to the original image’s lighting and shadows.

The convincing deepfake appears seamless, as if the replacement face naturally belongs to the original photo.

The Face Swap Photo Generator is handy if you want to reface multiple faces.

Face Meme GIF Maker

Face Meme GIF Maker

The Face Meme GIF Maker is a fun and creative deepfake tool that integrates Deepswap’s AI face-swapping technology into GIFs. The feature allows users to overlay their faces or someone else’s onto popular meme GIFs.

You’ll start by choosing a desired meme GIF from the platform’s library or uploading your own.

After selecting the target face for swapping, the face swap app recognizes the moving facial features in the GIF, such as blinking eyes, mouth movements, and other expressions.

Like with videos and photos, deepfake technology picks unique traits of the meme and the target face.

The final output is a GIF where the user’s face replaces the original meme character’s face, ensuring the animation’s fluidity and maintaining the original meme’s humor or context.

The powerful tool is especially popular for creating personalized meme reactions and content for social media platforms.

AI Girl Generator

AI Girl Generator

AI Girl Generator is a new feature allowing users to perform gender swaps.

Unlike similar deep fake tools, the AI Girl Generator is able to deep swap based on your instructions. The function lets you enter a prompt describing the “girl” you want to create. You can, for instance, enter phrases like bare shoulders, tank top, parted lips, mature, blonde, etc.

You can also choose the AI Girl Style between real and anime girls. Other metrics to enable you to create a custom AI girl include the size, looks, and number of images.

Deepsweep Cost

Deepswap pricing is structured as follows:

  • $9.99 per month
  • $49.99 annually

Note: If you choose the annual package, the Deepswap cost increases to $99.99 for the second year.

While you can use the platform without exchanging your credit card info or PayPal subscription, upgrading to Deepswap premium allows you to access more features, including:

  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Unlimited face swaps
  • AI Girl Generate and customize looks
  • Priority Processing
  • Early access to new features
  • Multiple video/photo formats support
  • No watermark in the content uploaded
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Note: You can pay for Deepswap premium using cryptocurrency.

Try Deepswap for Free

How You Can Use Deepswap AI To Make Money

Beyond using Deepswap to create videos, GIFs, and photos, you can leverage this face swap online app to make money. Here are my top five suggestions.

Create Customized Content Creation for Social Media

If you run a brand online or are an influencer, you can use Deepswap to create unique, personalized faceswap videos and photo content for your followers.

By swapping the faces of celebrities or fans into promotional content, business owners can generate buzz, increase engagement, and monetize gained traffic through brand partnerships, advertisements, or merchandise sales.

Offer Personalized Entertainment Services

Since this deepfake app delivers AI-powered seamless quality for the content it generates, users can offer custom entertainment services like customized GIFs and videos or create trending memes for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events.

You can sell these bespoke creations to clients looking for unique, funniest meme or memorable content.

Meanwhile, film enthusiasts, producers, or directors can use this face swap app for “movie role refacing.”

Moreover, fans can create and sell their own unique versions of famous movie roles, switching out main characters and offering a fresh take on the films.

Create Educational and Training Materials

If you’re an educator or trainer, you can use Deepswap to produce high-quality deepfake videos that cater to specific audiences.

For example, you can face-swap historical figures into modern scenes to make learning more engaging without too much effort. You can also sell these educational materials or offer premium tutorials to generate revenue.

Offer Stock Media Enhancement

If you’re a photographer or videographer, you can enhance your stock media by offering multiple faces using Deepswap.

That way, potential buyers can visualize diverse scenarios in stock content, increasing the appeal and marketability of the media. Besides, you can sell your work on stock platforms, earning higher royalties.

Run Marketing Campaigns

You can run specialized marketing campaigns targeting specific demographics by using Deepswap premium functionalities to adjust the faces in your advertisements.

This strategy allows for more targeted marketing, improving the relatability of the ad content. Enhanced relatability can increase sales and, therefore, revenue from targeted advertising campaigns.

