32 Detailed ChatGPT Statistics — Users, Revenue and Trends

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Ever since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the globe by storm.

It was so quick in acquiring users that it managed to gain 1 million users in the first 5 days and 100 million users in the first couple of months.

Still free to use. ChatGPT now also has a paid subscription and has upgraded to GPT 4 technology! So, What is the state of ChatGPT’s demographics? and how is it doing financially? We will cover everything in this detailed blog post. Read on to know more.

ChatGPT Statistics 2023: Our Top Picks

ChatGPT Statistics Infographics
  1. ChatGPT has over 100 million users.
  2. 59.67% of ChatGPT users are males, and 40.33% are females.
  3. ChatGPT is forecasted to generate a revenue of $200 million by the end of 2023.
  4. OpenAI spends $700,000 every day to run ChatGPT.
  5. ChatGPT has surpassed 10 billion all-time page visits. It gets over 1 billion page visits every month on average.
  6. Over 88% of the traffic on ChatGPT is direct traffic. At the same time, 4.22% of the traffic is directed from social media platforms. 
  7. 7 nations, including China and Russia, cannot access ChatGPT. 
  8. 53% of the readers failed to identify ChatGPT written content as AI-written. 
  9. In March 2023, OpenAI added support for ChatGPT Plugins and GPT-4 technology for ChatGPT Plus users. Canva Plugin is the latest addition to ChatGPT!
  10.  OpenAI (the parent company of ChatGPT) is valued at $29 billion.
  11. The launch of ChatGPT led to a rise of 304 million visitors to the OpenAI website.

About ChatGPT:

Launched On30th November
Parent CompanyOpenAI
Head Quarters San Francisco
FoundersSam Altman(CEO), Elon Musk(Co-founder OpenAI), 
Backed byMicrosoft, Khosla Ventures, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. 
Number of users100+ million
Technology UsedGPT-3.5 (Free version), Plus version had additional GPT-4 technology. 

Here is an infographic showing the highlights of ChatGPT’s Journey since its launch day:

ChatGPT Timeline

Now that you have seen an overview of ChatGPT statistics, it is time to explore all the figures around the AI Chatbot in detail. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

How Many ChatGPT Users Are There?

Over 100 million people use ChatGPT globally. The AI chatbot took just 2 months to reach this mark and shows no signs of slowing down as OpenAI releases more useful plugins regularly.

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Let us take a look at ChatGPT user-related statistics in more depth below:

12) Chatgpt has over 100 million users globally.

ChatGPT Users

The amazing part is that It just took 2 months for the AI Chatbot to reach this mark. If we put things into perspective, It took Facebook four and a half years to reach the same mark.

ChatGPT was the fastest app to reach 100 million users before the launch of “Instagram Threads.”

The Therads app took just 2 days to reach the 100 million user mark, while ChatGPT took 2 months! Nevertheless, the usage of Threads has rapidly decreased while ChatGPT’s usage has skyrocketed.

Road To 100 Million Users For Various Platforms

Here is a table showing the time it took for various platforms to reach the 100 million user mark:

PlatformTime To Reach 100 Million UsersIndustry
Instagram Threads2 daysSocial Media
ChatGPT2 monthsChatbot
TikTok9 monthsSocial Media
Youtube18 monthsSocial Media
Instagram30 monthsSocial Media
Facebook54 monthsSocial Media
Twitter60 monthsSocial Media
Spotify132 monthsMusic Streaming
Netflix216 monthsEntertainment (SVOD)

13) ChatGPT crossed 1 million users within the first week of its launch.

ChatGPT is second in the race to acquire the first 1 million users in the shortest span. It took just 5 days for it to do so!

First, on the list is Instagram Threads which took just 1 hour to achieve this feat.

Here is a table showing the time it took for various platforms to reach the 1 million user mark:

PlatformYear of LaunchTime To Reach 1 Million Users. 
Instagram Threads20231 hour
ChatGPT20225 days
Instagram. 20102 months 
Spotify20085 months
Dropbox 20087 months
Facebook200410 months
FourSquare200913 months
Twitter 20062 years
Airbnb20082.5 years
Kickstarter20092.5 years
Netflix19993.5 years

14) ChatGPT’s website now has over 10 billion all-time views.

