7 AI Sales Funnel Builder Software Tools (2023)

Building high-converting sales funnels is crucial, but it can be time-intensive and challenging to optimize manually.

That’s why many businesses are now turning to AI-powered funnels to streamline the process.

AI Sales Funnel Builder Software Tools
AI Sales Funnel Builder Software Tools

After extensive research comparing the top contenders, we’ve identified the best AI sales funnel software options to fit any business goals and budget.

These tools leverage machine learning to help you quickly build, test and refine funnels that drive sales.

1. ClickFunnels 2.0


ClickFunnels 2.0 is way more than just a funnel builder – it’s a supercharged all-in-one AI marketing platform for building your online biz.

Whether you need an ecommerce store, membership site, landing pages, or anything in between, ClickFunnels has got you covered.

The new Visual Funnel Builder is a clutch for mapping out your funnels visually. You can customize flows, split paths, and trigger actions based on what users do—killer for optimizing.

clickfunnels email marketing automation

For creating and selling online courses, their Course Creator lets you build the course, sales funnels, handle payments, deliver content, set up members areas – the whole enchilada.

If you’re not a coder, the Website Builder makes it easy to create complete sites, stores, landing pages, etc with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Need ecommerce? ClickFunnels has all the ecommerce features – add products, customize pages, manage inventory, and run promotions.

For high-ticket sales, their CRM handles opportunity tracking, conversation management, sales rep oversight – superb for relationship management.

Now, want your mind blown? They just launched Marketing.AI, AI-powered marketing built by Todd Dickerson. This uses ChatGPT to generate high-converting copy and content with no specialized writing skills needed.

ClickFunnels AI sales funnel

Marketing.AI also creates personalized copy and images tailored to each customer for more effective marketing. Super helpful for busy entrepreneurs who want great converting content fast.

According to Russell Brunson, their co-founder, tasks that used to take days now take under an hour with Marketing.AI. This shows ClickFunnels is on the cutting edge of innovation to help users succeed.

So in summary, ClickFunnels 2.0 brings together everything you need to crush it online – funnels, sites, courses, stores, CRM, and now AI content creation. The future of digital biz in one platform.

Some other super helpful features include:

  • Landing Page Builder – Easily whip up beautiful lead magnet landing pages.
  • Membership Site – Build a membership site, share exclusive content, and get that recurring revenue.
  • Email Marketing Tools – A complete email service to build lists, tag subscribers, create sequences, and send broadcasts.
  • A/B Testing – Test and optimize messaging, funnels, pages, and emails.
  • Blog Builder – Drive more traffic with blog posts optimized for SEO.
  • Customer Center – A dedicated space for customers to manage accounts, view products, and get special offers.
  • Analytics – Get all the data you need like conversion rates, test results, sales, and more.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor – Customize every page to match your brand.
  • Marketing Workflows – Automate processes so no lead slips through the cracks.
  • Global Products – Create a product once, sell it in multiple ways across funnels.
  • Domain Manager – Buy and manage domains without any third-party tools.
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ClickFunnels 2.0 Pricing

  • Basic Prices are $147 monthly or $127 a month on the annual plan.
  • Pro Prices are $197 monthly or $157 a month on the annual plan.
  • FunnelHacker plan costs $497 per month.

▶ Start ClickFunnels 2.0 30 day free trial

2. Phonesites


Phonesites lets you quickly create high-converting landing pages and full sales funnels right from your phone or laptop. It’s an super intuitive, mobile-first platform.

The mobile-first web builder allows you to craft responsive pages that work flawlessly for all visitors.

You can start totally from scratch or use their customizable templates – surveys, digital business cards, sales pages, you name it.

The drag-and-drop editor gives you tons of editing options to keep pages on-brand with custom designs and media content.

Once your page is ready, you can go live right away with a free or custom domain and unlimited free hosting.

Now check this out – Phonesites has an AI copywriting tool that is crazy helpful. Just give it a basic elevator pitch for your product/service, and it generates awesome copy in seconds.

It can whip up eye-catching Facebook/Google ads, headlines, product descriptions, articles – you name it. Killer for creating engaging copy with just a few clicks.

You also get real-time analytics and lead notifications for all your funnels and landing pages to see how campaigns are performing. Tweak things without leaving your desk.

Phonesites dashboard

Set up automated email and text follow-ups so no leads slip away. Write and send right in Phonesites or integrate your favorite marketing tools.

So in summary, Phonesites empowers you to quickly build high-converting funnels and pages in minutes with their easy-to-use mobile builder and handy AI copywriting.

PhoneSites Pricing

  • Essential plan costs $49 per month
  • Unlimited plan costs $99 per month

▶ Star Phonesites 14 day free trial

3. GoHighLevel


GoHighLevel is transforming sales and marketing with cutting-edge artificial intelligence integration. Understanding businesses’ challenges today, they’ve built an intuitive platform to seamlessly meet diverse needs.

Their AI-powered Website & Funnel Builder lets marketers create pro-grade pages with no coding.

The drag-and-drop interface makes website design easy. But then they infused AI to generate compelling headlines, copy, and calls-to-action tailored to your audience.

For content marketing, their AI blogging feature is game-changing. In minutes, it produces high-quality blog content optimized for your audience by simply selecting tone and inputting keywords. This streamlines content creation big time.

Social media marketers will love the AI-powered Social Media Planner. Beyond scheduling content across platforms, it crafts original, share-worthy posts to make social marketing super efficient and effective.

Email marketing also improves with their AI Email Builder. It simplifies creating personalized, proofread emails with engaging subject lines and previews that boost open rates.