You can also use this platform’s deepfake tools to boost your content marketing efforts, especially if you’re looking to appeal to a global user base. Some strategies you can use include using deepfake videos to create interactive content or add authenticity to your testimonials.

Deepswap Pros and Cons

As I near the tail end of this Deepswap review, let me highlight a few pros and cons of the platform.


  • Easy-to-use interface for quick navigation
  • The platform is web-based, so you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • Reasonable pricing
  • A user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use this deepfake tool
  • Versatility for multiple face swaps in a few seconds
  • Availability of content filters for customized deepfake videos
  • Unlimited face swaps with Deepswap premium
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  • The length of the video you can upload could be longer.

Who is Deepswap AI Made For?

This face swap app can serve a diverse range of users, including:

  • Content Creators: Individuals producing videos, photos, or memes for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Film and Television Producers: To recreate historical scenes or to ensure continuity when a particular actor is unavailable.
  • Advertisers and Marketers: For face swapping to produce diverse marketing promotions or create personalized advertisements for specific demographics.
  • Educators and Trainers: To produce engaging and relatable content.
  • Video Game Developers: For offering personalized in-game avatars or characters.
  • Social Media Enthusiasts: To create fun, personalized content for their profiles or stories.

Deepswap Alternatives

Deepswap is a solid tool for creating deepfakes. That said, there are other alternatives using machine learning and artificial intelligence to allow you to create similar content. These include:

What is Synthesia is an excellent Deepswap AI face swap app if you’re looking to create personalized videos with no camera or studio equipment.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to allow you to produce video content without showing your face. It features a collection of avatars for creating deep fakes customized to your specific needs.

Unlike Deepswap, Synthesia allows you to create longer videos you can upload to your website, YouTube channel, social media, etc.


Heygen main page

HeyGen is a powerful web-based AI video generation tool that turns text into professional-grade videos.

It offers over 80 human-like avatars in various styles, genders, ethnicities, and ages. In addition, HeyGen offers text lip-syncing in 20+ languages for authentic voice renditions.

Further, the platform allows you to bring static photos to life through its unique talking photo feature.

Moreover, with 3D avatar options and over 200 video templates, HeyGen lets you create custom avatars. Meanwhile, the Chrome Extension enables seamless video creation directly from your browser.

DeepBrain AI

Deepbrain AI main page

DeepBrain comes with over 100 speaking avatars to enable you to create AI-powered videos.

The platform can generate human-like speech, making the avatars and, by extension, your deepfake videos look realistic.

You can personalize the avatars by changing their hairstyles, clothing, etc. You can also create a replica of a real person, including manners, movements, and voice, can feature them in the same clip.

Deepswap Review FAQs

Is Deepswap Legit?

Yes, Deepswap is legitimate. It is not a scam website.

However, the legitimacy of this face swap app also means you should be responsible for not misusing the technology behind it. Misrepresentation or using someone’s likeness without consent can raise ethical, moral, and legal concerns.

Is Deepswap Safe?

Yes, Deepswap is safe when used correctly and responsibly. A deepfake app safety is evaluated based on data protection, user privacy, and the ethical application of its technology.

That said, users should always exercise caution and familiarize themselves with the platform’s terms of use and privacy policies. That way, they can understand how the tool works and handles personal data.

Can I use Deepswap AI for Free?

Yes, you can use Deepswap AI for free. However, the free version comes with limited functionalities.

As a result, while you can access and experiment with some of the tool’s basic features without incurring any charges, advanced functions and high-resolution deep fake videos require upgrading to the paid version.

 Is Deepswap Worth It?

Yes, Deepswap is worthwhile. Do I recommend the platform for deepfake videos, face swaps, and making GIFs? Yes, I do. 

I love its intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures even those without a background in video editing can seamlessly create compelling content.

Deepswap streamlines the face swap and deepfake video creation processes, saving time and costs while providing opportunities for professionals to monetize their creations.

Given the potential value addition, Deepswap is a valuable tool for individual creators and businesses.

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