The official ChatGPT website surpassed 1 billion page visits back in February 2023.

The highest engagement came in the month of May, when the website had 1.9 billion visits.

Over 88% of ChatGPT’s traffic comes from direct sources. This means people are directly typing “ChatGPT” on their search engines and entering the official website.

Here is a table showing ChatGPT’s website visits over time:

MonthMonthly ChatGPT Website Visits.
July 20231.5 billion
June 20231.6 billion
May 20231.8 billion
April 20231.7 billion
March 20231.6 billion
February 20231 billion
January 2023616 million
December 2022266 million
November 2022152.7 million
ChatGPT Website Monthly Views

Source: Similarweb

  • There has been a 10.52% decrease in ChatGPT’s visits in June 2023. This is the first drop ever since ChatGPT’s launch.

Source: Statista

ChatGPT User Demographics

People from across the globe are leveraging the power of AI through ChatGPT. But from where are these people accessing the chatbot? what is their gender split? Let me tell you everything about it in this section.

ChatGPT Gender Split

15) 59.67% of ChatGPT users are males while the remaining 40.33% are females.


16) 64.53% of ChatGPT users are from the 18 to 34 age group.

here is a detailed breakdown of the ChatGPT users based on their age group:

Age GroupShare of Users

This data reveals that the majority of ChatGPT users are millennials.

17) 31% of the ChatGPT users are from the United States, while 7.60% are from India.

People in the United States are the most frequent users of the AI Chatbot. India came in the second spot, followed by the Japanese in the third.

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Here is a table displaying the share of ChatGPT users from different countries:

CountryPercentage of ChatGPT users
United States12.31%
Other Countries69.43%
Percentage of ChatGPT Users Across Countries

Source: Similar Web. 

18) ChatGPT is available in 161 countries around the Globe.

This means ChatGPT is available in 82% of the world’s countries.

Some major countries still lack access to ChatGPT. Below is the table listing few of them:

Countries Where ChatGPT Is Banned

Apart from that, multiple people from Egypt complained that they could not access ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT Revenue Statistics

Let us take a sneak peek at ChatGPT’s revenue in this section:

19) ChatGPT Is Predicted To Generate A Revenue Of $200 Million In 2023

There is no official data available about ChatGPT’s revenue yet. However many sources predict that the chatbot will generate a revenue of $200 million by the end of 2023. It is further projected to generate $1 billion by 2024.

YearChatGPT Revenue
2022*Less Than 10 million
2023*$200 million
2024*$1 billion

* Values for these years are estimated/projected

Microsoft’s $10 billion investment is probably keeping OpenAI afloat currently. The projected revenue by OpenAI seems like a long shot since the losses are only getting piled up. According to a report in Analytics India Magazine, OpenAI may go bankrupt by the end of 2024 if they continue spending so much on chatGPT without making considerable revenue.

ChatGPT mainly earns through selling its API, premium subscription plans (chatGPT Plus), and training data sets.

Source: SemaforPCGuideAnalytics India Magazine.

ChatGPT Web Traffic Statistics

Only iOS users have official access to ChatGPT’s application. All other users majorly access via web browsers. Let us understand the insights into ChatGPT’s web traffic in this section.

20) Over 85% of ChatGPT’s Traffic Comes From Direct Sources

The traffic to the ChatGPT websites comes from a different number of sources. However, 88.43% of the traffic on the website is direct traffic, while 0.76% of traffic is from referrals.

Let us take a look at the percentage of traffic recorded from different sources.

Traffic sources to ChatGPTPercentage of Traffic
Organic Search3.79%
Paid SearchLess than 0.01%

Source: SimilarWeb. 

21) Majority Of Social Media Traffic To ChatGPT Comes From Youtube

58.07% of the Social media traffic on ChatGPT is from YouTube. Additionally, 11.17% of the traffic on ChatGPT is from Whatsapp Web. 