Soon, GoHighLevel will revolutionize CRM with AI-powered contact management to increase engagement across channels like email and SMS.

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For agencies looking to scale, SaaS Mode lets you integrate and sell advanced AI solutions to lead the marketing revolution.

In summary, GoHighLevel leverages AI to equip businesses with the tools to thrive in our fast-paced digital world. It’s pioneering the future of sales and marketing.

4. Unbounce


Unbounce is an AI landing page builder that uses machine learning technology to create a marketing funnel in minutes with no any coding skills.

Unbounce is a premier platform focused 100% on creating high-converting landing pages. Their AI-powered tools empower businesses to take their marketing to the next level without limitations.

Unbounce combines tons of data with artificial intelligence to help you build custom landing pages twice as fast as traditional builders, with way better results.

One of their coolest features is the super intuitive landing page builder. It lets anyone design beautiful landing pages, popups, and sticky bars without needing technical skills. AI-powered copywriting tools also help you generate, remix, and expand content for landing pages, ads, emails – you name it – in seconds.

But what really makes Unbounce unique is Smart Traffic. This AI optimization tool automatically directs visitors to the landing page variation they’re most likely to convert on based on their attributes and behavior. On average, Smart Traffic boosts conversions by 30%. Nice.

Unbounce is versatile for all kinds of marketing campaigns too. Dedicated landing pages for search and social ads improve quality scores, lower costs, and drive results. Targeted landing pages for email campaigns create a clear path from inbox to desired action.

As you can see, Unbounce isn’t just a landing page builder – it’s a complete solution that leverages AI to help businesses create experiences that maximize conversions.

For anyone seeking the best AI funnel builder for high-converting landing pages, Unbounce is a top choice.

Unbounce Pricing

  • Launch: $90 per month ($81 per month if billed annually)
  • Optimize: $135 per month ($122 per month if billed annually)
  • Accelerate: $225 per month ($203 per month if billed annually)
  • Scale: Custom pricing

▶ Try Unbounce (14 Day Free Trial)

5. ImpactHero

Impact Hero, developed by SemRush – the world’s leading AI SEO software – is a must-have if you want to create engaging copy that resonates with your audience.

Making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms ImpactHero analyses your website data to determine what type of content performs best at each stage of the buyer’s journey and then suggests specific edits based on its findings.

It not only allows you to create more engaging content in less time, but it also allows you to optimize each piece of text so that you rank higher in search engines.

Additionally, boasting simple integration using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, custom reports, and an easy-to-use interface, there’s no reason why any marketer not to have it.

ImpactHero is a sure way to help you boost ROI in no time, with personalized recommendations and useful insights.

ImpactHero Pricing

The standard cost for the ImpactHero add-on is $200 per month.

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▶ Try ImpactHero

6. xiQ

Looking to turbocharge B2B lead gen and sales? Then check out xiQ Workbench – the personality-driven AI platform built for end-to-end campaign creation, execution, and analysis.

xiQ combines robust search, curation, and content management into one intuitive interface. Easily build compliant campaigns and leverage AI to design templates tailored to your brand style.

The baked-in analytics dashboard tracks engagement and campaign effectiveness in real-time. xiQ actually learns 1st party buyer intent data for each prospect based on their interactions.

This allows its AI lead generation software to qualify and prioritize leads instantly by ranking prospects’ sales readiness. Follow the entire journey with actionable intent signals at every stage.

By analyzing content consumption, topics, concepts, and interests for each prospect, xiQ gathers real-time intent data to inform your outreach.

For B2B teams who want to unite sales and marketing while boosting ROI, xiQ Workbench is a game changer. Let the AI take the wheel on data-driven campaign creation and hyper-targeted lead gen.

In addition, xiQ multichannel marketing module lets you:

  • Send personalized emails
  • Use RSS to publish campaigns on your website.
  • Connect to your existing marketing automation and CRM systems.
  • Create RSS feeds and PDFs to distribute via your own marketing channels.
  • Publish your campaigns on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

xiQ Pricing

xiQ provides custom pricing for their software.

▶ Try xiQ

7. 6Sense

By putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning tools behind every member of the revenue team, the 6sense platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth.

6sense identifies anonymous purchasing patterns, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage buyers with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. 6sense assists B2B sales teams in learning everything they need to know about their customers.

6sense’s AI-driven predictive models, powered by its patented approach, allow sales and marketing teams to engage customers at the most appropriate points in their journey.

According to 6Sense, thanks to its patented AI predictions it results in a 120% increase in revenue generation on average.

6sense’s AI-powered account-based platform orchestrates dynamic, highly personalized multi-channel journeys based on real-time buyer behavior.

6Sense Pricing

6sense provides custom pricing for their software.

▶ Try 6Sense

AI Funnel Builder Final Words

There you have it – the top AI sales funnel builders to help you convert more leads and boost revenue.

As you can see, these platforms tap into the power of artificial intelligence to make creating high-performing AI powered funnels a total breeze. Whether you need to quickly build landing pages, model the optimal buyer journey, or generate tons of personalized content, AI has got your back.

So don’t slave away trying to manually optimize every little detail. Let the machines do the work for you. With the right AI funnel builder, you can focus on strategy while technology handles the heavy lifting.

The future of funnel building is here. Implement one of these ingenious AI platforms to save time, quickly test ideas, and guide prospects to conversion in the most personalized way possible.

Now get out there and start funnel hacking – the AI-powered way. Wishing you the very best with leveraging these tools to take your business to the next level.

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