The following table displays the percentage of traffic to ChatGPT from different Social Media Platforms.  

Social Media PlatformPercentage of Traffic
WhatsApp Web11.17%
Traffic To ChatGPT From Social Media Platforms
  • ChatGPT has a bounce rate of 41.80%.
  • An average user spends 4 minutes and 32 seconds on ChatGPT.
  • Each ChatGPT visitor views an average of 4.58 pages per visit.

Source: Similarweb. 

22) Insights On ChatGPT Plus

  • ChatGPT Plus, the premium version of ChatGPT, was launched on 1st of February 2023. The pricing of ChatGPT Plus is $20 per month. 

It provides early access to the latest updates available on ChatGPT. Currently, ChatGPT Plus supports GPT-4, GPT-3.5(legacy), and ChatGPT Plugins. 

ChatGPT Plus
  • Users mainly use ChatGPT in the English language. However, it understands and supports 95 other languages that are spoken around the world, including the languages French, German, Chinese, and Spanish. 
  • ChatGPT can primarily code and understand Python. Besides that, it is also capable of understanding the following languages. 
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • Shell
  • ChatGPT plus model with GPT-4 technology responds to unallowed requests only 82% of the time. However, it may respond to sensitive content one-fourth of the time.
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23) How Hard Is It To Identify ChatGPT Written Content 

While there are many ChatGPT uses, it is mainly used for generating content.

Many AI writers have proven themselves even before the launch of ChatGPT. Now the question is, does ChatGPT work better than these AI Writers? Let us see what the facts have to say.

  • According to the research done by Tooltester, GPT-4 wrote content that convinced people that it was human-written. Readers said the content was 16.4% more human-like compared to GPT 3.5. 
  • Almost 53% of the people in a survey believed ChatGPT generated content in the fields of finance, health, technology, travel, and entertainment to be either written or edited by humans.

The following table displays the percentage of readers that think ChatGPT written text to be Human written. 

ChatGPT-generated textPercentage of readers 
Written by Humans16.7%
AI-written but edited by a Human36.3%
Written by ChatGPT46.9%

Source: Tooltester.

  • 56.1% of the readers identified ChatGPT health-related content to be human-written.

24) What Is The Cost Of Using ChatGPT To Users

ChatGPT is a free-to-use application (GPT 3.5 language model)

If you want to access the GPT-4 language model, then you can opt for the ChatGPT plus plan, which will cost you $20/month.

ChatGPT Plus Cost
Source: OpenAI

25) What Is The Cost Of Running ChatGPT For OpenAI

  • According to Sam Altman (Founder of ChatGPT), the average cost of a single chat with ChatGPT is in single-digit cents.
  • An AI professor at Maryland University has calculated the daily costs of running ChatGPT to be approximately $100,000. At the same time, the monthly costs are estimated to be $3 million. 

He calculated these numbers based on Azure Cloud costs. Also, these estimates were made on the fact that the ChatGPT model has 175 billion parameters and receives 10 million daily queries.

As per other sources, it costs around $700,000 to run the AI Chatbot.

26) ChatGPT Training Statistics

  • ChatGPT is trained on the model using reinforcement learning from Human Feedback.
  • The GPT 3 model is trained on 175 billion parameters while the GPT 4 model is trained on more than 1 trillion parameters.
  • ChatGPT is trained on 300 billion words. 
  • ChatGPT has 570 gigabytes of text data. 
  • It is trained using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. 
  • The training data of ChatGPT includes man pages, information about internet phenomenon, bulletin board systems, and Python programming language.

27) Insights Into ChatGPT Features

  • ChatGPT can keep a note of what users have commanded earlier and can use that conversation to generate answers for the following question. 
  • ChatGPT clarifies users about the unclear prompts and asks them to deliver clear queries. 
  • ChatGPT is trained to deny inappropriate requests from users. 
  • It can fetch the latest information from the internet with the help of a web browser plugin. 
  • ChatGPT can generate codes for websites according to the prompts provided. It can also create video games as instructed by the users with the help of its coding language. 
  • ChatGPT has the ability to crack almost all standardized tests. 
  • You can translate text from one language into another using  ChatGPT. It can also help the users to learn a new language. 

28) A Quick Check On ChatGPT’s Limitations

  • ChatGPT data is limited to the training data. Hence, it can provide information only till September 2021. 
  • ChatGPT confidently provides users with inappropriate information. 
  • It sometimes provides users with biased information and may offend the readers. 
  • It may occasionally produce harmful information or unallowed content. 

29) History of ChatGPT

Here is the journey of ChatGPT after it was launched. 

November 30, 2022.ChatGPT was launched
February 1, 2023.ChatGPT Plus was launched.
March 1, 2023.API for ChatGPT was launched. 
March 9, 2023.ChaGPT was added to Azure services. 
March 14, 2023.GPT-4 was added in ChatGPT Plus. 
March 23, 2023.OpenAI launched Plugins
April 1, 2023.Italy blocked access to ChatGPT

30) Insights Into ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT has launched Plugins for users to make their ChatGPT usage experience smoother. One of the recent additions is the Canva Plugin.

Here are some other interesting Insights into ChatGPT plugins:

ChatGPT Plus Users Now Have Access To Code Interpreter!

On 6th July, OpenAI took to Twitter to announce that one of its most awaited plugins “Code Interpreter” will be available for plus users around the globe.

Code Interpreter can do the following things:

  • Solve qualitative and quantitative mathematical problems.
  • Edit Code.
  • Do data analysis and visualization.
  • Convert files between formats and more.

Tip: Learn how to access the features and use them from our guide on ChatGPT code interpreter. You can also look at some of the unofficial ChatGPT Chrome extensions that can help elevate your browsing experience.

31) GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5 (In Numbers)

The free version of ChatGPT works on GPT-3.5 technology, while ChatGPT Plus works on GPT-4 technology. The plus version is reported to be ten times better than the free version of ChatGPT. 

Many tech enthusiasts have claimed that ChatGPT plus version has exceeded their expectations and can perform many tasks smoothly. At the same time, 30% of the ChatGPT users still prefer GPT-3.5. 

Let us take a brief look at the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 comparison. 

Characteristics GPT-3.5GPT-4
Context length4,09632,768
Text length300024,000
Number of pages650
Input typeTextText and images
Safety and security.82% less likely to respond to disallowed content40% less likely to respond to harmful requests. 
Training data.Limited till September 2021.Limited till September 2021.
Style Can have a conversation in a human-like tone and can copy the dialect of any person or machine. Can converse like humans but lacks emotional responses. 

32) OpenAI Statistics (The Company Which Owns ChatGPT)

Open AI is continuously working on making ChatGPT better. Currently, It is spending around $700,000 to run ChatGPT every day.

Let us take a look at some other insights into OpenAI in this section:

Open AI

Let us take a look at the key Statistics related to ChatGPT. 

  • Open AI is reported to be valued at $29 billion. 
  • Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI. Forbes predict that ChatGPT could add $40 billion to Microsoft’s top line.
  • OpenAI’s losses doubled to $540 million ever since it started developing ChatGPT.
  • OpenAI has more than 300 employees in the company. 
  • OpenAI received 304 million views in the month after the launch of ChatGPT. 
  • Only 0.01% of OpenAI users are redirected through paid marketing methods. 
  • 79% of OpenAI traffic is from organic search results. 
  • In the year 2019, OpenAI transformed from non-profit to ‘capped’ for-profit. 
  • 21% of traffic on OpenAI is recorded from the US. 
  • Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI in the year 2023. 
  • OpenAI charges approximately 2 cents to create an image just with the help of prompts provided by the users. 

Wrapping Up: ChatGPT Statistics (2023)

With constant upgrades, ChatGPT has become one of the most powerful chatbots. Various businesses and industries have adopted technology in the field of customer support, data analysis, healthcare, content generation, and anywhere you can think of!

With the release of Code Interpreter, the usage abilities of ChatGPT are going to be enormous!

We will keep updating this post as we get hands on more information in the future. Let us know in the comments below if you know other amazing facts about this amazing chatbot!

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